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  1. Wasiirka oo la hadashay laanta afka Somaliga ee Idaacada VOA, ayaa iyadda oo ugu horeyn ka hadlay sida ay xilkan cusub u aragto tidhi “Xilkani waa xil weyn oo u baahan mutadawac-nimo iyo dedaal weyn si umadda Somaliyeed ee guddo iyo dibadba ku dayacan wax loogu qabto, oo Somalida Milgaheedii iyo karaamadeediiba la soo celiyo” Hadalkaas aa ii qanciyeye ani. It's good she is tight-lipped about the SL issue. She should leave that to the Interior Ministry to deal with
  2. amazing,may Allah accept our fast and sincere deeds.indeed we are in need of his mercy.
  3. My fav apps : MyQuran, Athan,Evernote ,Couch to 5k,Currency converter,Stumbleupon,magicJack.
  4. What amazes me is how any women would fall for such pathetic excuses of some men. Midkoo single ah eey jafjafato meey weeysay ? Ngonge,ishaad ka tuurtay! I've never laughed so hard Zack ,flourish
  5. Baashi, Welcome to the loneliest capital in the world ,well in west Australia. There is not many Somali restaurants,one or two maqaaxi's. Check out Shiil Cafe where you will find the golden oldies and all your fadhi ku -dirir needs.
  6. Eebe ha u naxariisto Marxuumka .Samir iyo Imaana ha ka siiyo ehelkiisa.
  7. Inna lilaahi wa Ian ileyhi raajicuun.samir iyo imaan to the family . AUN the deceased.
  8. This is great news. thanks for sharing Ngonge LOL. Congratulations Serenity, May Allah bless your marriage with much happiness sistah . BarakAllahu lakuma wa baraka Alaykuma wa jama'a baynakumma fi khayr! Amin
  9. Inaa lilaahi wa inaa ileyhi raajicun. Bloody cawaans ,Somalida waa inay iskaga soo cararaan south Africa ,maalin walbe midba lagu qashta!
  10. You gotta love mama Maryan Mursal's daacadnimo and humour.Had the pleasure of meeting her at restaurant in Dubai ,she & my mum started singing "haybad Waan ku leenahay dhulkeena hooyo" whilst discussing jabka qurbaha & qoxootinimo On the topic, Somalis intay ceebta qarsadaan been Iyo Balaayo sheegi.carruurta bilaash Loma qaato.
  11. Maaddeey;870435 wrote: If you say that was freedom of speach, I say Muslims' part is freedom of action!, you don't loke it, cool. I was only showing I didn't like yours either!. Send them to the cemetery ! Uusheeg damiir- laaweyaal Interesting how many Gitmo eey ku aruuriyeen for apparently inciting hatred ,laakin waxaan waa freedom of speech,and Muslims are just overreacting .
  12. Buuxo


    LOL. Dhib jecelaa Ngonge. Iska rog kabta, Hadi kale Nidaamxumo will spread.
  13. Congrats! May He be the last of transitional leaders . Someone post his CV or more info about him please.
  14. ^Thanks Sistah! you are visionary number one. We should have a reunion bring back all the members for the 10th Anniversary.I received great advice from some of the peeps on SOL all though most are no longer active, I appreciate their sincerity and send them my gratitude wherever they may be.
  15. Congratulations SOL for giving the nomads space on the net. I can't believe i have been a member for 6 years. Time does fly, although I contribute little to discussions and do not write here much . I have SOL to thank for the marked improvement in my somali and in connecting with young somalis that are visionaries.
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    ^I'll add another Borame appreciation song . Allow Borame ku gee...
  17. Mooge,change the title of this thread,I don't know what you wanted to achieve by slandering the female Somali population. The performance of the women you posted is deplorable and not news worthy. similar acts have been done by so called Muslims trying to gain fame and money. People next time think through you posts a second longer and make sure you are following SOL golden rules.Deenta wax lagu jeesteyo ma aha .
  18. Tallaabo;861243 wrote: I find this business of tribalising Somali culture and heritage distasteful. Our Somali culture and our cultural icons have no boundaries and belong to no particular group, therefore they should be respected as such. I am sure no Somali poet, playwright, artist, or an author would like his/her significance and influence reduced to a tiny region. These professionals want bigger audiences and markets and not clan villages. The entire Somali population was already insignificant compared to the home markets available to most foreign cultural icons including those from our neighbouring countries. Folks please don't bring back this thread again, it should disappear into the back pages. Well said.
  19. Thats scary .i would of been out of that house and left the kid. LOL it's funny to watch his reaction tho !
  20. "yeeyy uu dhaxdaa?" if it wasn't bad enough that they discriminate based on her qabiil and gender,the husband's qabiilna waa lagu eeden ! 
  21. Lol.yaa kuu sheegayo. British maanta iska ahow ,laakin I was hoping you found your burcoowi way! Ileen qurbo waa dareen ku joog!