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  1. Miskiin M A, just couldn't stop laughing about your list, specially: no space for Blair and the sacbis at the parliament. I Must agree with you on most and add that the capital is so filthy and pollutant that your hands becomes grubby. No hard feelings Londoners, there are great things about London though that you can't find no where else.........I would love to list those if I had more time
  2. Hiya all Labka nothing wrong having an extravagant wedding if and only if a couple are comfortably well off. I do agree with you that some somalis tend to exaggerate although their economy often doesn't allow more than the necessity of their future home. It's pitiful to see people working their soul to death for a year or more for only one event, and above all take loans in addition. Honestly speaking how many somalis are that wealthy enough to be able to throw away such a lavish celebration? I would say rather few!! I also agree with you Lakad that some somali women see men as if they were ancestors of the Onassis and tend to make heavy demands on them, but there are those sensible women who are willing to contribute if they desire to have an expensive wedding.
  3. Very amusing....uuuhm, I guess you like those rules Shaqsii and I thought only women had unwritten rules!!!
  4. Sallamu Alleykum Somalia use to be the envy of many African was a territory inhibited by people who shared the same ancestral origin, language, religion and culture-all the elements of common ethnicity. Unfortunately that ethnic or nationality bond was not strong enough to prevent the prevailing chaos. This clan separaion is caused by ignorancy and it is time to eliminate the "ideology" of certain clans being superior or inferior to another one. When are we going to realize that clan/tribe belongings is nothing but a designation or a label?
  5. oops, sorry Mujahid....guess we posted simultaneously.....anyway your question game doesn't apply to me, but if u insist me to choose then I would definately say no to Continental dish
  6. POOR a Lover or a dear Friend
  7. Sallaam It is never irrelevant to discuss any matter concerning world issues, not to mention the Israel-Palestinian conflict which is a progressive political/religious matter. Mujahid, you're saying that the Middle East problem cannot be compared to somalia....well, Mr. no country's conflict can hardly be compared to another ones, due to the difference of political, economical or religious agenda behind each country. But I do agree what jogoo is referring to, namely, that we should be more concerned with our own political issues. Majority of muslim countries don't give a penny in our "minor" problems, however I'm not implying that we should act the same.......they regard our conflict as you do Mujahid......a country of self-destruction.
  8. Sallaam to you all ladane, brilliant idea!! Presumably, there are nomads who had the privilege of learning the somali history one way or another.....and those can share hopefeully with others like me whose knowledge of our history is limited or next to nada, niet and would like to take that opportunity.
  9. Indhadeeq, let me first complicate this by raising another question. Are somali guys that diffucult to "seduce" them or ask them out? cause that is how I percieve your question...maybe I didn't grasp the main idea properly. Now to the actual question... dear, throw away the rule books....forget about the pick up lines....just follow your heart and act up on your healthy instincts. Let's us say that you ignore him, like Iisho for instance adviced you to......he might then think that you're not interested at all( the guy is maybe be shy) and Indhodeeq...that guy may just spread his wings and land to an another welcoming land. Use that line that you came up with "aboowe waa kaa helaaa nooh" afterall you do fancy him... don't you? in that way you're being sincere and hey he might give you an honest chance...that is of course if he's available. And when you say those phrases don't forget to flicker your eyes as an almond-eyed angle....don't be so alluring Games are so passé dear, just listen to your spririt!! Good luck with your endeavours Barwaaqo, woow sis you seem bitter (kidding)...are those three legged species that pain in the neck? lol
  10. Good morning/afternoon/evening, First of all I would like to say that this forum is very informative, Í'm fresh arrival to this site and so far I've noticed that there is a feeling for order here. Somalistar, thanks for raising such an essential Q, it surely is something to ponder over. Now to your Q, is Somalia an arab or an african country? Firstly, we wouldn't ask ourselves such a simple Q if we had a country or if we fought for one Somalia and stopped this constant divission. Secondly, when growing up we were told different versions of our origin and identity.....I remember my granny telling us unbelievable stories about where we originated from and according to her that explained our distinctive feature. Some families would rather teach you(as a family member)and preach about the clan you belong to than the actual identity. Many regard themselves as being somalis, period, but when you are explaining to an individual who've never heard of Somalia..then you would probably try to explain by drawing the map and point the horn of Africa, right! However, when Jamaal-11, is saying that we are simply somalis.....neither africans nor arabs....then that is when the real confussion arises. Jamaal-11, what you are saying about our identity and history is relavant and illuminating, it is good to have a man of extensive reading on board, but do we have to go through that "mono-typic" explanation which is very tedious not to mention how wearisome it is to say "Hi..I'm Bohemian from Somalia, but reside in the west, ooh and by the way I'm mono-typic" Bachelor, you said that you've never considered yourself as black....then my dear brother how do u consider yourself?......I'm very curious! Mohamed, I'm very confused with your reasoning on this issue. Not only are we struggling here to identify ourself; whether we are african with a bit diluted to an arab blood, or just african, you also overload us with another confussion. Call me a visionary person....I only see one Somalia. I might be wrong Mohamed, but I think it is misleading when you say that you're a somali, but your country is Somaliland. Walaalo, doesn't Somaliland, Jubaland, Puntland or Bohemianland(my own piece of land) account to one country, namely Somalia? I must agree with Opinianated, Zambian and goodness folks there is one somalia and the product of that precious country are somalis and africans, why do we have to be distinct from the rest of africans or divide us. Allah unite Somalia...Aameen!