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  1. Raamsade;991004 wrote: No self-respecting man should settle for used goods especially when there are so many women that have never been broken into. And why would you raise another man's kids? That's committing genetic suicide. Besides, even if you think you found an exceptional divorcee, nearly impossible but I'll entertain the idea for argument's sake, you'll have untrain all the bad habits her previous owner taught her. Maxaa ku dhacay ragannimodii raga Somalida lagu yaqaaney? Its been a while since I've been around here and I certainly dont miss reading such silly views. Only a petulant teenager with little to no experience of relationships would utter the above nonsense. Grow up, get a little humility and stop spewing crap just because its the internet.
  2. So, apparantly this is the handsome Emarati man who got expelled from Saudi. I can kind of see why... http://blog.asiantown.net/-/17945/Ladies__for_your_treat__the_man_who_is_deported_from_Saudi_Arabia_for_being_too_HANDSOME_
  3. Looks like one big maro with a couple of threads to me... cant see where exactly the style comes into it. I like my clothes carefully and meticiously stitched to suit me.
  4. Reeyo, the man and the 'other woman' contributed to the home-wrecking, thus making it not-so-halaal.
  5. Thank you NG - for your dua. Pretty unusual getting it from you, but I'll take it. It looks sunny but its pretty cold.
  6. I'm cold. I dont know how to turn the heat on in my new house. Why are these things so complicated? Also - a superbly smelly man just delivered some furniture and his after-smell is giving me a headache. Xamaaliinta meydhasho miyaa laga xaaramey?
  7. NGONGE;941097 wrote: You'll be on holiday, you crazy Somali woman. Butac iyo raaxo waa in ay kaa muuqata when you come back. LoL. NG - I'm really impressed with your Somali. I need a holiday, desperately. My last one was over 4 weeks ago.
  8. What an oxymoron, nothing halal about home-wrecking!
  9. I discovered a little hair miracle lately. Its a hair-mask. I know, I too thought I had seen it all when the overly enthusiastic salesman at Lush suggested a 'mask' for my hair. But a couple of tries and my hair genuinely looks so much better. I dont know if its just this or the combination of this and my aveda shampoo and conditioner but finally something that works for me. Here is it: https://www.lush.co.uk/product/413/The-Hair-Doctor-Hair-Treatment Aveda Shampoo (http://www.aveda.co.uk/product/5311/17037/Hair-Care/Shampoo/Shampure-Shampoo/index.tmpl) and its conditioner.
  10. Hmmm... I'll give it a shot and report back!
  11. Bal marka hore Bermuda triangle ii micnee? UD - its good to see you but marka hore akhri blog'ga before you comment. You can define what makes your mrs happy, you dont need to follow the guidelines. The point is to see how much of a difference it makes making your other half your #1 priority and setting a criteria for what constitutes making them priority #1
  12. http://www.tylerwardis.com/http:/tylerwardis/an-experiment-in-husbanding/ .... do you agree with the results of this experiment?
  13. I'm working from Aqalka today - so I can chittar-chatter here . Did you all miss me? Say you did! aaaad iyo aaad weliba. Side kale, bash bash iyo barwaaqo kuligiin (or should I say tutigiin ala Tuujiye style)?
  14. I dont know where to begin... ... why didnt someone mention this post to me? I'm both touched and tickled by NG's wild imagination! But really, did you have to invite the Godless into my thread? *smacks you on the head*. I think Johny is one of a kind but I'm not willing to share this spotlight with him. I need a revised congratulatory note! Just to put the most important fact to right - I'm NOT 4 foot 2 inches tall - atleast a foot and an inch over that (the inch is always important!). I want to punch you NG for picking on my height! I'm even more aware of it as hubby is 6'3 (well... gotta give the kids a fighting chance eh? ) To the others who said congrats - many many thank you and ameen to all your duas .
  15. NGONGE;898190 wrote: ^^ A&T is a writer, saaxib (something that Juxa refuses to understand). To hone his hobby, he has to do these "stretching exercises". In the same way that lying on the floor with your legs up in the air and your bottom or crotch rubbing on the floor is NOT a good look, writing about prostitutes, sex or murder to stretch those cerebral muscles, when taken in isolation, is also not a good look. Yet you have to do these stretching exercises to have a healthy body and, likewise, you have to allow yourself the freedom to stretch your mind if you want to keep it "healthy". Wax fahma. I'm all for mental stretches as long as no1 is being insulted/picked on... etc. And I love Abtigiis' stories... its one of the few reasons I have a look around here once in a while.
  16. Congratulations North! Good luck with the new venture! p.s. I need tickets to SL for January - can you sort a sista out?
  17. It doesnt matter how big the figure is for western countries, over 70% of it is lost in beauracracy and administration So eventually what reaches the needy masses is peanuts. .
  18. Blackflash;892032 wrote: Donor countries to Somalia during it's 2011 famine: CONTRIBUTOR CONTRIBUTION 1. United States $448,017,213($46,704,961) 2. European Commission $167,237,380($8,111,588) 3. Japan $90,386,480 4. UN Central Emergency Response Fund $86,298,912($11 million) 5. United Kingdom $65,334,968($122,734,183) 6. Canada $26,050,674($3,902,440) 7. Denmark $22,754,682 8. Sweden $20,175,100 9. Norway $22,187,271 10. Brazil $22,095,646 11. The Netherlands $13,635,563 12. Germany $13,159,162 13. Spain $12,194,066($4,977,729) 14. Switzerland $10,767,113($572,738) 15. Finland $7,701,130 16. Australia $7,455,698($47,169,811) 17. France $5,564,352($1,353,276) 18. Ireland $4,852,895($569,801) 19. Italy $3,012,512($1,430,615) 20. United Arab Emirates $1,927,649 21. Sudan $1,788,000 22. Islamic Development Bank $1 million 23. Russian Federation $1 million 24. New Zealand $762,777 25. Saudi Arabia $738,487 26. African Development Bank $507,898 27. Luxembourg $276,578 28. South Africa $146,199 29. Czech Republic $112,676 30. Estonia $42,254 Source: IRIN Africa While Turkey's and Iran's direct approach isn't considered in this chart, it gives you a good idea of how much our "brothers" care. Where did all the money go?! I dont think that much money was spent on Somalis and food.
  19. Shalay, we held a session on presentation skills for ‘inner city’ students who were chosen for a programme by one of our partner companies to expose them to working life, maybe get internships in the process, etc. Long story short, inan yaroo Soomaliya ayaa ku dhex jirey (16yrs). I approached to say hello and he was just so strange and closed – answered my questions with 1 word answers, said ‘no big plans’ when I asked what he wanted to do… seriously disappointed at the complete lack of motivation even when told him I had the potential to recommend him for an internship. To top it off, when I asked where he was from – he said he wasn’t going to tell me and he didn’t want anyone to know (in Somali!!). Youngsters these days!
  20. VAL departure? When? Why? What did he do to her?
  21. Che - what do you mean ma soo lumay? I started the troll corner... more like coming back home
  22. *Waves frantically back @Juxa* I hope Hargeysa is treating you well - we should have a post-Somalia catch up. When are you back? Alhamdulilah, I'm better from the Hargab.
  23. W/salaam Ngonge - how are you? I'm very well, Alhamdulilah. Feeling a little overwhelmed with the studying but otherwise A-Ok. Speaking of cooking, I've become obsessed with watching Jamie Oliver's 15-minute meals (http://www.youtube.com/channel/SW9dqck2gnED0) I've not made anything from there yet... but I love the idea of making fast but good food. The hubby and I are slowly easing ourselves into marriage, so we're not yet living together (holidaying together though lol).
  24. Thanks Maadeey! Norf - why is your location still UAE? Having detachment issues? Jumca mubaraka ya jamaca!