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  1. Maybe he fancied her so he left her a big tip?
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dude Cant you just respond friendly? why Must you ruin this nice thread?
  3. Cool but i aint giving away a shit. 25% kuye, no hand outs freaks
  4. Woooooooooooow look at the Mansions! Outstanding pictures! I enjoyed every singel picture Thanks Read Sea
  5. Originally posted by Alpha-Geeljire: Qeybdiid looks very different then the people who are behind him,I wish I knew where his mother is from. Well, I see the moryons of muqdishu have united, once again, to bring destruction,poverty,rapes,killings..etc. Dude whats that suppose to mean? are you trying to hint, that some certain qabils look better then others?
  6. Just the other day I was praying salatul tarawiix at the Masjiid, laakin waaba la tuukan wayey qaylo iyo buuq daraaded, Illen wixii ciyaala suuq joogey magaalada ba meesha isugu yimaadey, badaankood ilmo yar yar baay ahayen laakin ku duqowey(16-17 years) baa ku dheexjiree willba buuq xaagisey ka socotay badanka, goor dhambe oo dee laga joogi wayey ba waxa la hadley oday hor istaag naa, wuxu ku yidhi “ waa iga wallahi ciyaal kuuni kuuni buuqa iyo qaylada haadan la joogin, masjiidka haada soo gaashin mar dhambe kabta cuunta i sara†Most of them got the point execpt Xaaji duqe(the oldeste of them) gacanqad bu billawey will ka yar intii la doono ba ayo haartin iyo feedh ka dalaay, yaab iyo fajaq baa iga so harey markaan u dulqaadan wayeey wuxu ku kacayo wiilkan baan waxaan ku idhi†Ninyahow dee sidaan si u dhamo illen qof weyn baa tahay kow dheh,†markaan intaas idhi buwa aflaagado igu jawaaba†waar waad edab daraan tahay ee afka naga lexii, I didnt do a shit! Anyway its not your house†Wallahi waxa i qabatay suunka ka daal! The worst part is their parents dont give a shit! Some do but most of them waay iska indho tiraan!!! For the abortion issue well honestly its not the parents fault that their sondaughter wish to practice sex outside the marriage
  7. Gelle

    Cyber Stalker/s

    "I mean the man was 33yrs old" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that made me laugh so hard!!! If these guys have unlawful intentions, then dude! you should take some karate lessons. Thats if your not willing to report them to the police
  8. How come the slap each other every time they fail to correspond. And what is with Muusi Suudi being involed in every freaking fight that occur
  9. That does`nt change the fact that he`s a Gacankudhigle!
  10. You guys listen to heavy Metal? Thats deep wallahi? Me i cant stand that shit! bunch of hairy dudes abusing the mic! naah dude I`ll pas Anyway Ofcoure waa Xaraan! Ozzy Osbourn no good sis
  11. Originally posted by Castro: quote:Originally posted by Gelle: As far as am concerned, Aids infested Ethopians is the last thing we need right now :confused: The absolute lowest of the low are Somalis. The poorest of the poor are Somalis. The sickest of the sick are Somalis. The most uneducated in the world are Somalis. But the most arrogant are also Somalis. It will take us 200 years to reach where Ethiopia is today. Wake up negro. Wake up. Well what do we have here? A self hating Somali!Let me get this right Castro. Somalis are uneducated,arrogant and lowest of the low? but hey look at the bright side atleast we dont support communism . Whats up with the advertising? maa waxaad ka mid tahay Somalida Taagersan Ethiopia? And as for me waking up, dude am awake your the one that should wake up and smell the coffe. Communism=Yesterdays Trash, get with the time Negro!! Rudy Are you serious? Ethopians deport Somalis like theres now tomorrow so why shouldn`t we repay the favour? and please dont give me the "Shacaabka Ethopia waa dad ficaan ee Dowlada ba xun" BS. Am not against refugees heck am a refugee myself. Unlike you and Castro over her i do care about my country thats why i say "Ethiopians stay on your side of the boarder" Gosh why do some ppl adore their enemie? beats me....
  12. Kudos to Cadde Muse and co Am really impressed.I hope they manage to Deport every singel illegal Ethipian Refugee.The other regions should do the same. As far as am concerned, Aids infested Ethopians is the last thing we need right now.They are also known for beggin, something we have enough as it is.
  13. Subxanallah! Wallahi i swear i would like to get my hands on the sick creature that did this! Ilaahey haa u gargaro!