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  1. why are break-ups always a bi*ch? i have been postponing one for months just so i don't have to deal with the "what if's". but if this advice helps don't dwell just know that u have gained a more percise insight on what u want from a man in the future. as my high school teacher always said "there is someone out there for everyone who thinks that u are indeed perfect, and is gonna love u if u let them". with this in mind it eases the pain this the idea of a sexy knight waiting for u
  2. ^^^i can understand that, in fact if i were a man that would be the third reason i'd marry another :first being she cant reproduce :she is not capable of being a good wife(in the eyes of society and religion as well as to your eyes) call me evil if u will, but i stand strong.
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    My Love.....

    that is the sweetest poem i'v ever read. good work bro.
  4. that was comment
  5. Girl you are normal in a sense but i hope that u can find someone willing to play that game. but i'm the oppostite i NEED to know where the person stands. because frankly i AM a women and time is ticking and it will never slow down so i might as well see who can do the job and who cant .
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    Day 12 I wish he was gay. I've stopped wearing make-up, cleaning my teeth or even washing but he still keeps coming after me! Even yawning has become dangerous... loooooooooooooool..... and then it becomes apparent of all the things u can use it for
  7. well there u have the pschology thoery has been proven. that theory being that everyt mans wants a women like his mother while the girl wants a man just like her father (of course all of this is unconcious).
  8. man the name of the topic throws u off. how could u dissapoint me like that
  9. hell that is good news, but how smart or "brilliant do u have be". i think more so than those w/ money. u have to show that u will be able to pay back the money tha they'll be spending on u. - i can say i went there in my dreams
  10. "I am happy now because I killed the man who killed my father,">>>>>>>>>>>>> god someone should tell this kid about forgivness and the fact the HE killed someone,maybe someones else's father,brother, uncle etc.. TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT. khalad khalad maa saaxo(pardon my somali).
  11. love doesn't exist only lust. and no matter what the argument it will lead to that. besides what is the definition of or just confused. i haven't gotten anything broken but i see all the people who have, so my idea is just be close and trusty of the person and what ever comes of it will regardless wether u choose to call it love or ur luck.
  12. Originally posted by Asxabul_kahf: The Qur'an admonishes those men who oppress or ill-treat women: "O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should you treat them with harshness, that you may take away part of the dowry you have given them - except when they have become guilty of open lewdness. On the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. "If you take a dislike to them, it may be that you dislike something and Allah will bring about through it a great deal of good ." (4:19)[Qoute/] i am having trouble understanding this part. could some one expain in easier terms?
  13. damn talk about modernism. i like it, it makes it interesting and somehow also relevant to single womens today.
  14. that waz sweet poem bro.
  15. man the ascent killed me.... that was funny. especially the last bit.
  16. my advice is take almost every class until u find one that u think could be the begging of something u enoy then do research and see if indeed u do enjoy it. but just take a collection of courses even if they don't intrest u. good luck
  17. men should wear something that covers them above the knees. that's all i know.
  18. Scarlet i like ur pic. this is a really nice piece, really long but really nice thanks. -now i can use it as an argument against why men shouldn't marry multiple wives
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    call her magacla it would a transition towards an identity im sure.
  20. wow you must have pissed off all of the drive thrues i give u promps
  21. Africa is Poor because it had so much to offer whether it was that of slaves or diamonds. There is a geological explanation that suggests that Africa was indeed poor and weak because of its geography. I believe that it had to do with Africa being wide and hard to cross from one side to another and along with differences in temp. the people were kept ignorant from their fellow neighbors resulting in not enough spread of ideas(there are evidences saying that Africa made the first airplane, but the geography wouldn't allow it) and as for all the tech. stuff with the train and the mines the simple truth is we don't need it. we are a complex beings and don't like nor fall for seductive change that hurts our brothers (except for the dictators which I do present a symbol of all the advancing countries who use poorer peoples health or strength. *All data from geographical phenomenal data’s on Africa. Info might not be right on point.