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  1. i vote montreal only cause im not leaving the city to meet you freaks. however, what would we do? what activities could we do. it would be awesome if we could get a shcool bus and paint it all the colors of the rainbow, play some MIA and wear our abayas and thobes and try to convince people were part of the somalia division of the harry potter fan club... that would take up a good hour or so. you guys think up of something that will fill up the rest of the day.
  2. true, i have a christian friend who masha allah has a very pure heart and i pray allah guides her onto a straight path, amiin. anyhow, she is very modest and when asked why she said she believes in waiting until marriage and doesnt see the point of giving the whole world a free show of what her husband will be getting... thats kinda crude written in black and white like that, but she s right. the head covering to me is very important cause that is how you identify who is muslim, but with that said it isnt a full hijab if yr not properly covered. the prophet (peace be upon him) would say " iiman and haya go together like this" and he would stick his index and middle fingers together and say "if one departs, the other falls apart". some people are born with an abundant amount of haya, masha allah, and others have to cultivate it and grow it.of course yr clothing is an artificial piece of modesty but its an obligatory one that serves as a protection. personally i think wearing the head scarf without proper attire is still a little better than wearing no scarf and equally unislamic attire cause at least in the first case the person is affirming their islamic identity, and sisters can easily spot them and give them dawah... which btw im very poor at. if someone can give me some pointers on when to keep quiet and when to say something, please let me know.
  3. the thing is women can drive and wear whatever they like in the outskirts of saudi arabia. its only in the heavily populated places where you have more restrictions and its known nationally that women do drive and wear colorful clothing outside the city. in yemen, a neighbouring country of similar "culture", women drive, vote and are even represantatives in the parliament.
  4. it was a long read, i almost completely by passed it, but its beautiful. the tips are quite concise cause that is actually how i came about wearing hijab, started praying regularly, reading about the prophet (peace be upon him) and discussing islam with friends and suddenly i needed it. no one told me to, i just needed it and i never looked back since. its been 1 year and a half now and i think ive been properly dressed from the begining but now i wear abayas... people when they see me wearing abaya they think im a lot better than i really am, which makes me feel guilty cause im really far from the perfect muslimah. more emphasis should be lain on how to increase iman cause i think a strong surge (cause it does fluctuate) is the ticket to hijab. about taking it off, i know sisters whove done this and i personally dont understand it except maybe they were doing it for the wrong reasons. the writer of this piece states that taking it off is a grave sin so what is a good advice for the sisters who have that worry? 1- seek refuge in Allah 2- make duca 3- think about it rationally, what would make you take it off? is it more rewarding than keeping it on? there must be more, add on.
  5. after 8 years of conspiracy theories and corny rap lines in remembrance of the "legends", at least one of the rap murder cases can be put to rest.,0,6646159.story
  6. there isnt anything shameful in staying home and taking care of yr loved ones (in fact if caring for yr family was considered paid work some women wld be earning more than their respective husbands considering how they are family nurse, psychologist, care taker, cook, cleaner, secretary etc.) how much a person earns or contributes financially in a home shouldnt be how you value them and with that said there is nothing wrong with a woman earning her own money if her children arent being neglected, and like someone else said, especially when its a job that benefits our ummah. ps, i think some people are grossly underestimating the power the "housewife" wields.
  7. anyone familiar with al maghrib institute?
  8. can anyone tell me more about sufiism, and whether it existed during the time of the prophet (peace be upon him). a book recommendation would be preferred.
  9. man, this is not cool. she speaks better than me. BOOO-urns! can i have nothing?
  10. ^^^than im staying away from minneapolis.
  11. inna illahi wa inna illahi rajicuun may Allah (swt) have mercy upon him and make him amongst his favourite slaves. amiin. may Allah (swt) give you and your family strenght and a firmness of iiman. amiin.
  12. ummm, lets not take india as a point of reference for marriage please.
  13. this was the most depressing exchange of thoughts ive seen on sol during my brief stint here.
  14. Originally posted by The Rendezvous: There must be a reason why the HOLY QURAAN even went ahead to lament ..That we should atleast try to befreind CHRISTIANS rather than YAHUD..(Taking CHRISTIANS ) as our brothers.. do u guys still dispute that? actually the quran says that we shouldnt take the christians and jews as friends because they are only friends of one another, they plot against us. so the question is, why focus on one group when they both have the same goal of erradicating us.
  15. SomeAlien


    wow, i think i learned alot about Brown here. wow.
  16. i have a question, what does the shariah say about rape? i heard that if a woman kills her attacker in self defense it isnt murder, is this true?
  17. any pointers on keeping your mouth shut? why is this in islam section? well, cause im thinking of the hadiith about how when a muslim insults another muslim, the other gets all his hasanat. i lost all my hasanat:( the words were boiling in me and they finally slipped out and i could see all my good deeds leaving. i still have some words left and they have to be said. accually id like to murder this little ***... see, now im cursing and i *know* of the hadith about women cursing. lord help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaase!
  18. for the sisters thinking of wearing hijab it is by far the easiest thing you could possibly do to please allah and its benefits are even greater. its sooo easy and it feels sooo good youll wonder why you didnt do this earlier. you feel covered, clothed, uninspected by wandering eyes. you feel proud, chaste and pleasing to allah. all this by just changing how you dress. i sometimes think about it and wonder why its such a big deal? its the shaydaan bringing barriers between us, sisters who wear it and those who dont.
  19. ^^^right, cause its not in our young mens nature to orbit themselves around gun totting punks. have you been to xamar lately?
  20. married for 81 yrs, dies at 105...she married and 24 yres old, and her husband most likely the same age (hes only a couple of months younger)
  21. once upon a time in america, it was customary to lynch a nigger if they suspected them of liking (or so much as looking at) their women (their white american women). twas also, more or less, their custom that black women could be used and abused by white men and theyd have to put up with it.
  22. i was in the first grade. my lil brother was yet to be born, so i was still the baby running things.i had a globe in my room and abbeh would always show me where somalia was. wed always talk about going back as if it was definite. later on i noticed my parents would glue themselves to the tv screen whenever 2 things were mentioned, kuwait and somalia. i had a good grasp of what was going on with sadaam, it was america vs iraq. the big gallo nation vs the relatively weak muslim nation, so i knew who to root for and i did with all the blind enthusiasm kids have for gun violence on tv. with somalia however, i couldnt quite grasp it yet. i kept imagining our somali men heroically fighting for our nations future. i asked, repeatedly, when we would go back and my father would explain there is a war and no place to live, nothing to eat. after the war? maybe, hed say. insha allah. than i asked, exactly who are we fighting? he laughed, an inward laugh, the rough exhales of wind that smokers have and said "theyre killing themselves". a couple of years later i heard of the canadian peace keepers murduring that teenage kid, rapes occuring at the hands of un workers as well as black hawk down.
  23. Originally posted by Action Jackson: quote:Originally posted by SomeAlien: like normalize our cycles so that we all pms under the same clock? do you think we'll tap into some super human powers? cause i do U do that and risk having the GreenPeace and other environment protection activists take you to court for violating the Toxic Free Environment Act... oh no he di'int *neck swerve* i KNOW he di'INT!!! *sucks teeth* the gloves about to come AWWFF brah! first of all, dont you know there arent any men in those enviromental groups? its mostly women and sissified men (as in men with high oestrogen) which falls to our advantage. why am i sharing this? well my sisters and i are testng this theory in our own homes and its working marvelously.were terrorizing the enemy now. on a sidenote, i noticed yr kind seem to squirm whenever the word "cycle" is mentioned, even if its attached with the word "laundry". strange.
  24. Originally posted by FARIID: quote:Hold this thought for a second. We are the Mothers, we can train little boys however we bloody well want. We are the wives/cooks, just slip him a tranquilizer every now and then to get him to do what you want. We are the secretaries, the nurses, the nannies..I mean we surrond and influence men all our lives. Why arent we raising them the way we want? FF you already train little boys how you want. You do a great job bring them up as future leaders. Now if you women go up the social pyramid there would be chaos: no one to type letters(secretary is now the ceo), Education going downhill (too many kids not concentrating their stock exchange director mothers forgot their breakfast), need I go on. What you are proposing is a recepe for disaster! okay im torn... ill explain anyways. the plan is that we be the minds and you the bodies... the mind controls the bodies bt you can still be *anything* you want, an astronaut, lawyer, ceo *anything*. what ppl misunderstand about carawelo is her compassion for mankind. men under carawelos rule will be free. were accually *freeing* you. *thumbs up* okay? gooood boy. now get me some shax... pleeease *balances electric ball on palm of hand* DISCLAIMER people lets not get sensitive about these joke topics, cause thats what they are;jokes. applaud ff and her likes for making what was in the past on sol very touchy (as in the he-man woman haters club vs the femnazi's) and making it light and conversational. so lets all get together and "hate" for F's sake
  25. like normalize our cycles so that we all pms under the same clock? do you think we'll tap into some super human powers? cause i do i think all the extra energy in one room might *at least * grant us flight... like storm from x-men. to tell you the truth some days im this )( close from throwing an electricity ball at them and i *know* theyre making my hair white. the dirty, toilet seat always up, too lazy to rinse a cup, no respect having punks. im down.