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  1. It sounds like Duke bought into the hearsay some here have about Faroole, that he is both a pirate and a spoiler. You've lost the plot sxb. A damn shame.
  2. Somalia;850804 wrote: Farmaajo was the one who set up the Anti-Corruption Committee, so he should be credited with that. Wrong PM Omar was credited for establishing the Anti-Corruption Committee: In 2009, under mounting pressure both form within the TFIs and its international partners, then TFG PM Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke established a Public Financial Management Unit (PFMU) under the direct authority of the Prime Minister and headed by Abdirazak Fartaag, in order to introduce greater accountability and transparency into the TFG finances. Farmaajo was actually the one credited for disbanding the PFMU: In May 2011, allegedly under pressure from members of President Sharif’s inner circle, including Abdulkarim Jaama, President Sharif’s Chief of Staff, the new TFG Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdillahi ‘Farmaajo’, disbanded the PFMU.
  3. Beside Turkish doctors paying a total of two visits each lasting 3 days long and a few scholarships that are yet to be fulfilled do to all the mismanagement surrounding the whole process, I doubt none of you can tell me any tangible assistance from Turkey sent Puntland’s way beside the usual fake promises - like how Turkey plans to build hospitals; the largest Polytechnic institute; colleges; Galkacyo airport or even opened a Development Office. The fact that you all are dogging the bigger issue at hand (Turkey bypassing other regional stakeholder to appease Somaliland) says a lot about the matter. Turkey made a reckless move first on how it appropriated its funds and just recently on how it decided to approach Somaliland bypassing other regional stakeholder. The war was a lesson learnt for us and there is no reason any of you should expect Puntland to yield where other are being appeased. Perhaps it’s not your flesh in a lion’s den. As a Somali whose forebears are from Northeast Somalia now known as Puntland, I have no leverage in either Mogadishu or Harigayso; I still recall the pain little Zamzam endured in the hands of grown officials and that of Sheikh Ciise Ahmed Dalabey: a painful reminder that should serve as all as a wake up call… “naga kaxeystaan Cumar Cabdirashiid A.Sharmaake.” All still ring as painful reminders. “Don't even compare Prof. Abdiweli with the fool you call president, Mr. Faroole” says Haatu… sxb, you can take the higher road all you like but the fact of the matter is the minute this able man even suggest a little favor for Puntland the Somali capital always turn hostile. And in the end all I’m left with to protect what little interest I have left, because we all do have interests, falls to Garowe… a fool or not like Duke insists, Farole is still all I have besides Abdiwali; a newcomer whose fate still remains uncertain because once things go sour, it’s always folks whose lordship over our capital is guaranteed who wins. Somalia has a long way to go and while the situation remains this unpredictable, anyone who calls Faroole a fool needs to really grow a pair.
  4. General Duke;834992 wrote: Faroole is a fool for rejecting the Istanbul Conference on Somalia.... The half a billion Turkey provided in assistance to Somalia not one penny did Puntland saw, just few doctors and only after Puntland pleaded them. And just yesterday Turkey promises Somaliland a single-track policy completely bypassing the Dual Track Policy that recognized other pockets of stability in Somalia that merited greater engagement. Farole should be applauded for bringing Turkey's recklessness to light... it neither cares where its assistance to Somalia goes nor serious about promoting real peace and stability now that the Turkish government is favoring one region over the other. Duke, it seems to me you've managed to play into the likes of Abtigis hands... Islaan Bashir and now you as if this is Abdiwali vs. Farole brawl. Grow a pair adeer. Mogadishu is whose leverage again? How about Harigayso? Should we then abandon Garowe for Abdiwali's sake, when we both know he is the only honest body who is serious about bringing Somalia's old glory back? I would hope not because that would make you the only real fool.
  5. 4 more years for Faroole insha'allah, the man as done well thus far.
  6. Eng.Cadde;801654 wrote: The Message is clear,it is clan politics,deporting somali IDPs secretly while claiming that you are building housing projects. With that statement then it would be fair to assume your definition of Somali IDPs is those whose ancestors hail from the same ancestors as those of TFG president and that of the speaker's? In that case, you my friend are dead wrong. Every clan irrespective of where their ancestors hail from were the victims of Somalia's bloody civil war and thus, all are IDPs whose houses are still being occupied by the like's of Ahmed Diriye Ali, etc. In Puntland, yes since the civil war many whose ancestors are from Northeast Somalia have come to call Puntland home for safety reasons as acknowledged by the international community since its relatively safe compare to the rest of the country. And apart from seeking shelter there the people whether their ancestors are from here or not are very much IDPs living off income from other relatives who themselves are IDPs in a far faraway land Now, armed with that little info of mine which I would bet you knew off yourself my only advice would be quit being a hypocrite. Somalia as whole is in the mess and suffering, there really is no need to pick and choose.
  7. AUN the dead. The killing in Saameel have for a change manage to get Xaaji Xunjuf to focus away from Puntland... naga sii jeeso waad nagu mashquushayee.
  8. Somalia: Puntland Talks with Mudug Community Concludes in Garowe A well-organized ceremony was held Tuesday evening at State House in Garowe, capital city of Puntland State of Somalia. The ceremony marking the conclusion of talks between Puntland Government and some community leaders was attended by senior Puntland Government leadership, traditional elders (known as Issims), Islamic clerics, business leaders and other members of civil society in Puntland. Islamic scholars Sheikh Abdulkadir Nur Farah and Sayyid Ali offered the opening words by briefly speaking about how the conflict began and the peace role played by the Issims and the religious community. The scholars both appealed to the communities to uphold the peace and to seek peaceful resolution to conflicts. A number of Issims spoke at the ceremony with an underlying theme of supporting the strengthening of peace and stability in Puntland. Puntland Issims, including Islan Bashir Islan Farah, Garad Mohamed Elmi Shirwa, and Suldan Abdisalam Suldan Mohamud, all emphasized the importance and value of maintaining the peace among communities and encouraged closer ties between the Puntland Government and the communities. Ugas Ali Ugas Mohamed, the Issim of Goldogob community of Puntland’s Mudug region, thanked the other Puntland Issims and the Government of Puntland for joint efforts to work together for peace. “The issue has been resolved and I appeal to the Puntland communities to seek peace and I urge for Puntland communities to solve their differences peacefully,” said Ugas Ali Ugas Mohamed. Former President of Puntland, H.E. Gen. Mohamud Muse Hersi (Adde Muse), who was an honorary guest at the event, praised the Issims for taking a key role towards efforts to reinforce peaceful resolution. “This peace process proves people of Puntland love each other and they love the peace,” said former Puntland President Hersi, while urging the public to “cooperate with the security forces as they perform their law and order duties.” Puntland President H.E. Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Farole) expressed his appreciation to the Islamic clerics and the Issims who played an important role in contributing to end the clashes. The President said: “Today is a historic moment. Today is a victory for all of us who seek peace, justice and development. But today is also a dark day – for those who benefit from inciting hostilities and animosity leading to clashes among brotherly clans in order to create chaos, which benefits criminals like terrorists and pirates.” The President of Puntland stated: “Conflict is endemic among pastoralist communities across Somalia, but conflict during post-collapse period has grown out of proportion because of the proliferation of arms and the actions of politically organized criminals.” President Farole was clear that local communities were “misguided” to believe that the security operation in Galkayo in September 2011 was targeting a single clan or community of Puntland. President Farole also had a message for critics: “Some say our administration does not empower the traditional elders (Issims). I disagree – our Issims took a leading role and continue to maintain a leading role in past and ongoing efforts to find peace among communities across Puntland; for example elders’ mediation efforts in Mudug, Bari and Sanaag regions of Puntland. Once again, I praise our Issims for their noble efforts.” The event concluded with a dinner and the participants happily shook hands with the Puntland leadership, including President Farole, Vice President H.E. Gen. Abdisamad Ali Shire and Parliament Speaker Hon. Abdirashid Mohamed Hersi. --- END --- PRESS RELEASE Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia
  9. Jacaylbaro;761042 wrote: Patriotism The man who ruined July 1st miyaa lagu sheegay patriot? Far from it... waa daciif aan isku kalsooneyn oo majnuun falan aah.
  10. Your location reads Somaliland yet your concern about Puntland as if you have reer Puntland in general best interest at heart which cleary you don't... dadkan iyaga iskaga xiga, iyagana isla dhashay oo Insha'allah waxii dhib aah oo dhextaal ka heshiin. So do us all a favor and let's try to end Somaliland's mindless disastrous adventures which your government has brought up those besieged in Erigavo or those displaced in the hinterland, Kalshaale, etc.
  11. Abtigiis;755675 wrote: Mind you, he supports the TFG and its seemingly avuncular President. But he opposes governments formed in foreign lands. The TFG is not formed inside Somalia. Why shouldn’t Xinn oppose governments formed in foreign land? When 1) like Azania they don’t have a leg to stand on, on the ground nor have the blessing of clan elders from the region and (2) like Ras Casayr and Galmudug when they don’t even consist of 2 or more regions as the TFG charter demands. Abigiis you’re a fraud and Xinn is a man of reason. The TFG although formed out side of Somalia, what is important is its building process and that has been as inclusive as possible with dozens of consultative meetings which dragged on for more then 2 years. In conclusion, no it was no over night paper government sensation like Ras Casayr. Abtigiis;755675 wrote: He opposes Kenyan incursion, which the TFG endorses. He opposes Amisiom atrocities, which the TFG refuses to blame Amisom for. Maybe Xinn refuses to believe that tourism however critical it maybe to Kenya’s economy, that that was actually behind Kenya’s move to invade Somalia. You do know the Kenyans claim that they were planning a military incursion long before the Shabab even worried them? Or maybe unlike the problematic Shabab in our capital, the Shabab in Kismayo happen to be a blessing from God. As I recall, in Kismayo an alliance of local clans fought for their God-given right to live free in the land of their fathers fathers. They bravely liberated Kismayo so their children can walk and play in peace and their women's honor and dignity is respected. It was that sort of sentiment which encouraged the local clans there to sought Islamist support to help them rid the city of the brutal militias which for years had suppressed the local population. The days of warlord-rule isn’t after all over now that warlords like Madobe and Hirale are being push by both Kenya and Ethiopia; With them at the helm, Xinn is right to oppose them because logic would dictate that they although not a curse to either Kenya or Ethiopia, are indeed a curse to the local population there who they have suppressed before in the past. A long term solution comes not on the back of foreign tanks but through an all inclusive planning which Azania, Madobe, Hirale, etc. is hard to say have fulfilled since the local population there aren’t without grievances. Either way Xinn stands correct on opposing them, because while AMISOM is fighting to secure the capitals peace, both Kenya and Ethiopia are trying to impose two hated tools (namely Madobe and Hirale) on Kismayo’s population. Theirs is truly a selfish one and sold as a along term solution when it’s far from it. Abtigiis;755675 wrote: He enthusiastically sings for Mahiga’s road map, something which the TFG doesn’t seem to embrace with the same fervor. Mahiga’s road map supports Federalism whereas the TFG (in particular Sharif and his cohorts) are only interested on a failed central platform which suits their own selfish interests. Any sane Somali would support the neutral Mahiga then these known flip flopper’s. Abtigiis;755675 wrote: The question remains if Xinnfanin doesn’t agree with all that the TFG is doing, how can he claim he is supporting it? No sane person would agree with his government on very thing and I’m actually shocked that you would ask such a question. Qof fiyoow inaad tahay anigu shaki baba iga jiraa.
  12. Both President Farole and PM Gaaz spoke in support of Kenya's move, so who are you to still insist otherwise? Give it a break already sxb.
  13. Puntland Leader Welcomes Kenya's Move to Enter Country: So Carafaat, who told you Puntland is against Kenya's move to help rid Kismaayo of the Shabab and installing an admin there? Our President Dr. Farole is on board and so are the majority of Puntlandites.
  14. Kalaay Soomaalidu miyeey is indhotiraan mise anaa mooday... Khalif Galayr inuusan maqli karin dadka ka soo jeeda degaanada uu wiilku ka dhawajiyey waa wax laa hubo. Ninka meel baa bugtaa wana waxaa cidlada istajiyeey oo ku qasbay inu cagaha wax ka dayo markay dhagahisa ku dhaceen degaanada. Odayashu markay filka karaan cafis iyo dambi dhaaf baay umada waydiistaan asaguse wali waa soo indho cad yahay, walee waa wax lala yabo.
  15. The Real BACAAAAAAAAAC? Why would it have been better had Puntland launched an all out war instead? ***** baa tahay sxb ee u sheeg umadan aad ka dhalatay oo ku walataay xuduud iyo aqoonsi aan soo socon inaay dadka Muslimka ka dhafaan jahawareerka ay la dhex ordayaan.
  16. What I find interesting is how your the first to recognize the fake paper states being advertise by websites known to be anti-Puntland, but when it is the anti-Somaliland websites turn your the first to demote Awdal State, Udubland, etc. as being fake paper states. I take it you like to play the role of a hypocrite with a two horned dilemma.
  17. There is no paved roads anywhere in Somalia other then the Chinese and Italian funded roads... beside that the port of Bosaso which in 1991 was defunct has since grown into a thriving city and that in itself is great achievement.
  18. Originally posted by Qodax_iyo_Qarax: Pirate training centre. Perhaps it is time you overcame that inborn emotions of your that loves to put down any great development concerning Puntland.
  19. Qaybtii kowaad ee ciidamada Badda PL oo tababar u xirmey Waxaa maanta 29.11.2010 tababar ugu xirmey dufcadii koowaad ee ciidamada Badda ee Puntland duleedka magaalada Bosaso. Xaflad loo qabtey qalinjabinta tababarkaan ayaa waxaa kasoo qayb galey ku- xigeenka Madaxweynaha dowlada Puntland islamarkaana aha ku-simaha xilka Madaxweynaha, Wasiiro, saraakiil ka tirsan ciidamada kala duwan ee Puntland iyo saxaafada qaybo ka tirsan. Ciidamada tababarkaan u xirmey maanta oo tiradooda gaareyso 170 askari ayaa ka tirsanaan doona ciidamada Badda ee Puntland [ Puntland Marine Forces PMF] kuwaasoo tiradooda guud noqon doonto 1050 askari. Dowladda Puntland ayaa asbuucii la soo dhaafey shaacisay in ay heshiis la gashey shirkad shisheeye oo tababari doonta ciidamada cusub ee Badda Puntland. Garowe Online
  21. Madaxda Puntland: Waxaad dhamaantiin ogaataan inaad haystaan taageerada ugu badan ee dadka degan goboladaas ayna la socdaan hawsha baaxada leh ee aad u haysaan shacbigaa idin doortey wax badana aad ka qabateen xaga nabadgelyada, dhaqaalaha, siyaasada, iyo waxbarashada. Angoo og in hawl intaa kabadanina ay idin sugayso inaad u qabataan bulshada in hadana marwalba caqabado laydinku gudbayey inaad gaadhaan hadafkii aad higsaneyseen. Kooxdanina kama duwana caqabadaha cadowgu soo maleegay. Arrintanina kama duwana tii waagii Carta laga soomaleegay raga imminka arrintan wadaana isma bedelin waa kuwii Kooxdii Carta usoo dirtey burburka dadka Puntland. Anigoo kudiirsadey hadalkii Madaxweynaha Puntland, ka jeediyey qudbadii Salaada Ciida, waxaan ku leenahay madaxweyne waad asiibtey hadalkaas waa mid loobaahnaa waana arrinta hogaamiye lagu garto inuu shacabkiisa uga digo dabinada lala damacsanyahay ee larabo in lagu dayo hadey qaataana lugu dumiyo. Shacbiga goboladana waxaan kacodsaneynaa waxgaradka, aqoonyahanka iyo dhamaan dadka samaha iyo wanaaga jeceli, inaaney fikirkooda la aamusin. Dadkoo aamusaa waxay Kooxda iyo wax magartadaba uga dhigantahay iney wax sax ah ku hadlayaan waxyna arrintaasi fikir iyo tilmaan khaladan kabixinkartaa dadka degan goboldaas iney masuul kayihiin Kooxdan Sheeganeysa dhulka iyo gobolada la yaqaan masuuliyinta iyo Maamulka ay taageer sanyihiin iyo cida sharciga u leh halkey raacayaan iyo halkey diidayaan, balse aaney kooxi isku badhitaarin kana beensheegin xaqiiqda ka jirta Goboladaas. Qore Dr. A. K.
  22. Dardaaran Shacabka Puntland: Anagoo ah shacbigii ka qaybqaatey hirgelinta iyo sameynta dhismaha Maamulka Puntland, una soo dhabar adeygaymarxaladihii kala duwanaa ee Maamulku soo maray ilaa mudadii la aas aasey Ogst 1998. madaxdii iyo hogaamiyeyaashii u kala dambeeyey hogaanka Maamulku iney soo gaadhsiiyeen, meel maanta lagu faani karo. Waxaan Shacbigayaga iyo Maamulkaba kula dardaarmayaa iney xejistaan Midnimadooda. iyo iney adeecaan Madaxda ay sida sharciga ah u doorteen hadii aan taas la helina in aaney haysan doonin waxay maanta haystaan, ayna ogaan doonaaan waxay haysteen markii hore markey waayaan, balse iminka aaney dad-badan taasi u muuqan. Sidoo kale inaaney dheg jalaq usiin kooxaha diidan Midnimada- ee beelaysiga iyo qoqobka ku hadaaqaya, iyagoo ka duulaya iney burburiyaan himilada iyo qorsha dadka degan gobolada Maamulku xukumo, islamarkaana taageero u muujinaya cid ale cidii ay u arkaan iney cadow ku tahay maamulka iyo dadka mandaqada deganba. Waxaan kaloo su' aalayaa dadka wax magaratada ah ee afka loogu tirey Gooni isu taaga waxa loogu yeedho (SSC) meeshey ka keeneen caqliga odhanaya waan ka baxaynaa Puntland, balse tusi waayey hadii Puntlad laga baxo waxa gaarka ah ee ( SSC)da isku haynaya. iyo waxa laysku darsanayo meeshay ka imaanayaan iyo waxa cida wax haysata wax ugu darsaneyso cid aan waxba haysan, laakiin dooneysa iney ka saarto cida wax ugu jiraan, iyadoo qarineysa dhagarta, dooneysana iney beesha u ekeysiiso beel aan cidna la dhalan cidkalena wax la wadaagi karin. Maruu Cali ka hadlayey maamulada Puntland iyo Soomaliland wada shaqeynta ka dhexaysa wuxuu cali kadhigayey in loo heshiiyey Beesha *********** sida dad badan oo wax magarato ahi beryahan kaga hadaaqaan mareegaha wararka lagu qoro iyo idaacadaha loo sameystey in lagu waxyeeleeyo aqoonta iyo garaadka dadka iyadoo lagala dagaalamayo deganida, xasiloonida, fikirka, iyo nabada ay haystaanba. Taasi waxay ku tuseysa in Cali iyo Kooxdiisu ay rabaan in Goboladaasi, noqdaan Gobolo lagu xukumo nidaamka (Parones)ka-- ee la isticmaali jirey waqtiyo hore kaas oo ah iney dadka xukumaan caayilad bah- wadaaga, Casabadooda iyo Saaxiibadood oo keliyi. Anigoo garan la meesha cali iyo Kooxdiisu ka keenen fikrada iyo siday isu qabaneyso aqoonta Cali sheeganayo iyo fikirkan duuga ah ee aan qarnigan meel uu ka shaqeeyaa jirin. Halka Cali ka dhawaajiyey saaxiibtinimada dhextaal isaga iyo Siilaanyo, wuxuu Cali meesha ka saaray in Siilaanyo Saaxiibo badan Gobolka iyo dadkaba ku leeyahay, laakiin arrinta laysku hayaa aaney ahayn hebel saaxiib baanahay iyo hebel waan wada shaqeynjirey dadka Soomaaliyeedna dhamaan saaxiibo, qaraabo, deris, iyo xididba yihiin, qof saaxiibtinimadiisuna aysan ka weyneyn qofkale saaxiibtinamadii hadii aanu qofkaasi isu haysan wax qof kawey.
  23. Falaadhi Gil Gilasho Kaagama Hadho- Waraysi dhawaan laga qaaday midkamida (Mastermind)ka -- kadanbeeya Kooxda la ogyahay qorshaheeda fashilan ee ay rabto kooxdu in loo aqoonsado wakaalada, Gobolada Sool, Sanaag iyo Cayn, ayaa sicad looga dheehananayey hadalada aan xigmada ku fadhiyin ee ay adagtahay qof aan aqoonin Kooxda inuu marna fahmo qorshaha qar iska xoornimada ee lagu kala qaybinayo beelaha degan deeganadaas, iyadoo dadka qaar loo tusayo iney Kooxdu tahay-- Masuuliyiintii-- goboladaas--- lagala hadli lahaa,iyadoo aan marna lasoo qaadin taageerada dadka degan Goboladaasi u hayaan--- Maamulka Puntland iyo Madaxdeeda, ee ay dadka Gobolka degeni Sida sharciga ku doorteen. Isagoo Cali Khaliif Galaydh sheegaya iney saaxiib yihiin madaxweynaha Somaliland "Siilanyo", isla markaana u tilmaamaya Siilanyo cidii uu kala hadlilahaa qadiyada beelaha ***********, iney tahay- "Garaadkiisa" gaarka ah iyo Kooxda uu usameystay kala qaybinta beesha iyo nacaybaka Maamulka Puntland- ee ka arrimiya Gobolka intiisa badan kaas oo haysta taageerada ugu badan ee beelaha degan Gobolka. Mar laweydiiyey Cali Dawlada-- Raysalwasaare Farmaajo, wuxuu Cali muujiyey iney ku jiraan rag aqoonyahano ah oo wax kaqabankara dhibaatada Soomaaliya ka taagan. Isagoo Cali moog, hadaladi diidmada iyo mucaaradada ahaa ee uu kala soo horjeeday Dawladii Cabdilaahi Yuusuf. Wuxuu kaloo Cali ka boodey in arrinta Soomaliyi isku hayso aysan aheyn Aqoon iyo" Degee"-- nin haysto, balse ay tahay beelo iyo ururo isku hayaha xukunka iyo mustaqbalka wadanka, sidii loo maamulilahaa nabadina ku imaan lahayd, nin walibana iimaansado waxa uu leeyahay, waxaanu lahayna faraha kala baxo. Waxaa kaloo Cali waraysigiisa ku jirtey in SSC hogaamiye yaasheeda loo madax baneeyo qadiyada Goboladaas isagoon Cali diidaneyn, in Somaliland lagala hadlo qadiyada Goboladaas. Balse Cali kuma darin hadalka in isaga laftiisu uu umadax baneeyo dadka Goboldaas degan iney siyaasadooda iyo dhulkooda uu umadaxbanaanyihiin cidey doorteena ku ixtiraamo cidey diidan yihiina ku ixtiraamo. Isagoo Cali meesha ka saaraya inuu ka warhayo Kooxda xamar u joogta burburka Puntland iyo beerlaxwsiga been abuurka beelaysan ee laga warqabo inaan cidna laga iibin karin. Balse sii kala fogeyneysa fikirka siyaasadeed ee ay kala qabaan beelaha Goboladaas degani, taasoo adkeynkarta in wax isfaham ahi mardambe dhexmaro hadii rajo laga qabeyba. Waxay arrintu u muuqataa in Cali leeyahay ---- Aniga iyo Garaadkeyga --- iyo Hogaanka ---aan soo dhisay ayaa metela Beelaha Goboladaas---- Aniga iyo Farmaajo --- iyo Cabdi Kariimna-- waxaan nahay aqoon yahano (Degree) haysta, hadii sidaa layeelana Soomali waxbaa u hagaagaya hadii kalena waxaa lagu dhacayaa cadaabta, isagoo meesha ka saaraya in dad aad ubadani haystaan "Degree" ayna jiraan kuwo Degree iyo taageerada dadkoodaba haystaa iney meesha ka maqanyihiininey, hadalkaas oo burinaya in ay wax qabankaraan shakhsiyaad aan haysan taageerada bulshadoodu inaaney cidkalena wax uqabankarin. Hadaba waxaan Cali u sheegayaa, inaadan duudsiyi karin xuquuqda iyo xoriyada Beelaha ku midoobay Maamulka Puntland. Taas oo aad geed gaaban iyo mid dheerba u kortey sidaad, u dhaawici lahay midnimadooda adigoo uga jeeda in ajendahagii qalafsanaa halkaa kasoo bixi karo.
  24. Jacaylbaro, Remember pictures speak a thousand words... as you can see these current picture of the General are showing a completely different story. How on earth one can pick a negative news over this positive news coming out of the country is beyond me. "Midi-Midi ku taag" policy ee SOL ka socotaa walee dad badan baa ku aqli belaay.