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  1. Ameen dear Aaliyah.


    It's that time of the year again - Ramadaan Mubaarak folks!


    I'll try to resist dwelling on food this Ramadaan, I'A. :)

  2. ^ By self employment?



    NG - yes you're first in given that I'm dialing in from planet Venus.



    nuune;944928 wrote:
    ^^ And it is first of May according to the human calendar.

    Yup, indeed it is, Nuune. What does this May hold instore for you, IA?

  3. Howdy, Malika. Hope wax walba waa dhag dhag in your world. Captivate is the right word..if happiness could be planted and all that.


    I wonder what kind of flower species are popular in Somalia? I don't have the first idea.