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  1. I like Nimco Dareen's version better. She is easier to look at too.
  2. we became the most ignored region in the Somali Republic Why does every region in Somalia claim to have been ignored? LOL All the regions, maybe with the exception of Banadir, must have been ignored then. In my opinion, Sanaag and Gedo were the only regions in Somalia that were truly ignored since they don't even have a single paved road. I could be wrong about Sanaag.
  3. Wallahi I used to live there for several years. Wooow.......Yaaq Bariweyne is a cool place. We had two houses there; I wonder if they are still standing.
  4. It is about time......the former port employees got their jobs back.
  5. Mohamed was also vague about other personal details. He told reporters he studied American Ethnic Studies at the UW and graduated in 2003, when in fact he never earned a degree, according to the registrar's office. Dude is a drop-out. :eek:
  6. My relatives in Kismaayo are fleeing the city. The ICU will leave the city and go to the jungle if they care about the people of Kismaayo.
  7. I thought he was sacked He was but that was when he had power and opposed the government. lol
  8. You ARE Meles Zenawi, are you not? Come on, admit now. Hahahahahaha. Caawo si fiican ayaan u qosle walle.
  9. Hiiraale is a better speaker than I thought. At least he is not as bad as Indhacadde and Turki.
  10. Waa la wareersanyahay haye. lol
  11. What is up with your avatar man or do you not know who that man is? lol
  12. Abdi Madoobe, Abdullahi Gamaas, Hassan Gooro and many others who took a decision to free their people. Some of these guys were close friends of my father. Allah ha u naxariisto gebigoodba.I also met Billow in Mandheere sometime back. He is a good fella.
  13. The RRA liberated Baidhabo from the USC with the aid of Zenawi. How grateful.
  14. I am more surprised about the men of Caabudwaaq that legitimately brought the battle zone that reer Caabudwaaq do not deserve and did not call for to their own homes. Cago-weyne will go back to his house soon, where will they go back? Who will they live among the rest of their lives? Insha allah qoorta ayaa loo dheereen maangaabyadaas.