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  1. I'm not against the seccession of Somaliland. So I really don't see the point of people coming to demonstrate against Riyale! P.S. Words won't get Las Anod back. Like I've always said, talk is cheap. Las Anod is part of the greater D to the D Dynasty. No one but its rightful owners can claim its ownership. Forget the arbitrary B.S. lines White boys drew in 1884. I don't recognize that nonesense!
  2. My vote goes to Cismaan Caato! After reading everyone's response, I came to the conclusion that Somalis will never agree on a SINGLE leader of the 19th, 20th or 21st century! So, I thought I should just pick the one way that knows he's HATED (by some) but at least he made MONEY and living large! Let the three dead men Rest In Peace. Gangster Cismaan Caato has my vote anyday! Peace.
  3. Excellent ideas. I'll be the first to follow.
  4. From what I know, the Hijab is a religious obligation. All that means is the rule is there. It's a woman's CHOICE to follow that rule. And for oppression, only in the West where anti-Islamism has replaced Communism as the Evil in our contemporary world. They did entire prize-winning articles on Afghani women who've been 'liberated' because they can know put on lipstick! That's the reality of the world!
  5. Thank God for the Internet! I know lots of folks who pick up dictionaries thinking that big words is gonna impress anyone. Either way, I don't see what the argument is. Buurmadow was arrested and already pro-UDUB elements and websites have published articles to discredit the Boqor's character, including his relative association with the people of Puntland and questioning the legitimacy of his Boqorhood amongst his kin. Read the propaganda here: Also, another noteworthy assessment of the superpower status of the Somaliland national army can be found here: The notions include an invasion of Boosaaso and Garoowe by the superpower of Africa, the Republic of Somaliland. People get ready. We're just gonna watch while our cities are captured! lol P.S. Neither Garoowe nor Boosaaso has EVER been captured by people who are not from there. There's reality, then there's fantasy. You decide! But given that Las Anod is in the hands of it's rightful owners, the ball is in YOUR court. Talk is cheap!
  6. So the 'Sayid' is a 'Mad Goat'? lol How far people will go to try n get others annoyed. The honor of the Sayid as a Somali nationalist is unquestionable. So the true garbage is being spit by the hater squad. A couple of words on a computer screen don't damage his rightful place in Somali history. In reality, this Somaliland/Puntland crap only exists outside of Somalia. It's the so-called intellects, i.e. Western educated (and sometimes brainwashed) kids, who believe in this Somaliland/Puntland crap. Cause in reality, the average Somali nomad family looking for the next grazing ground doesn't know where Puntland ends and Somaliland begins, and vice versa!
  7. Big up for the South Born n Raised in Muqdisho Kaaraan baby!!!
  8. Man all y'all cut the crap! Great Britian got bigger and better things to worry 'bout than listen to a rebel leader from a far away and remote country like Somalia. Mr Riyale has his hands busy wit the Las Anod dilemma. I don't think its politically possible to leave the country as head of state when the nation is engulfed in a state of emergency.
  9. Great article. Personal highlights: "Imitation causes defects in the Muslim personality, such as feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, weakness and defeatism, then it leads to shunning and keeping away from the path and laws of Allaah. Experience has shown that admiration for the kuffaar and imitation of them causes people to love them, have complete faith in them and take them as friends and helpers, and to reject Islam and its people, its heroes, its legacy and values, and become ignorant of all of that." "So how can we believe that Valentine’s Day is of any benefit to married couples? The truth is that it is a call for more permissiveness and immorality, and the forming of forbidden relationships." In my opinion, I don't see any non-Muslims practicing OUR values and celebrating OUR holidays, so why should we? We live in the West and are therein part and parcel of their religio-cultural values and ethics. But that does NOT mean we have to celebrate their holidays or act in the same manner as they do. However, that's part of human nature. During the Islamic empire of the past, Christians and Jews and Zoroastrians who lived within the Islamic realm were known to have celebrated Islamic holidays and dress in an Islamic attire while not necessarily believing in Islam as a religion. They 'adopted' bits and pieces of the Islamic culture. As contemporary Muslims in the West, we also tend to 'adopt' certain tendencies of the Western/Judeo-Christian culture we currently inhabit. The article is merely saying be proud of your religion and culture, i.e. Islam(ic). Thanks for the post, bro!
  10. Those people in the pictures don't look Somali to me. It's not impossible for Somalis to be in the U.S. in or around 1915 tho.
  11. ^^^ LOL Moral of the story: Don't let your wife touch your hair to begin with!
  12. Somali gangs!? Lakkad, lol SXB, those very kids who brag 'bout they slang or they got clips is the first down to duck down. I seen it time and again. Somali only wanna front for Somali. Bring in the Blacks or the Ethiopians, and Somali niggas is actin' like pussies. Adiga un u fiirso. Ajinabi haday arkaan cagtay wax ka dayaan. All dat gangsta shyt started in Killa Kali (West Coast)! What MPLS is dealin' wit today, we was dealin' wit in '93 in tha hoods of S.D. Besides, most of the refugees in MPLS is from Toronto or Ottawa. So when did Canadians become hard? :eek: Dre said 'I'm coo wit eses who got cases n AKs' WesT CoasT bLue'D uP
  13. spreads fabricated news. Quit posting that garbage on SOL! 2 Somali militias fight. BIG DEAL. It's been happening for the past 13 years! Get with the program, Mr Breaking News!
  14. This ain't no damn success story! The only people smiling are the Kenyans, who'll be happy that the so-called conference will soon be over after a year and that it'll put a halt to the continued expenses on the this useless attempt at Somali peace. Reasons it won't work: 1. All the warlords, whether it be Abdullahi Yusuf, Cisman Caato, Mowliid Macaane, Omar Jess, Xaaji Yalaxow, Abdiqassim Salat or the RRA leaders, among others, have been fighting for over a decade to gain whatever little land and power they have TODAY! What makes you think they'll give it up in the HOPE of a future, united Somalia? You have to understand that these warlords, with whom the IGAD committee is working with, don't believe in Somalia. They believe in whatever little clan-oriented fiefdom they have control of, in which they tax the local population in order to pay off their khat-chewing, mostly illiterate, up-to-no-good militia men who'll cut off the warlord's throats if they don't get their daily marduuf! THAT'S THE REALITY IN SOMALIA! 2. There is no way in HELL that Somalia's problems will be solved through the mediation of OUTSIDE powers. Look at from this perspective: There have been about 13 conferences, all held outside of Somalia and with foreign powers watching. All have failed and this one is no different. There also have been a few INTERNAL conferences, based on the clan/territorial levels. I'll take 2 examples to highlight the success of these INTERNAL conferences: One was held in Borama, Awdal region and ended up uniting the lands between Somalia's border with Djibouti all the way to Toghdeer region and western Sanaag region. Successful because it was FOR and BY the Somali people. Who cares about Museveni? He can't even control the northern portions of Uganda and somehow he's qualified enough to solve the perplexing Somali issue? I THINK NOT! The other example is the Garowe conference that formed what is now known as Puntland. This was successful up to the July of 2001 when it became a one-man show. Anyways, the POINT I'm trying to make is this: The warlords won't give up what they have today or face the possibility of a hierarchy when they're at the TOP today. And secondly, Somalia's problems are exactly that: Somalia's problems and can only be solved by Somalis! In South Africa, to end the decades of apartheid, they held a conference within South Africa and succeeded because the Blacks came to power. They didn't hold a conference in Botswana to end South African problems. It makes no sense! What Somalis need to do is quit running to foreign powers whenever there's a fire burning in their own house. PUT OUT THE FIRE YOURSELF!!!!!!!! cause it's your house, not Kenya's or Ethiopia's!
  15. DIAMOND EYES - There's plenty of research done on the subject. You're welcome to go to your nearest library and check out the books that deal with this. In the meantime, here's a synopsis of the problem itself. You have to also recognize there's great conflict amongst the researchers; some who say the rate is the highest in the medical field and others who oppose this notion. You be the judge! P.S. I hope useless reports like these don't discourage you from following dentistry as a subject matter. After all, they're just numbers! Good luck yo.