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  1. <cite> @Safferz said:</cite> DK, did you listen to this interview or any of his other media appearances? Please do, because you'll see that he has no substantive critique -- the crux of his argument in opposition to the task force is what he calls the "labeling" ie. identifying Somali students as a group and as a group that has to be targeted for help. If you listen to this interview, he even opposes "of Somali descent" as a descriptor. There also WERE public forums to discuss the recommendations as they were being developed, 8 of them if I remember correctly, that had hundreds of Somali parents come out and give their input. He is talking out of his ass, and I was glad that the school board trustee who was on the show with him called him out on it and set the facts straight. Hussen exists in a postracial utopia where there are only "Canadian students" and "Canadian students dropping out" to shoot down evidence of particular issues and challenges facing the Somali community and any attempts to mitigate them. How can you have a productive discussion with someone who doesn't acknowledge race and ethnicity in Canada? The Canadian Somali Congress has lost, humiliatingly. But what this TDSB issue has done is open up space for Hussen to emerge as a self-appointed leader in the Somali community (he's appeared in the media before for other issues, but nothing like the sustained exposure this mashruuc has handed him), and he's eating it up. Mark my words, the man is profile building and will run for political office in the near future. I'll remember to bump this thread up when it happens, lol.
  2. Certainly with "Yusuf" but "Abdille" spelling I've come across exclusively amongst Somalis. Much like "Adan" is a Somali take on a general Muslim name "Adam". I do believe the threadstarter's info here but this would be a peculiar example.
  3. Threadstarter are you sure about your information? The name of husband/father was released in Toronto media and it's Yusuf Abdille. That sounds Somali to me.
  4. xiinfaniin;990848 wrote: I think it is time to challenge this new blood overblown notion and its apparent conspiracy : for one Qatar and Saudi Arabia represent the opposite ends of Mid East influence. Qatar is decidedly a Turkey ally while Saudi Arabia is the vanguard of old order in the region. Secondly. Somalia is nothing more than a footnote in the bigger regional policies as far as Saudi and Qatar are concern. There are much larger and attractive toys in the field for these oil rich Sheekhs i.e. Egypt, Syria ... Thirdly, the president is not entirely free in his decision to name the prime minister. There are forces that keep his feet closer to the fire to perform and meet financial, security and political milestones for whom he must in turn keep in the know in the process of his pick. All of these indicate this new blood party is overblown and over exaggerated... On the mark here. Talk of Qatari meddling in Somali is incredibly overblown. Asides from funding, they have little interest in Somalia's internal political machinations. They certainly are not pulling any strings when it comes to decision making of the executive.
  5. I don't know anything about the politics of the region, but that Garissa blogger is a great writer.
  6. It's still very early. Odinga should close the gap significantly as more districts come in. If there's a run off, when would it be?
  7. Che -Guevara;923901 wrote: Isn't Wajiir Somalí? Yeah it is, pretty strange result from the outside looking in.
  8. Peter Kenneth leading in Wajir. Why exactly?
  9. McLEAN, Va. — Somalia’s newly recognized government is asking the State Department to grant immunity to a former prime minister accused of human-rights abuses. The letter issued this week by the Federal Republic of Somalia seeks immunity for Mohamed Ali Samantar, who now lives in Fairfax but was a top official in dictator Siad Barre’s regime. Last year, a federal judge in Virginia awarded seven Somali victims a $21 million judgment against Samantar for orchestrating a campaign of torture and killings against members of the ***** (ee-SOCK’) clan. At the time, Samantar was denied immunity because there was no functioning government to claim immunity on his behalf. In January, the U.S. formally recognized the Somali government. Samantar’s attorney said he expects the U.S. to honor Somalia’s request and the case to be dismissed.
  10. Sounds like a small number of troops who's only mandate is to guard their embassy. Still notable though, first time in decades that any Western nation will put troops on the ground( for an extended period of time).
  11. Xaaji Xunjuf;916139 wrote: We remind all U.S. citizens in Somalia or considering travel to any part of Somalia that the Department of State’s December 26, 2012 Travel Warning for Somalia advises U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to Somalia Did you intentionally leave out the first sentence lol? 'This is to inform U.S. citizens residing in or planning travel to Somalia that the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi has become aware of a credible, imminent threat against westerners, including U.S. citizens working in or visiting Somaliland. ' What is behind these warnings though, they are bizarre, and none of the governments have shed insight into what triggered them.
  12. Mintid Farayar;915922 wrote: Don't take me too seriously... Tomorrow, I could be proven wrong if a new travel warning is posted verifying this story, but for now, let's just consider it another attempt to inflame the Somaliland 'angst' over the British travel warning Link to official warning on US government website.
  13. Xaaji Xunjuf;862501 wrote: ^^ Its not like they were interested in political seats in the first place before 4.5 have ever seen the minority groups being in the top leadership of Somalia. The obvious is Barre's regime. Several top military men, PM, and Minister of Religious Affairs were from such clans. Before that in the 60's there were several MP's from these communities, as well as police chiefs who took over at independence. You are clueless as usual and just want to spout your bigotry, don't pretend otherwise lol.
  14. The usually informative and news resourceful XX suddenly is tight lipped what happened man?
  15. This is an embarrassing document that underscores what an entire charade this move towards supposed legitimate administration is. If this is the model federal state and the template through which the system that Somalia should be rebuilt is predicated on, the future is undoubtedly bleak. This underscores how obviously clear it is that Somali politicians have no idea what federalism means or what it entails. For all the constant posts about how Puntland is fully behind the quest for Somali unity, its frankly laughable that some in this forum are attempting to defend this. Creating a separate passport? Claiming its resources belong solely to the region? Commanding its owned armed forces indefinitely? Separate foreign policy and international relations? Separate central bank? Issuing its own currency? So what exactly makes Puntland a state of a federal Somalia? Is there a single area left? What exactly separates Puntland from Somaliland as far as these documents are concerned. This all but a declaration of secession, without the temerity to pledge for it. The President and politicians who endorsed this joke of a constitution should be ashamed. An affront indeed.
  16. AUN. Very sad loss he was probably the most qualified and principled MP period. We sorely need more like him.
  17. Sounds like Yabarow lead quite the accomplished life, very sad end. AUN to both officials.
  18. Well done for the people of Senegal on allowing this to happen. Their pressure helped to ensure he respected the results. Senegal has a strong peaceful and democratic culture Im glad it was preserved, and hope they keep Sall to account as well.
  19. faarah22;808965 wrote: black or white it's hard to figure out the race of the person in dark sensei. so that's my thinking, coz pple are so eager to play the race. they may overlook things like that. Haha. Listen to the 911 calls, he tells the operator that it is a black kid.
  20. This letter made me login in to SOL today. How would Mahiga know if the journalist( AUN) posted on this forum? Is Mahiga a contributor to this forum himself lol? As far as Mahiga's situation goes, sounds like just another scapegoat to me. His actions and comments do not match with the depiction he is portrayed by. If I remember correctly the man who preceded him, the Mauritanian guy, used to catch a whole lot of flack as well.
  21. Carafaat;801210 wrote: Oromo's are by far our closest and dearest brothers. Afar is another brother. The similarities we share is as if we are 2 brothers and all other humans are distent cousins of us. This is true. Afar culture seems very close to Somali as do their features.