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  1. While. Somalis are busy with trivial clan and tribal divisions,the rest of the region is looking towards meaningfull relation through progressive institutional unity .
  2. Xaaji Xunjuf;988361 wrote: Col indhoshaeel says Puntland massacred civilians " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Kaagan Cusub ee Kaluun la baxay, be carefull you seems to have gone ahead of yourself at an Alien stage, What make your business if its a Family feud gone bad? walee bood boodkaaan arkaa meel xun uu ku dambeyn
  3. Classified;988086 wrote: This is the reality on the ground. Hassan Shiekh, Shirdoon nor the 275 MPs in Mogadishu don't represent nor have any control over Hargeisa. Somali runta iskuma sheegto. Oo sowtan aad adiguba runtii sheegtay, mase adigu Soomali maahid?
  4. Carafaat;979983 wrote: The poor guy has been arrested the same day he made those comments. This is the second or third time he got arrested for excersising his free speech. Back in 2012 he was imprisoned for months, just for announcing the forming of a political party. http://qarannews.com/2013/09/wadaad-reer-hargeysa-oo-xukumada-siilanyo-xabsiga-u-taxaabtay-caawaamuuraha-xadhigiisa-loo-sibisaaray/ See the thread I dedicated to the poor guy back in 2012. http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/68706-XIsbul-Islam-leader-arrested-in-Somaliland?highlight=free+sheick Arafat just for the sake of sanity can refrain from labelling this maniac "A poor Guy" How on earth can a poor guy justify indiscrimate killings and maiaming in the name of a religious ideology? I would suggest that they send him to some sort of exile or rendition.
  5. nuune;975073 wrote: - A link telling that the US "planned to launch chemical weapons on Syria and blame it on Assad's government" - There was not a single rebel fighter who died as a result of the chemical weapons attack - An email exchange of the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria to blame on Assad's government, emails hacked Someone should stop confusing the forum with these conspiracy theories. The Arab leaders had a record for stopping at nothing in their egotistic quest. Saddam used it on the Kurds what makes you think Asad would hesitate using it on his opponents?
  6. Allyourbase;973497 wrote: Why would anyone post such pictures is beyond me.. SOL, please take out those graphic images, They are not fit for public.
  7. The Zack;972820 wrote: I have been hearing that for the last 20+ years.... https://sphotos-a-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/1157451_668556026506107_1876170469_n.jpg :)
  8. N.O.R.F. Are you by any chance familiar with this other rascal by the name Engineer Ibrahim heading the Genel on Caynabo area.? Carafat its true this article really explains in depth the faults with these clandestine deals. The original natives that hails from this lands have all but been ignored. Caynaba natives tried to resist but the mighty dollar was used here. I am pessimistic on this oil euphoria in the Somali peninsula. Given the realities in terms of chaotic governance systems, shaky stability and lack of any resemblance of an internationally recognized and respected organized formal administration, and in the absence of fundamental legal international formalities in place, I am afraid these vulture investors guided by few greedy individuals from the diaspora, would just but add to the already existing chronic misery onto this forsaken peninsula
  9. Very unfortunate indeed. Meesha bilicda magaalada ayaa laga hadlaayay maxaa Dahabshiil iyo Boorame loo badh tilmamaysan? Maxaa ummadda markii lalahadloba ummad kale loogu diri? Taasay leeyihiin hays raacdo
  10. If this turns out to be true. The winners are going to be Kenya, as it looks that Somalis are in agreement for the airspace command stationed in a foreign country than in any Somali inhabited location.Kenya benefited well from stationing the command. and would not let it go easily.
  11. The news is still yet to be confirmed. However just by reading the ministers address according to this unconfirmed news,you realize the pathetic state of Somali people. Just as once put by one colonial officer, when asked about the Somali people this is how he described them. He said Somalis are great as people,but without addressing these three Inordinate vices they will find it hard to build a functioning state. 1. Inordinate amount of Vanity (Conceit) 2. Inordinate amount of excitability 3.Inordinate amount of Greed Now if I may ask what is wrong with with airspace command to be stationed in Hargeysa if at all Somali boarder and territorial integrity is unquestionable.Doesn't this prove the point of Conceit and inordinate greed that no party would like to see the other survive? .This is surely reflective to elements in the Somali societies intrinsic values. Just try and look at all Somali inhabited regions and tell me if you will not find these elements.
  12. Brofesoorku wuxuu u'egyahay nin hamadi gashay. oo meesha wax buuran kusoo arakay. Hase ahaate Sadex wax ayaa Brofesoorka lagu xantaa. Sadexdaa haduu meel iska dhigi waayo umalayn maayo in ay Soomali meel ay joogtoba wax ku aamini doonto. 1. Waxaa la yiri waa nin Isla weyn oo dadka kale hoos u eega: Soomali iyo islaweyni, kala ilaali. 2. Waxaa la yiri waa nin dabeecadda ka aradan; Soomali dul qaad uun baa wax lagaga heli karaa 3. Waxaa la yiri; Waa nin diiiinta ka aradan; Soomalidu inkastoo aanay sida lagarabo bdiinta ugu dhaqmin hadana ninkii garab mara waaku shaaahidaan. Profesoorka intii latalisa intaa waa inay marka hore ka hubiyaan.
  13. Waa iska Caadi. Waxaan Maqlay in ANWAR uu Gabar Ethnic Somalilander ahi, ay Beryahan wada sheekaystaan
  14. Hadii ay Hagoogteedaa garabka saaran, madax saaran lahayd, waabaay kasii fiicnaan lahayd
  15. Che -Guevara;964716 wrote: http://jowhar.com/news.php?readmore=534 This Godane goon must be a treacherous and merciless extremist. Waxii ka hooseye oo dhan wuu cunay. Next asagaa is cuni.ilayn meel kaloo uu baxaa ma jiraane. Ilaahay ummada haksoo qabto mujirimiintan diintii iyo dalkiiba baabi'isay