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    Coping with the concept of death

    Alpha, Sorry to hear about your loss. Nevertheless, great topic :-) Ps. What concluded of Freeman and Sharmake451? I thought it was game?
  2. Instinct.Poet

    New Soundz:)

    Thanx for Sharing those Videos, I liked the TL guy and Ed Sheeran Videos. Dont really know if you've heard of this one yet, but this street performers are talented and raw. Ps. Dont really see how and where to embed the Vid, Re post if you can. Cheers.
  3. I thought this was very interesting thing to share. I think with all the drought and havoc happening in our Motherland, Does it help to have outside presence involved in Somalia internal Politic Issues? My Favorite Quote from this Article,by a Somali NSA Agent "“In this environment, it’s very tricky. They want to help us, but the situation is not allowing them to do [it] however they want. They are not in control of the politics, they are not in control of the security,” he adds. “They are not controlling the environment like Afghanistan and Iraq. In Somalia, the situation is fluid, the situation is changing, personalities changing". PS, I dont know if this has been previously discussed, If so My apologies. If not, Enjoy
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    Hello ErrrrrrrrrrryBody

    Im quite Impressed at how SoL has evolved, Thus appreciate the hardwork the men behind the forums have done and still doing it. I've been away and chasing life. Greeting my fellow Malis, I come in Peace. Cant wait to fall in love with the site all over again. 9yrs Membership ;-)
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    Low Blow to Our Community..Sad

    Whenever something good happens in our State of Minnesota that brings positive image of the Somalis, than comes the Vice for the good.Here is an Article I read today about Prostitution in the Somali Community.Like Really? c:E7PNDh_oaE3miUsZ Share your thoughts...
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    Hatred, In Bumper Sticker form?

    I came Across this, I don't know what to make of it.
  7. Instinct.Poet

    Nasra Ahmed : oo ka hadleysa jaceylkeeda

    Thanx 4 sharing that was entertaining
  8. Instinct.Poet

    Obama Cursing on tapes

    Who knew that President Obama had a foul mouth? I did! Kidding, is great to hear a president curse every once ina while just to remind us all his still a human being. Here are few Audio tapes from his book Dreams of My father Click here Oh by the way I miss Somaliaonline, Though I havent post for a while I come and get my news feeds
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    Today I'm Actually Still Somali... This seems to be a big T.v Stunt, I mean I'm still hurting why Somalia never gets coverage on the mass media?aren't those a living beings as well? Don't get me wrong anytime a human suffering is broad casted i feel remorseful and sympathetic towards the whole ordeal. But, lets not pull the religion card, If anything these guys are cauzins, So, we share the same faith? does that mean we meet the same fate? I hope not.. Fight for world peace equally not divided, anyone who apposes that is an enemy of human kind.. But may God make this world a better place for all of us, regardless of what religion. We all need o respect each others choices and faith. Peace'
  10. Instinct.Poet

    --This Moment--This--Life--pt2

    4years later on that same day... Mom i remain me, sanely same ol'Jay Hard to imagine,the toughest wars are fought on our turfs I fend it off with the love you passed on to me Today,you'd be proud of me, I'ma quarter million man with expensive threads and cuffs to go along with my shine Not just a chef,you thought me to take heat on whatever angle it define Not a boy no more,but more of a man than any had haters as friends,you warned me that they'd drown me glad to tell you this day of gratitude i brushed them off like dandruff,with they're flaky azzes.. Almost had me dazed with their deadly gases... Like action to reaction I reacted.. suprised,they had the asking? said,I saw it all before,this was all dejavu in the making absurd,and they wondered why i wasn't laughing... Moms thought better,before sons relapsing... Thanx Again moms, you always knew best.. Happy mothers day... Funny....I Wrote it quick...
  11. Instinct.Poet

    --This Moment--This--Life--pt2

    Great weekend has it been to really do appreciate the one who brought as well and looked out for us only wanted the best for her youngsters. Great weekend has it been,Every morning seeing your face was like seeing the rays from the shining sun. With out you god knows what path awaited me, Your knowledge and your good whiping got me thinking deeply of who i really i was. I luv you for that.moms. Now that i left under your wings,great responsibilty awaits for me, but than I see darker roads this isn't like the world i was prepared for. So much hate and anger,everywhere i turn ponder and wonder why,why,why,whats goin on? i can't make out reason why, I wanna turn my back on it, But i can't, i'ma man with a bleeding heart i feel mercy even for the one with coldest heart My face tells you no lies, all you see is innocense confusion, but my inner is filled stories so much like the ones every one who has seen oppression.. To be continued..
  12. Instinct.Poet

    random pics

    The creep..In desperate measures.. Makes you wonder WTF..
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    I'm back...

    I'm back,all this time been behind ya like ya spine.. Rhyme,got no reason bite I'm unique and odd like nine fine,add one and make me ten,I'm perfectly center pinpoint pen than,talents shared,Oh you flattered,don't mind instincts pockets been fatter from sharing my aptitude and serving it hot on a platter kindly friended the mayor,called it fantastiK and thats what they had for dinner... Sorry didn't mean to brag,just had to be proud of that.. infact,I'm up for change,08' up for grasp Obama or Chelsea's Moma?? Either or,I'm tired of the political drama, flip the coin both are out to harm ya Demo' or Repo both ain't yours blood guts and glory however it pours the suffer is cancerous like smokers skin pores no way to heal the suffered is still poors Why you think Africa houses all deceases and no cures? EBOLA, AIDS ,POLIO No, really think outside the box.. Our kind was meant to be locked in the box.. slaved minds,colonized societies,blackness is doomed.finally the turtle out smart the fox descendants of cush left in the bushes invincible shackles,gaped the bridges,neighbors lynching, deceived and left in burned trenches.. People of verbal history finally silenced and begotten mystery... dazed and confused,blame game is on.. who's side you on?? does it matter?Born as puppet,Who really is on the rank? You or the word bank? Big brother been here and Orwell knew it all way before 1984, 5 men rule the world.. Damn Shame, it was all a game, Instincts.... Hi everyone been a while since i write sincere. But i'm glad i'm still here with a sane mind...
  15. Instinct.Poet

    Long live Tigger THE GREAT -- a new star is born

    Congratz.. My dearest friend and mentor LST Trevor. Sad that I have to find out this way, that i have Niece.. Your own best I hope all is well, I will call you this evening Inshallah..
  16. Instinct.Poet

    Photo of Obama dressed as Somali Elder causes huge contraversy

    there he is again.I hope this will be the man to lend a hand in the eastern African affairs. make our transition more smoother, than those damn Southern red necks that are for war and oil. Ps. I like that picture...
  17. Instinct.Poet

    My Somali Poem

    Waraa, D.v soomaaligaagu saan inuu u wanaagsanaa uma filaneynin?Kalmado cajaa'ib ah baad ku hadashay.Maxaad ka qabtaa in aan kuugu darsado aragtideena kala duwan?let me have try..Ehem. Ragii hore raadkooda aan raadino Ragan jooga maanta madhaamaan Ri Rimane Rabiyow Raxmaanow Ruuxii ku Rumaysan Raali gali Raadkii Ragii horeeyey mid soo Rabaaseyso ma ehee Rabshada Rucleynasa Ragii naga horeeyey baan ka Reebanay Raadkoodan baas yaa raaci Rabay?kolay anigu ma'Rabin Ragatinimadaydu, mid xanyaha Riixo ma Roorsanee Raashinkan sacabyadeyda ku Raseysan Rabi baa iigartoo,Ragii hore iima Reebin Runtii kuma Rumeysanee,Reer xamar Ra'yigii Ri' foolaneysa uma Raadsheen. Raali naqoo fikrado kala Rogan iyo Roob hilaac Sita wadnaha uma Ronee Hadal carfoon sidii Rooxaantii Rag kuma wada Raaxeysaanee.
  18. Instinct.Poet


    Feed back are Welcomed. Really,What did you think of it.?
  19. I kind of found this accidentally, So proceed to watch at your own caution. As it sayz it was approved by couple of islamic counsels. THE MOVIE LINK..CLICK HERE might have to download the Veoh video player to watch the whole thing. enjoy
  20. Instinct.Poet


    I.ndiscriminately,I am at top of my game,lamers pow down when ya'll here my name... I S.till got it D.V! like Dr.Dre T.olerance,unnecessary for this copy and paste thugs I callz them my prey I. urge you,those of you who lack the mastery L.earn from the best in verbal archery,hence the shyt is mockery L.ooks obvious,ya'll ABC suffered polio, weak rhymes need support from the joints below G.oing agianst grain?big mistake O.riginal literature scripture spitters, Instinct & D.V T.aking back what is owed. I.t's said, arduous behaviors causes hatred for take this T.ogether, We *Bomb *Over *Bagdad,and puke before we post for the damned.Now bag-that.
  21. Instinct.Poet


    W.hen eye wonder like Stevie H.ome sweet home my instincts receive me E.xtravagantly,surpasses the anticipated ability N.ormally, i cypher into the abyss mind absorbs immunity E.levated dignity,to compose unexpected vigilant agilty Y.ou are now freed from synergy, pose silent till you sick of me E.xercised thoughts, that begotten after craved energy,passing herbal divinity through my lungs W.ishes demeanor,clouded mind still appear alive and meaner.. O.perate leaner, respond faster than FEMA in katrina N.evertheless,I manifest the best of my interest D.eal or not, my medicine is best when it comes to stress,aptitude is censorious E.lsewhere, misery corrupted, reason to treason R.enegade, I stand out, like Mohawk in mosque Wlc Back.. D.V
  22. Instinct.Poet


    O.k, We can finnaly get to listen what we've all been waiting for,SKYHIGH FAMILY ALBUM titled' "THE ARRIVAL".This is the same guys that brought you the hit single"DHELLA"introduced by PHASEZ Entertainment.Check out the new SKYHIGH MAIN WEBSITE this where you can veiw sample of the tracks that are included in the album and soon to come pictures of the family and many many more...... [ February 28, 2003, 09:29 PM: Message edited by: Libaax-Sankataabte ]
  23. Instinct.Poet

    Somali gay bloggers receive death threats

    Whoa...... A Somali Fudge Packers? you don't say?? Now, Where is Humane in that..Damn Rebels of nature. Please don't pollute our sanctuary.
  24. Instinct.Poet

    Sista's Too Smart To Marry?

    it has appealed to me strangely,and some of us may not be aware of it. But unfortunately,the sad fate of high-achieving sista's who have climbed too high to find a suitable mate has increased in our community.Sista's will move up on society competing with men on every level,now,sista's moving up still strive to marry up.When realistically Men moving up still tend to marry down. The two sexes' going in opposite directions has led to an epidemic of professional sista's missing out on husbands and kids.I've read somewhere a study which found that women's "desirability" dropped as their IQs increased.Talk about too smart for your own good.Don't get the wrong impression of this topic. This was written just to give you snapshot of a reality that i had witnessed repetitive times here in Minneapolis.I believe this case exists elsewhere as we're all embrace in the 21st century. Question??? How can we mediate this problem?
  25. Who said somali men can't cook? Anyway i remmember northerner asking me to post this so i did. Northerner, This one was for you... LAYZIEG..Here is that dish... And to those of you that have voted on the past segment of The Minneapolis City Pages, Thank you. Well watch the Video from this morning and let me know what you think..thanx.. Check out the flag to my right.. thats alot of love.. Cooking Somali Style<---Click here