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    Sista's Too Smart To Marry?

    Originally posted by Gediid: Waar aduunkan bal eega.Waxa topic laga dhigayaa eega.I guess qof kasta waxa ku dhaco ayuu moodaa in dadka oo dhan in eey ku dhacaan.Clever trevor saxiib hit that commnunity college near you and you wont have to face the shame of being dumped by "smart women" or haddi kale lower your standards a lil and maybe go for a girl who dropped out in middle school.....) How dare you utter such insult.Disturbed my equanimity !! Next time, in promulgating your esoteric cogitations, or articulating your superficial sentimentalities and amicable, philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderously. Let your conversational communications possess a clarified conciseness, a compacted comprehensibleness, coalescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency. Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine affectations. didn't meant to be sesquipedalian, just gasconading a bit. but than again, I bestowed to my literature professor. Fahiye Let me be bold about this! The crux of the issue gents and ladies is that many who wants to marry someone of “high calibre” is someone who is not happy with the way they have been brought up. I know this sounds radical, but consider the following. Most of the family units (Somalis) either both parents didn’t have the Tertiary education (arguably many parents in the west didn’t even had the benefit of secondary education) as such the life these young bright driven ladies don’t want to create a home in which one of the principals shares something of commonality with their parents--- this might not be apparent to them, but it is arguable that it is psychological thing. Anyhow, coming back to the point squarely this is an apparent phenomena as most of the educated guys are on paper “westernised” but their thinking remains to be SOMALI as such their outlook in life is completely at odds with their credentials. As such, they marry women whom they emotionally share with this “Somaliness”. On the other hand, the ladies seem to embrace this new life if you will. Their education and career leads them to shrug off these assumed “Somaliness” thusly, because there isn’t plethora of educated Somali men (most of which have married women thy share emotional ties with; some of you might say “married down”) they remain single as they are frustrated. Also, why would any educated guy in early 30s marry a career woman with similar age? If he is successful and has the monetary power to take care of a family he has a rich pickings of 21-24 years university educated hijabified Somali girls who would be happy to oblige his offer provided he is a smooth operator!. Couldn't have said better. This is just reality as we know it today.
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    Question of the DAY!

    When individuals share opinions, they deserve a simple reciprocation A mutual give and take, we're here mostly to learn from one another, exchange ideas not to degrade. moving on, I think influences of society for most part plays a big role. I grew up in a southern state for 1/4 of my life, When volume is cranked up it reserves bragging right when you sub woofer can create vibrations and and mild disturbance and stares from streets. As everything,Strive for a attention. Just like a platinum grill with bottom row gold.
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    Sista's Too Smart To Marry?

    Some minor glitches.same happen here. Anywho congratz... plz share some knowledge on what the sista's are missing out on. And damn how good it is.
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    Sista's Too Smart To Marry?

  5. Instinct.Poet

    Sista's Too Smart To Marry?

    CARA, You want some Common sense my sista? Really,? Is it not true that women in general are in fact %90 Emotion and %10 in logic? And vice verse in men? First off,that itself should demonstrate how common sense should really be looked at. Vertebrae, Why not? It takes a smart woman to make great man>.. patriarch? I am bit old school, Sometimes best things are learned from history. Is this a way of testing the waters?if it is wear you life jackets. Ps.I won't even get to the religious part. Not in the mood to make another Ayan Hirsi come out. so lets skip that for another time.
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    Sista's Too Smart To Marry?

    kk. u single? lol (jk) On the serious note family value and marriege played big role in our tradition as society of collectivism instead of the wests individualism. Namer one thing that was wrong with the ways we were raised? In a society were everyone played roles and collisions hardly happen as often as these days everyone knew their lanes(collision= counterpoise for divorce). Don't give me that "who needs men".When you know what your answer will be. There is one way to win this argument, lets Compromise and comprehend with one another. You are the back bone for men,we can go far enough but the force to carry on is with you sista's. So lets cut the crap and Opt-Out for a blessed home. Pujah the ocean is sure big but you'll drown alone,with your heritages sis'.
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    Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

    Another fanatics,what makes them different from those they're pointing fingers on.Humans will never be satisfied, Econ-101 "Scarcity". In War everyone thinks they're Right. This things will only matter if it personally effects you. Our time on Earth Is short.Really if your very lucky you'll live to 400,000 hours or maybe not. Point being Smile lot don't take things too serious,really who ever made it out alive anyway. Ps.Ayan Hirsi Ali is on the team of speakers. Well we'll see if you ever make it to U of M.
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    Sista's Too Smart To Marry?

    RED SEA What can i say,perhaps my mind still set on that past InstinctPoet mode. I guess i'm not the only one,however. CARA What is it men in women do require? The lineaments of gratified desire. What is it women in men do require? The lineaments of gratified desire. guess many of you misunderstood me,I apologize for my lack explanation on this particular topic. Basically, my implementation of the subject of matter is that the number of married sista's with advanced degrees has decreased dramatically in our community.This enormity has created mass concern within our community.Wait! let me tell you a little story. Here in Minneapolis we have a weekly "Young Somali Professionals Rotary" meetings. Where minds alike gather and discuss current affairs from varies topics such politics religion culture education relationships and etc.Among us are Doctors,Teachers,professors,IT's,Engineers, Architect's,Entrepreneurs,Realtors,Brokers,Financiers& Bankers. Accountants,Nurses, and Pharmacist. A week past we took survey of 32 current member of which 17 of the group were sisters. The purpose for that survey was to identify relationship problems in our growing community specially in diaspora.Therefore,among the 17 sisters 2 were married 1 was engaged 14 were single, on the other hand out of 15 brothers 11 were married 2 were posted soon and 2 were single. We're a small number,but compared to Somali population we represent a great percentage in the professional fields. With that story in mind now,What seems to be the problem? The reason I said Invest in good man is that, the rate you sisters are going you will surely surpass the Somali brothers.Therefore,when that happens,well nothing like brushing up a diamond in the rough and start wearing it. For those of you whom i have hard time cracking their skull here is a image. This>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Or>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> That
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    Halima has 3yr old son living in Swansea. married to Underdog. myth from grapevine.
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    Sista's Too Smart To Marry?

    Originally posted by Cara: [QB] Maybe it's not a problem to be "mediated", Clever-Trevor. Is it possible that being "desirable" to men is not point #1 on the agenda of women with high IQs anyway? But if they're REALLY unhappy with their lot in life they could get a frontal lobotomy and men would be panting after them in no time lol, You do make a good point.However,lets keep in mind in our community it is a priority #1 for most Somali women to ideally marry and have kids eventually.The society dictates on free choice for most part or to certain extent, but in the end the simple rules that are overlooked may haunt you.Such rules apply to importance of family value, like natures course, where the mother nurtures and presence need to be a full time role at home.Now, i ask you, how could this be possible if natures laws are being rebelled against? I think the investment should be a good man. Build him, encourage him.Instead of a dead end career 9-5. Ps.This has nothing to do, with womens rights. So please, lets save that for another time. I'm in favor for Independence and opportunity.
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    Digging for gold

    Originally posted by Gediid: Do I hear a PreNup... But a question to the ladies,isnt that what every woman looks for....A rich guy who caters to their every need, material and otherwise? Who really knows what woman want.?I mean, isn't that the big question?everyone is asking, Depending on the circumstances,They sail where the wind takes them.
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    Digging for gold

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    Sangub added to Hennepin Countys most wanted

    What a way to end a career... I think everyone should face the consequences of their actions. Only god knows if he had done it or not. Regardless I still think we're not in position to judge people, but until the truth surfaces have respect for the elderly who had done so much for our people. Ps. funny thing 4 out of 10 most wanted in Minneapolis are Somalis god help us. what a way to make statement. See your fellow Somalis here.
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    A clip you should watch and reflect

    Originally posted by Zenobia: ^Nuke Somalia? So we...what? 'We' who Trevor? You've exiled yourself.. removed yourself. You sit in warmth and comfort in a land far away and comment on the suffering of those who stayed on, to rebuild, to keep the hope..... stayed on to be punished and killed by people most of those of have removed themselves cheer for, clap for. Nuke Somalia? What's it to you? It's unfortunate,You didn't truly understand what I've said. We are all moved by it, we stand helplessly for almost 2decades, Shameful same feeling.In addition, I'm easily offended as Somalia becomes the new face of Starvation. Somethings i take personal, like where my ancestors and even my father and uncles have fought effortlessly swore to keep it a country that belongs to the people that deserve it the most, Somalis. If few are ruining the way of life and passing on the virus of vengeance and ignorance,our country is far beyond mending. Now, we are left over with zombies that breed hate, the relatives you once loved, have sadly fallen to that decease,I have siblings that reside in Somalia this day, I'm sorry to say, we no longer speak,lives they've chosen is that of no good deed. NUKE IT Why I resolute to that is, There is nothing better than a fresh Start.I WILL SHED TEARS, for the loss allot of it too. The mistakes made we learned from it.We all will feel our responsible roles, you can't turn your head away. Not the Somali in you at least. Something tragic must happen for us to get our unity back,and that old ONE SOMALIA feeling. How else could you bring us from diaspora and those that still reside in Somalia into a civil understanding?impossible.. But than again, lets be realistic, we are Africans we befallen the stereotype curse of being yet Un-resourceful Apes. I know it sounds so cruel of me, I tell you I'm far from that. Many of you know me in Just my Opinion. I'm just tired of The killings. look at japan"Hiroshima" Look at Germany. Look at Europe altogether.After the ottomans and WW1 And WW2 look at America. Civil Wars WW1 WW2 Veitnam World Trade. I will now take your response positive or negatives. Thanx
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    A clip you should watch and reflect

    Serenity..Thanx for sharing the glimpse of our befallen nation and making the situation aware to those of us that are out of touch with the reality of our state. ^^ Che' Good points, if many of us read back on history particularly ours we would think twice before repeating mistakes that cause us to loose twice. Jimcaale...Anger,I sense, Brotha everyone sees things differently, And the brother with comb over un-fortunately sees it as fault of the Somalis itself, and you may perceive it as the apposite. We have a long way to go, We lack for most part a sense of unity and belonging.Being a Somali a phrase now a days to hesitate,or deny of being any part. I've seen people whom will sware they are not somalis, and that they just speak the language alone. I don't blame them for their arrogance. I blame us,as a whole, I see images like this which than in turn gives me heart ache. Excuse my absurd idea, for it is due to emotions, But i think Somalia should get nuked, So we can get over all the nonsense and feel the need to start from scratch, And the relatives i loose,I'll accepted as casualty for a greater good.
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    Islam and Hip Hop

    Masha'allah Is good to see everyone running back to the faith, and some of us are so ignorent and can't even see the truth blinded by the glitter and the fake hallucinations of the world. I met Dave chappelle here in Minneapolis 3yrs back in my restaurant we cater to him and his staff for the week they were in Minneapolis shooting a show. I was impresed fisrt to find out his manager was a Arab guy named Mustafa and that most of the staff were muslims, non like the 5%'ers, I mean beard and the salaats and just very impressive. I also found out that Daz dillinger from Dog pound and long time friend Kurupt were practicing. Really in person. I thing Hip-Hop is turning from Bling Blaw to Islam Now. eventually ,you'll see rhymes Starting with BIsmillahi Rahmani Raheem..
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    West challenged by one of its own

    Never heard of her but, Soo Maal I'm glad you brought her to my attention. I want to see what her views are..
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    DEATH FORECAST ! ! ! ! !

    something had to be wrong. Northerner,funnything about it is, I train atleas twice a week.. I eat healthy. Maybe because I'm single. That must be it. otherwise,i don't have too much Red Sea>>The restaurant is fine thanx for asking, in Minnesota as the new thing to try, We have our hands full. I'm just kind of bit disappointed for i couldn't close for the month of Ramadan because of our location inside of a market.which caters to 100% non Muslims. So i staffed all non muslims for this month.
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    DEATH FORECAST ! ! ! ! !

    It is estimated that you will die at the age of 46 Years Old. Well atleast they noticed i was a Hope that isn't true in the end..
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    In memory and prayers for Sacdiya Sahal and her daughter

    They're still not for sure. But all the prayers with her and her family.
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    My Old School Folks

    I'm still here.. This is my #1 resource. Though i'm sad i don't contribute much these days, gave up on the typing, my fingers ache from it or not. My cuzzin Abdinuur Aka Kaafi Aka Bighead Hope all is well Missed ya, Give me a holla sometime 612-@)#-(%$$ And Libaax, Whats up? I thought you were on your way here sometime? Perhaps you changed your mind? What has beggoten this fiasco?or escapade?
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    lol...only in India...
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    Hip Hop Anthems

  24. Instinct.Poet

    BBC's Documentary on Scientology

    It's bullshit.... They kicked me out, after taking an I.Q test and than we got into an argumentative about living a life of lie.To believe and to accept he said were too diffrent things.. WTF, was he trying to convince me? like the christins and their trinity trick ,they can never explain to me the dea with 1 in 3 and three in one.. SAD case.. Islam is beautiful, elimanates confusion
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    What I see,,,,,,,,

    I see eyelidz are stitched,living the a day as blind person,hibernate my other senses.. my sight is the blame for my obssession with pretty women.. now i use my other sense to guide me. peace.. what do you see.