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  1. Fun way to have a workout: There are simpler routines in the series, if anyone wants to try it.
  2. Hey! I asked first. Cheeky girl.
  3. Certainly, some ranges of Aveda work better on certain types of hair more than others. That's why they're so good actually - the large choice of products. There are at least half a dozen different ranges - each with completely different active ingredients. My own hair prefers the Sap Moss line. Whereas the range my mother uses and raves about, dries me out. I do think it's worth trying a tester from each range and see what you take to. Dismissing the whole brand because you tried one, is shooting yourself in the foot, if your hair needs as much help as you say it does. I've never heard people become as loyal to a product as they do Aveda, once they zone in on the right line for them, that is. Something to it.
  4. Good to be back, sweetie... and to see you still around, too.
  5. Thank you, YoungDuke. Originally posted by Sophist: All is well, the usual stuff though of late we have admitted droves of young/old men/women who seem to fall short the rules of the yesteryears. In what way? I'm curious... We did get our fair share of fruit and nut, even back then. I think it would be so much fun, if you did remind us, in your usual erudite way, how the old guard used to operate. This might actually deserve it's own topic, in the General forum, Sophist. Why not? Oh, I have alsways been friendly to Serenity Of course you have! I was talking about the forums in general, not you two personally. I was merely reminiscing, with very warm nostalgic feelings, how delightfully hostile this place used to be at times. Maybe that's changed. One can hope...
  6. ^ Try Aveda. You'll never use anything else again. Silky smooth finish. All natural ingredients.
  7. Greetings J11 and Nuune. Thank you for the warm welcome Sophist and Serenity. So, what have I missed? Anything changed? Are you guys more friendly now? I'm surprised to find my account still here after all this time. This place is so very well run, we're very lucky. A few other sites I frequent, my account would have been "pruned" by now.
  8. Sujui? (sp?) Very wild guess...
  9. ^ You could be any of a thousand people at least... your member number does narrow it down a little. I am guessing you are a brit somali, male, you have eyesight problems, and you are very kind. Paragon, eh. That doesn't give me very many clues...
  10. Just watched the Youtube video... so inspiring, walaahi. Ilaahey ha garab galo. Hopefully, they won't have to bear arms for much longer. As if survival wasn't difficult enough as it was...
  11. No need to go to such awful extremes, Athena? Everyone has changed their damned names. I don't recognise a single person here.
  12. Original poster - this thread is NOTHING without pictures.
  13. I have an addictive personality, so we could be here all day. I've recently become super fond of green tea with acacia honey. I make myself massive cups, with double teabags in each - it feels amazing, like being on a fast-forward setting. Who needs drugs? One night, I had about 5 of these in a row, and I couldn't sleep for the life of me, finally, I just gave up, and skipped a nights sleep entirely, hitting the sack only the following day at the usual time. I'm addicted to Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss. I'm addicted to Arial clothes detergent - I do a couple of cycles a day - I'm addicted to the scent of freshly washed clothes, I think. I'm addicted to Sainsbury's chicken tikka and basmati rice - I have that several times a week, that stuff rocks. I'm addicted to jeans - I've acquired about 30 pairs by now, all shapes sizes and colours. I'm addicted to Star Trek - if only I could have 5 minutes with captain Kirk - the man has eyes like sin, and sinning never looked so good. Like I said, we could be here all day, so I'll give ya'all a break now. Live long and prosper. *Vulcan salute*
  14. Not too bothered with worrying about hair... when it gets too much, I just chop it all off. Right now, I don't have my usual hairdresser, so I've been letting it grow, and it's finally reached my shoulders. I don't mind looking feminine for the summer - so that's cool. I find too frequent washing makes my hair less manageable - so I stick with a shampoo and 10 minute conditioning treatment about once every 5 days. I brush it twice a day, in the morning, then before bed - keeps it tangle-free without my having to fiddle around with hairdryers or flat irons - I'm terrified I'll singe off one of my ears with those.
  15. I never knew Baashi was an Ali beysteen (Indian).
  16. ^ He goes to the gym solely for his wife's benefit? Now that's dedication. That must really be a love match.
  17. ^ I will however be generous enough to put this down to having a bad spate of luck on my part. I attract weird stuff. If there is a nutter in the room, he will invariably end up sitting next to Wildcat. Sod's Law.
  18. I watched this. I am very curious what the end result will be as this is a three part programme. Even though the production crew seem to be making this with tongue firmly in cheek, I think there may still yet be some surprises as to how the contestants react after weeks of prayer, the mosque, abstinence from Alcohol and etc etc... These can only be good things, and I will be very surprised if at least one contestant does not finish with saying they found these practices beneficial. That is, if they practiced at all... we might get duped about that also... who knows eh, most of television is start to finish khiyaali. :rolleyes:
  19. Eat as usual for breakfast and lunch, but skip dinner completely, except for light fruit, preferably pineapples, they help you get rid of fat. Or a very small glass of milk. Works for me when I've gained. This also has the benefit of having not only no bills, but less bills altogether, as you're effectively spending nothing on dinner. Win win situations are the best. Good luck. Remember though that your character can be much more beautiful than your body, so work on that also.
  20. There are a lot of romantic Somali men. The Somali man cannot be faulted for romance. The only pity is that beneath it all, most are grade A misogynists. ...A nationwide neurosis for which I have not yet found an explanation. This shall remain one of the world's great mysteries to me. Maybe someone here would care to offer an explanation...
  21. And here I had hoped you would find it comforting... It's good for general morale to have a forum scapegoat, you know...
  22. Faarax-Brawn... I hope to be back full time, insha'allah. On no, please, there's no need for you to all run... Heh heh.
  23. I wonder why such a prevalence of British... is it because the Americans do not read and write yet?
  24. Originally posted by Legend of Zu: Anagaa ku soo baaba'nee muu na weydiiyo! we would have saved him.