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  1. Originally posted by Sayid*Somal: who is this legend of zu horta? ma nin ba ma naag ba? legend of scarf is more suited. Wallee saad u hadlaysaan u jeedaaye nin caqli u saaxiib ah uma ekid. ee yuusan xaal ku raacine, ka noqday oo ka toobat keenay dheh.
  2. Err...Qaraar.com Tolow Ducaysane muxuu la aamusan yahay
  3. ^^^^ In case you haven't noticed I have a more important title!
  4. Malika - I was here...right here anoo afka leerinaaya!
  5. ^^^ LooL May be i could post in every topic saying " hello it is me saying just "hi" and Cheers " Then when i see yours i say "at least, seeker is slower" Ibti, I mean what i said to you while back but the way i'm going even the tortoise will feel ashamed of the speed of my post count.
  6. The way Raaliyo is being described here i say there is a fine line between raaliyo iyo *****. Anagaa wax aragnay - Soo Soomali ma oran jirin Dumar - waa 1- mid jaban kabto; iyo 2- mid kaban jabiso; iyo 3- ma kabto mana jabiso. Kolay raaliyadan la sheegayo waa tan saddexaad bay ila tahay.
  7. I Cant' believe CL has more posts than me. Target before end of Ramadan is to hit the 3000
  8. ^^^ [edit] Ibti, you will then become germ intolerant (new scientific term coined by me) - meaning your ability to fend off common germs will dimish hence prone for nagging illnesses So stop fretting on lil things Twisted logic but proven correct
  9. ^^Am afraid ladies these gems may just jump and start singing in the middle of London. I can only imagine the fright on Ibtis face - mixing English, Somali and Urdu - "Waryaa, husband, stop, baqwaas ban karoo"
  10. ^^^^ Thanks... May be I wil chant " You do belong to the kitchen!" According to reliable sources Farax's are marrying illiterate indian girls - who are submissive and love the kitchen I am in a strange mood tonite
  11. Hello Trollers, wzzzzzzzzzzUpppppp what's new?
  12. Hello McCoy Malika good to hear you doing great. Can't motivate my self and i got alot of work to do.
  13. ^^^^ Your Nephew is Tim Riddle in the making. How you've been Mal? CL- not really, can't even remember why I said it Memory of gold fish! Ibti, common you were not hit on when you were at the malcaamad? why do you think Xuseen Gaab used to ask you to read the quran for him with eyes shut
  14. Originally posted by cynical lady: Che- I wasn't implying that but thank you I think. Zu- no u explain. Old Man- Ure such a perv. Late Update - CL It meant "You is bluffer - You cant carry any bag filled with midgets"
  15. That is good stuff Nuune
  16. ^^^ It is Soookah (american accent) Am sure you know that Lakers don't play American football or baseball!
  17. Originally posted by cynical lady: CL, garbo ma hayso booto lee waaye. What does that mean? Juxa, Care to explain?
  18. ^^^ Ha u sheegin dadka hal mar.... markasta laba lasoo bax!
  19. ^^^ Ms F waad tagtay ayaan ku iri. If you put all the memories of your past into hours, how many hours can you fill? 6, 7, 10 hours? how can we be so sure that we have lived those moments?
  20. ^^^ Get rich quick scheme waaye nooh. besides alot of biibol believe i am short so techincally i qualify for it. CL, garbo ma hayso booto lee waaye.
  21. Wlc Double D , don't you have a calender? or check your mobile?
  22. ^^^ Just in case you didn't check "xidigaha garbahayga ku taxan maada arag?" Am a Mod... a very angry one i must add. As for Zoro the dude is silly mexican with strange mo. as For Zu, well I define the name.
  23. Hello trollers am baaaag! I see the coalition against short men are beating their drums loud. I feel creating ARVeCM (Association for the right of Vertically challenged Men) PS: apply thru PM Salaamaat