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  1. Islamist al-Shebab militiamen have seized several districts of war-battered Mogadishu and shelled the Somali presidential palace in an offensive apparently intended to thwart a long-delayed big push by the U.S.-backed government. The TFG was installed in Mogadishu by the military forces of neighboring Ethiopia (yet some culumo-isku sheeg will call it a Dowlad Islami) with U.S. support in December 2006, when the Union of Islamic Courts, an Islamist coalition, was ousted after a short-lived period in power. The TFG is barely functioning and even before the Islamists' advance over the last few days only controlled a section of the coastal city around the presidential seat, the airport and the harbor. In New York, Ismail Omar Guelleh, president of Djibouti, a former French colony that is Somalia's northern neighbor, warned Thursday that the TFG may not survive the escalating conflict with the Islamist insurgents. "I cannot see how we can avert the possibility of Somalia's plunge into an avoidable disintegration," he told the U.N. Security Council. He called on it to take action to save Mogadishu and its 2 million inhabitants because the TFG is "fast shrinking" under the Islamists' offensive and has become "irrelevant and inconsequential ." None of this likely to prevent further Islamist advances in Mogadishu or produce an effective TFG military force capable of repulsing, let alone defeating, the insurgent army of 10,000-15,000 well-armed fighters. Source Btw, it's kinda funny. Just as you, a former TFG supporter, is slowly waking up from the stupor of Is-Qancis and clearly see the writing on the wall, our "I heart Somalia so much, I am a wadani" sunshine patriots: MMA, Adam Zeyla, Bilaal, Castro, Faarax Brown, Norf are all embracing the TFG . Apparently, because they love Somalia soo soo soo much, they are exempt from being called traitors when they stand by and support the Ugandan xasooq(Shabaab did it first! Mommy, he hit me first!). Because they are self-professed 'Wadanis', they are allowed to support the TFG that consists of war criminals & warlords Why ? Because "it is better than nothing". How they manage to keep a straight face, I do not know. But damn do they pull it off with a panache Lol, what did the reer xamar guy say ? Hadaa noolaatid, geel oo walax dhalaayo aa arkaysaa. Hada waa kuwaanaa kuwa shalayto qaylida iyo neef-toor'ka beenta ka baxaysay oo maanta adoomo oo noqday Xabash'ta iyo Walad Cabdalla, oo hadana, indho-adhayg iyo weji-gabax, isu haysto inay yaheen "Wadani". Bal ka tali arinkaas, Baash Muhandis.
  2. Baashi, Good to have you back. It's also good to see that you have finally accepted the reality on the ground in Somalia today, to wit: the absolute dominance of the Mujahideen, namely, Xarakatul Shabaab Al-Mujahideen & Xisbul Islam, and the reign of Islamic governance over the most strategic, most valuable, and most populous areas of Somalia, with the liberation of the remaining areas a matter of time only. I understand that it might have been difficult for you(and others) to renounce and reject Is-Qancis/Rationalization mainly because it's one helluva drug, but the cold and unforgiving facts on the ground and the sight of the black flag of Towxeed flying high in the air to the cheers and the takbeer of the Somali-Muslim people in town after town, degmo after degmo, and gobol after gobol left you with no other option but to submit to the reality on the ground, and to the Victorious Youth as the Masters and Commanders of Ardhul-Soomaal Al-Muslimah. That is called progress, abti. Ma fogid, ee soo dhawaaw. In their public pronouncements, they loudly claim that their objective is to pacify the country from foreign infidels and their poodles and install Islamic government. Yet when the other side agrees their demands in principle they do not reciprocate the gesture There is no "other side". In the eyes of Umada Soomaliyeed, the TFG and the various Ethiopian "lands"(with the latest being Hiiraanland) are a national obscenity, a stain of dishonour and dhulinimo that must and will be dismantled and destroyed. There will be no compromise. There will be no negotiations, except where it may facilitate surrender/exile. Soomaliya, Soomalida Xalaasha ah, Soomalida Sharaf'ta iyo Cizzi'ga mudan, Soomalidaas baa iska leh. Not kuwa qashin-qob'ka laga soo qufay oo bulaacada laga waraabiyay oo qurun'ka qabyaalad iyo gun'nimo ku raagay. From Jigjiga to xeebaha Barqaal and from Zeylac to xeebaha Kismaayo iyo badweynta Hindiga, intaas oo dhan waxay uu sugnaatay Soomalida Xalaasha ah oo kaliya(no ifs or buts). You may consider this to be "zero-sum" or "unfair" or "not inclusive, but hey, just like the rest of the defeated warlords, sooner or later, you will learn to accept it. The days where clan jabhads vied for power in rooms clouded with the stench of fisq, jaat, and sigaar are long-gone. The days where Xabashi pawns with Somali acronyms(USC, SNM, SSDF, SPM, SNF, RRA) carved out "spheres of influence"(clan-lands) and worked to further the interests of Ethiopia and the West are no more. Any individual, clan, group, isbahasi, or entity that stands against this Noble Halgan and seeks the magan of Ethiopia and/or the Antarnashanal Kaamoonity will suffer the consequences of their choice. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but 'neutrality', a favorite word of munaafiqs & undercover traitors, is not an option. You either stand with Umada Soomaliyeed oo Xalaasha ah , or you stand with it's enemies. May each man make his bed, and may each man sleep in it. Whether said sleep turns out to be a nourishing deep sleep, or whether it is a sweating, screaming, nightmare-filled sleep is up to each and every one of you.
  3. ^^Al-Shabaab also has the endorsement of this non-Muslim Harvard educated executive editor. He wants them to rule over not only Somalia but the rest of East Africa too The hatred that festers in your heart will only consume you, Raamsade. There is nothing you can do about the blessed reign of Islamic governance except wail and moan about it. So, um, choke on it (that isn't very charitable of me, is it ?) Charles Onyango-Obbo , executive editor for the Nation Media Group’s Africa Media Division writes: For example, though I am a pacifist and oppose the death penalty, I am extremely conflicted where rapists and mass murderers are involved because I think the level of these and other crimes in Africa has reached levels that could destroy our societies. If al Shabaab had asked me whether the rapist who was stoned to death should be spared and given a life sentence instead, I probably would have offered an ambiguous answer that gave them the impression that I favoured the stoning . The greatest “instability” that an al Shabaab regime would cause, therefore, might not be through spreading the al Qaeda menace in East Africa, but in showing up the other governments . So Al Shabaab takes power : It beheads hundreds of thieves, chops off a hand and leg from every Mogadishu pickpocket, hangs rapists in the market squares, blinds all bribe-taking policemen, and drowns the pirates who have become a menace in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, and clears khat off the streets. Mogadishu could become a mini-paradise where people don’t have to lock their doors, and little girls can walk from their grandparents’ house two streets away back home at 7:30 pm without fear of being molested. Pressure would grow in other fear-ruled East African capitals for al Shabaab-style crackdowns on crime. That would be tricky for some governments, because they need crime and corruption to survive Source Doesn't it just suck to be you, Raamsade ? Watching Somalia blossom into a thriving Islamist-ruled country under the Xukm of Allah, while you sit there and stew in a fear-filled cowardly existence as you reminice on a bygone era when your thievin' kind were drinking alcohol, raping women for kicks, teaching Marxism-Lennism, and waging a blatantly repressive anti-Islamic campaign that resulted in the murder of 11 heroic Scholars of Islam. Yeah, definitely sucks to be you. So sit there, abti, and stew in your hatred. For you and your kind, slaves of imperialism & inferior dogs of Ethiopia, are the last of a wretched dying breed.
  4. Duke, I will allow that A/Y is less evil than Shariif Ahmed, Janaqow, Ibbi, C/Qaadir Cali, and Sharif Xasan. I will allow that unlike the Murji'ah gang in Garowe, A/Y has never used Islam to justify his treasonous infamy; he seems to be pretty comfortable in his status as traitor and does not feel the need to justify it. I will allow that unlike the rest of the current crop of Xabashi slaves, he seems to have been using the Ethiopians as means to end(personal glory, settling tribal scores, power-hunger), yacni, he had an actual strategy(evil as it maybe), as opposed to being an actual slave who takes orders from Addis. I will allow that he has not enriched himself and he lives in a humble manner(some would say in humiliation) as a refugee in Yemen, whereas his erstwhile colleague, Mr. Ali Gheedi, is enjoying(for now) all of the millions of dollars he stole and embezzled from the Antarnashanal Kaamonity. Apparently, being a common thief is one of the qualifications needed to be accepted by the world as a 'serious respectable statesman' Advice : Why don't you contact Adeer and tell him to make towbah, markaas inoo soo qubaysto oo ashahaadada(erey'ga towxeed oo qofka muslim ku noqdo) ku dhawaaqo and then appear on Al-Jazeera in a live telecast, and beg the Somali people for forgiveness for all the crimes he has committed against them. After that, he can surrender himself to any Islamic Judiciary of his choosing in any of the 10 provinces that has been liberated from foreign hegemony by the pride of Umada Soomaliyeed oo Xalaasha: The Victorious Youth. He can expect a fair, transparent, and public trial where he will be afforded the chance to plead his case and explain to the Islamic Court, and to the Somali people, why he did what he did and any mitigating factors that might help his defense. Of course, this isn't the ; in Islamic Somalia, Justice means actual punishment. As painful as that scenario might be for you and for the Tol-ka, he will manage to atone for a lifetime of murder, of infamy, and of treason. And when the noose tightens across his neck, and his feet start dangling in the air, he will have achieved his moment of redemption. A new chapter will have been written in Somali history: That of the repentant warlord, who weary of his sins, willingly gave himself up and asked for Justice to be done. Wallahi, he would earn my respect then, ee ninyahow waan kula taliyay ee taladayda Adeer iyo intii ka naxayso gaarsii!
  5. Che, How so ? Zack, Al-Shabaab's goal is and always has been clear: a strong, independent, clan-free Somalia that has been cleansed from the najaasah of qabyaalad & gaalo-raac'nimo. These are not just slogans but actual reality that is being lived by millions of Somali men, women, and children across hundreds of thousands of miles in Southern and Central Somalia. . All of which say: Somalia and it's people are thirsty for the peace, stability, and development brought forth by their Sons, the Victorious Youth
  6. While you're at it, tana iga jawaab: Ka waran askarta Amisom oo meesha ku baqtisay iyo dil'ka la dilay, sidee baa uu aragtaa arikaas ? Ma ku farax'day ? Ma ka naxday ? Mase in the fashion of maangaab peacenik lab'labo, you are 'neutral' ?
  7. Zack, By your logic Ani waxaan aaminsanahay AMiSOM meesha waxaa keentay shabaab, haddii shabaab dadka qaraxa iyo dagaalka ka deyn lahaayeen AMISOM waa tagi laheyd. AMISOM = Shabaab, shabaab =Amisom Ani waxaan aaminsanahay Ethiopia dhul'ka Soomali Galbeed inay xasooq ka gaysato waxaa keentay ONLF, haddii ONLF dadka dagaalka ka deyn lahaayeen Ethiopia waa tagi laheyd oo xuriyad baa seen lahayd. Ethiopia = ONLF, ONLF =Ethiopia Haye, bal ka waran taa....can that 'reasoning' be described as maangaab ?
  8. Ugu yaraan 5 Askari oo kamida Ciidamada AMISOM ayuu sheegay Sarkaalkaasi inay kudhinteen goobtii Miinadu kula qaraxday wuxuuna intaa raaciyey inay jiraan dhaawacyo badan oo halkaa laga aruuriyey. Dad ka agdhawaa halka uu qaraxu ka dhacay ayaa sidoo kale Xaqiijiyey inay arkeen tiro kamida Askarta AMISOM oo dhulka daadsan qarax kadib. TFG supporters(and 'neutrals'), Perhaps a tacsi thread is in order, yes ?
  9. Caku maangaab oo qalin/keyboard loo dhiibay oo qoraal la baray. Hadii jaahil'nimadaadu ku gaarsiisay heer aa is-bar'bar dhigtid Rag Rijaal ah oo difacanaayo dal'kooda, dad'kooda iyo deen'tooda, iyo cadowga ku soo doolay, waa arin adiga kuu taalo. Laakin taa laguma waydiinin, ee waxaa lagu waydeeyay: Ka waran askarta Amisom oo meesha ku baqtisay iyo dil'ka la dilay, sidee baa uu aragtaa arikaas ? Ma ku farax'day ? Ma ka naxday ? Mase in the fashion of maangaab peacenik lablabo, you are 'neutral' ? Jawaab.
  10. Wamaa adaraakum man Shaykh Xasan Daahir Aweys ? In the late sixties to the early seventies, in a military barack, in Mogadsihu a young soldier was summoned for introrrogation as he was caught red handed praying during the training time on public grounds. That young soldier was taken to the officer in charge; Officer: You are accused of refusing to follow Military orders Young Soldier: No, Sir Officer: You were asked to sit down but you got up and deffiantly prayed in full view of all soldiers? Young Soldier: No Sir Officer: How can that be? Young Soldier: You see Sir, In the Military law, if two confling orders is given to a subordinate, the sobordinate must follow the order of the higher ranking officer, right? Officer: thats Right, but who was there to give you permission to override our orders to sit down. Young Soldier: Allah did, it was ASR prayer time, Allah asked me to pray, and the Officer asked me to sit down, i obeyed Allah That young soldier was Sheikh Dahir Aweis If the grizzled Somali Lion, Shaykh Xasan Daahir Aweys was xukun-doon(power-hungry), he would've cut a deal with the Antarnashanal Kaamonity when they were begging him to join the TFG. Unlike the cowards of Al-Ictisaam who are content to be the slaves of Xabashi slaves, or the Sharifite wing of the Maxaakiim, who are happy to be protected by Ugandan tanks, Shakh Xasan has never sold out. And for that 'crime', he is called names like, power-hungry, xukun-doon, extremist, macangag by inferior juhaal who are not fit to wash his feet. When Salaah-ul-Diin was fighting and conquering other Muslim provinces(some who were allied with the invading Crusders), was he being xukun-doon....or was he consolidating men, arms, territory, and resources so that he could launch his brilliant assault on Jerusalem ? Mushkilada ay jahli-ga(ignorance) leedahay waa inoosan qof'ka fakarin oo wuxuu sooqa kasoo maqlo iskaga hadlo.
  11. Lol, this is even worse than the OSF/ONLF 'shake ya booty' dhaanto. To all the doqons & dhoocilo who were dancing the night away in that qabiil-fueled frenzy, I have some disquieting news(Thierry, pay attention, abti.): Maleeshiyaadka Xisbul Islaam ayaa tartiib tartiib isugu fidinaya deegaanada Gobolka Mudug , kadib markii labo todobaad ka hor la wareegeen Degmada xeebta leh ee Xarar Dheere oo saldhig u aheyd Burcad Badeedka. Xisbul Islaam ayaa maanta la wareegay Degmadii Labaad oo ka tirsan Mudug, kadib markii Maleeshiyaadkeeda ay si nabdoon ku galeen degmo lagu magacaabo Jowle oo ilaa 50KM u jirta Xarar Dheere. La wareegitaanka Xisbul Islaam ayaa ka dhigan sidii ay isugu fidin lahaayeen deegaanada Mudug oo idil , waxaana haatan soconaya qorsheyaal ballaaran oo Kooxaha Mucaaradka ku doonayaan in ay dhamaan Koofurta Soomaaliya oo dhan u qabsan lahaayeen Maamul Galmudug oo ka taliya qeybo kooban oo K/Galkacyo ah ayaa ku yeeray wiishka, iyadoo Maamulkan haatan bilaabay abaabul iyo isu habar wacasho ( ) ku aadan sidii ay uga hortagi lahaayeen daadka ku soo socda . And where is Fakhaamatul-Ra'iis, His Excellency Mudane Madaxweyne Colonel Caalin at this critical hour ? In London, with the Tol begging bowl in hand. Tallaabada Xisbul Islaam u qaadeen la wareegitaanka degmadii labaad ee ka tirsan Gobolka Mudug ayaa ku soo beegmeysa, xilli Horjoogaha Maamul Galmudug Col. Caalin uu ku sugan yahay Magaalada London The Islamist tsunami fast approaches and it finna hit Gaalkacyo soon-tyme, inshallah. Not looking good, fellas. Might wanna make that call to Addis and beg Aabo Zenaawi
  12. ^^ good point, let's apply it to this discussion: Originally posted by xiinfaniin: nuune, qudbo siro soo waxaan meelaaan ogahay ku joogno maaha. shuruud bay leedahay, haddii la oofiyana waa ansaxaysaa, waa heshiis si xor ah loo gaaray si masaalix loo xaqiijiyo. Qudbo-Siiro = sugar-talking impressionable young girls and then taking her to the likes of Bashiir Salaad so that he can 'sanctify' lust-fueled encounters, the same way he has 'sanctified' the baqti of Dowlada Riddah(Dhoofaaray TFG). With that definition in mind, and since Xiin thinks qudbo-siro is A-OK, especially in the West, let me ask him this: Xiin, nin dhalanyar aan ahay, fii raycaan al-futowa, xaaraan inaa ku dhaco ma rabi, marka, would you have any objection hadee aan gabar'taathaa qudbo-siraysto ? If she is too young, then perhaps your sister ? If she is too old, then perhaps your niece ? As you said, sidii masaalix loo xaqiijiyo, marka waxaan go'aansaday masaalix'dayda(oo biological'ka ah) inaa ku xaqiijiyo qudbo-siro mid ka mid ah reer'kaada. Maxaad ka tiri arinkaas ? Watch the tower of IsQancis Bool-shiidh crumble faster than Sharif Ahmed sprinting to Aabo Zenawai. Need I remind miskeen xiin of the hadeeth: Atuxibahoo li Umak ? Atuxibahoo li Ukhtak ? Atuxibahoo li Bintak ? Mad props to the Mujahideen for banning the immoral practice of Qudbo-Siro. While the barking dogs of the Murji'ah yap-yap-yap their mouths in Garowe, the Sons of Somalia are re-engineering Somali society, enjoining good and forbidding evil, in accordance with qowlihii tacalaa: Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: Arrinkaa AS waan ku raacsanahay ,,,,,,, Hadii cadaalad yar kuugo jirto'na, arrimaha 90% waa ku raaci lahayd. Laakin weli riyo waxay kaa haysaa 'ictiraaf'
  13. Kashafa

    Ayaan Daro

    This is the fruit of Al-Ictisaam's inhizaami, maangaab mentality that is wholly ignorant of fiqh-ul-waaqic. The result as you can see is whole-sale surrender and the bitter sight of the Ethiopian flag fluttering high in the air. Ili Xog ogaal ah ayaa sheegaya in sanadka soo socda Itoobiya ay Ibraahim Dheere u magacaabi doonto Madaxweynaha Maamul ku sheega dhulka Somaligalbeed marka lagaaro 2011-ka wixii intaas ka horeeyana ay sii soca doonaan lashirida beelaha iyo Jaaliyadaha Dibadda. Gudoomiyihii Jabhada Somaligalbeed Sheykh Ibraahim Dheere wuxuu horay u sheegay in ay galeen Xabad Joojin 3 Bilood ah balse arrinkaas ayaa Beenoobay markii la arkay taageerayaasha Jabhadda oo lulalaya Calanka Tikreega iyo labada ciidan oo is dhaxgalay islamarkaana hal cadaw isla leh
  14. Originally posted by Libaax-Sankataabte: quote:Originally posted by Maaddeey: Its not shallow to point out inaad si hoose Soomaalinimada u dumineysaan , laba canleyn & yeysan wax idin dhaafin baa idinku haya mooyee mar horaa..., sida runtii ahna meesha Somaliya laga heysto waa la wada garan karaa , wixii uurka ku jirana afkaa dafa!. Toloow Maaddeey yuu ka hadlayaa. Ilaahoow been ka dhig waxaan malaynayo. Cheap shot, LST, unbecoming of you. Waala gartay Isbahaysiga Walaalaha Puntland Cyber Brigade inay jinniyo ku kacdo, but adiga lagaama filaynin inaa sidoodo oo kale ay allergic reaction kuugu soo boodo markii la critisce-gareeyo Is-maamul'ka Xabashi'ga ee Buntilaan. Maaddeey runta boo sheegay. Hadal-kiisa'na waa hadal cad oo sareex. Qaloocis'ka maxaa keenaayo marka ? The fact that the Xabashi orphan leadership of Puntland is playing a hypocritical game of claiming to be part of Somalia, yet at the same time is promoting itself as a autonomous 'nation within a nation' is apparent to any observer, reflected in this quote: Arrimaha Somalia mar uu ka hadlayey Madaxweynaha Puntland Cabdiraxman Sheekh Maxamad Farole ayaa sheegey. Not dowlad-gobaleed of Puntland. Not dowlad-beeleed of Puntland(which it is, in case some of you thought of it as a Jeffersonian democracy). Maya, quote reads: The President of Puntland spoke about the affairs of the (implied: neighboring country) of Somalia. The truth may be a tad bit uncomfortable when it hits home & hearth, but let's not resort to speculation and "sidaan baa ka waday".
  15. If you look closer, you'll see that the actual source of that story is Garowe Online Sherban, do you know who owns and runs Garowe Online ? The son of the current Ethiopian vicegerent in Garowe.(Cabdirahmaan Faroole). It has as much veracity as the National Enquirer. Was this work of fiction to be found at, say, Hiiraan Online or Shabelle Media Network ? Of course not.(find it if u can) Why is that ? Well, how about this: They employ actual journalists who practice actual journalism , which includes something called fact-checking and something else called verifying sources so that something as comical as "Al-Shabaab blow up mosque! Al-Shabaab ban bras! Al-Shabaab & pirates alliance! " doesn't make it to their website. Naked lies are naked lies...especially when found at Garowe Online.
  16. Him & his gang must be thinking of a way out as they will not even dare to pray in the public mosques anymore ,,,,,,, forget about giving public speeches or going public in those places they used to preach. For those that are born of cowardice, raised in cowardice, and steeped deep in the odious brew of cowardice & dhulinimo, please understand that Lions still reign majestically on this earth and that Honour still beats strongly in the hearts of Men. not only in a "public place" at a "public mosque", but the very same spot where the massacre took place.
  17. Shaykh Maaddeey wa Barafasoor Karl Al-Polyaani, After a 2nd and 3rd reading, I consider the statement of Ictisaam to be criminal because: - it surreptitiously explains away the massacre of Cabdalla Shidaaye Masjid in a almost arrogant I-told-you-so tone. - it provides aid & comfort to the perpetrators (This happened because of the fitnah. Nobody's at fault! It's the fitnah's fault! How do we end the fitnah ? Be like us! Surrender! Obey the ruler! Zen ze fitnah will stop! Otherwise, we told you so!) - it equates between the occupying African Union troops who routinely rain death and destruction on neigborhoods and the men and women fighting day and night to liberate Somalia. In Ictisaam's maangaab view, they are all all "kooxaha isku hayo Soomaliya" and they are all equally guilty. In Ictisaam's maangaab view: Amisom mercenary raping and killing = Somali-Muslim man defending his Deen, his Dal, and his Dad. This is the inane madness that ensues when people are ignorant of fiqh-ul-waaqic. Waxay simaayaan Cadow isticmaari ah and a Mujahid. Rag'gaas maa talo ka sugee ? No call to hunt down the perpetrators. No call for the occupation to end. Nope. Just a good ol' "listen-to-us-(and obey the rulers)-because-we-are-Holy-Scholars-and-if-you-don't-listen-to-us-this-is-what-happens-we-told-you- so" sermon. Other Somalis give their reaction to the Ictisaam bayaan(qaybtaan sii fiican oo aqriya): Waxaan u malaynayaa Bashiir Salaad waa basaas. Waxay u muuqataa inuu wadadii Axmed Madoobe hayo. Ictisaam waxay la mid noqotay kuwaan isugu yeera Salaf Jadiid. Waxaan maqli jirey “MADMADOOBE ALLAA KU YAAL”. Masaajidkaan ay weerareen gaalo iyo daba******keed buu wuxuu farta ku godayaa “is gaalaysiin” baa keentay. Bal ha noo sheego Muslimiinta kale ee algu xasuuqayo wadamada Islaamkana ma is-gaalaysiin baa ka danbaysa? waar nimankan ictisaamka ahi yaanay dadka lug goyn ee waa kuwii jihaadka bilaabay, ee haddii ay iyagu bilaabeen maanta ma markay ganacsiyo yeesheen ayey joojinayaan, markaa jihaadka ma iyagaa gacanta ku haysta, adeerayaaloow somaliland iyo puntland iskaga hoos noolaada dheh waa la soo socdaaye , markaa cidi waxba idiin dirsan maysee idaacadaha iyo masaajidda ayeydun tafsiirka ka soo jeedine waxaad moodaa in ictisaam ay marmarsiyo uraadinayaan qaraxi wuxushnimada ahaa ee lala eegtay beytka alah ,, waa arin murugo leh rag culimo sheeganaayo hadda waxaas ku hadlaayo allow na sug shacabka muslimka ah waxay rajaynayaan waa mujaahidinta sida qoriga una jihaadayaa hergalinta shareecada islaamka .. icstisaamka marka la guuleesto bay dhihi donaan .. waan inla jirnay ,, inna kunna macakum looba joogee bayaanku kii hore ayauu lamid yahay wuxuuna edaynayaa dadkii dhibbanaha ahaa laakiin waxaa layaab leh nimankan markay dhalinyarada ahaayeen waxay na oranjieen dawladii kacaanka halagu jihaado,waxaad dareemysaa qofku haduu weynaado naf jeclaysiga ,aduun jacaylka ,baqdinta ayaa ku badata.hadna qoraalkooda waxaad ka dareemaysaa colaad ay garoowe la fadhiyaan waxaan doonayaa in aan cambaarayn u soojeediyo, ururkaictisaam (x al itixaad) waxaana ku cambaaraynayaa, in ay uxuubsiibteen ashahaado ladirir cusub waxaana kamid ah in ay dheheen mushrikiinta Galguduud joogo iyo shariif sheikh axmed oo murtad ah labaduba waa walaalaheen, waxaana oogubaaqayaa nimankaas kushiraayo magaalada GAROOWE, ALLAH utoobadkeen waxaa gabi ahaamba dhulka galay sumcadii aykulahaayeen umada muslimka ee somaaliyeed waxaana loo aqoonsaday niman kaganacsado dhiiga dhalinyarada somaliyeed waxay dheheen c/laahi yusuuf halala iyo xabashidiisii halala jihaado hadana waxay dheheen shariifka iyo gaalada amisoom haladaayo oo dagaalkoodu waa fidno waxaan kusookoobayaa wadaadadu ha xishoodaan waa lagatagayaa aduunka bashiir salaad sooma wacna inuu is waydiiyo yaa qaraxan fuliyay ma al shabaab mise cadaw kale , cajiib wuxuu la soo orday hadal duraya al shabaab sooma fiicnaan lahayn inuu runta sheego oo qaraxa cidda ka danbeesa ku eedeeyo , subxaanallah waa cajiib caamadii waxay garatay miyuu caalim garan waaye mise wax kalaa jira ilaahay waxaan ka baryayaa in hayadan culumada somaliyeed isku magacowday inuu ilaahay kuwa wanaagsan ee ku jira ee runta sheegaya in ilaahay uu xaqa usoo duwo , kuwa tuugada ah sida bashiir salaad , iyo kuwa kale in uu ilaahay ka qabto falkan gaaladu ka dambayso ictzaam sidaas weligood ha uga hadleen iyagaa dulaysan oo faroole hoos fadhiya iyo riyaale oo qawaaniin lagu xukumumaa oo itoobiya loo dhiibaa falkan nimanka ka dambeeye ee gaalada ah ama kuwa suufiyada ah ee buurtineleba qarxin jiray ka hadli maayaane wiilasha laga ga baqayo bay daba jogaan war naga aamusa waxba ma tihidine dhiiga muslimka ah haa daadshay gaaladaas baa daadiosaye maad ka hada shaan mida kale hadaad damiir leediheen yaa isku haya siyaa sada dalka ma amison baa dalkayga igu haysan karta ma maraykan iyi itoobiya baa igu haysata war xishooda ama jeema diina iska caba khamsaantiina na iska qaata iyo macawisihiina masaakiin yahay baada bixisaa raga ka daaya cayda natiijo ka dhalatay isgaaleysiin)!!! Oo kitabkiina qofkii gaalnima kudhaca inu gaalobaayo ma qora soomaha? Cajiib !! Mida xigta dhibka shacabka iyo culumadooda garay waxa muuqata inaad ku faraxsantihin madama ad ledihin waa natijo kadhalatay …. Ilahey ha idin so hanuuniyo xasadka aad mujahidinta uqabtan iyo makriga ad maleegeysaan ilahey ha idin kuceliyo mujaahidiintana ilahey haguuleeyo allaahuma aamiin walaalayaan, aad ayan oola yaabanahay kuwan la baxay ictisaam waxay u dhaqmaayaan sidii dad aan ogayn xaalada ka jirto soomaaliya, sida ay hadalka u dhigen waxay dhaheen : (kooxaha isku hayo soomaaliya in ay ilaahay ka baqaan). soomaaliya waxaa isku dagaalaayo muslim iyo gaalo, waana arrin aan qarsoonayn , marka waxba yeysan is daalinin culumo ku sheegan dhagaysan mayno warxumo tashiilkiina , ee waxaan hogaamin iyo talo bixin iyo tababar inoogu filan kitaabka ilaahay iyo sunnada rasuulka nabad galyo iyo naxariis korkiisa eebe ha yeelee. Waa hadal Jilicsan oo aan Wax qiiraa ku jirin, Uma dhigmo Dhibka meesha kadhacay Tan Waycadahy Sheekada Iskuxirka Ah digniintooda iyo Falka Dhacay Marka Waxay uegtahay "Idinkaa Waxqarxinjiray Waxna Waadmaqli Waydeen Tana Waajawaabtiinii War culimadu Ilaahay haka Baqdo Xaqa Iyo baadilkuna Masaalaxo Iyo Dhex Dhexaad magalo Ee dhinac raaca Hadaad Shaqaala Dawladed Tihiina Hakabqina Runtee Uhadla Dawladhaad Mushaariga Utihiin WABILLAAHI ATAWFIIQ Although I am hesitant to completely write them off(because of their good work in the past), every day that goes by exposes yet another unsavory side of Al-Ictisaam. I would not be suprised at all if they turn out to be Black Ahmed-like spoilers in the making. As for the issue of caqeedatul Ir'jaa... we will have to dedicate a seperate thread for that. Ir'jaa has various degrees, the most extreme being gulaat-ul-murji'ah(you are muslim, regardless of anything you say or do). I am not accusing them of that, just their jileec-jileec on the issue of icaanatal-kaafir-calal-muslim, which is something their host and amiir Faroole has done. Hadee shalay Towxeed'ka na bareen, maanta waxay ag fadhiyaan ay caawimaayaan, ama ha ogaadaan ama yaysan ogaanin, cadow-ga Towxeed, iyo cadow-ga Islaam.
  18. Shaykh Maaddeey, aan kala bixino qadiyadah: - Dood ma ka qabtaa rag'ga ku shiraayay Garowe, Mr. Bashiir Salaad iyo asxaabtiisa, inay caqeedatul Ir'jaa wataan ? Hadaba taas ma ahan wax aa aniga iska-dahay ee waa hadal-kii Shaykh Jaamac Cabisalaam, oo asaga iyo Shaykh Boqol-soon(AUN) rag'gii tasxeexul towxeed'ka qayb libaax ka qaatay 80's-kii iyo 90's-kii Sheykh Fu’aad Mux’med Khalaf wuxuu Bayaankii Ictisaam ku tilmaamay mid shar ah oo ay soo saareen kuwa ka leexday Manhajka toosan wuxuuna ka faaleeyay Acmaasha kooxda labaxday Ictisaam iyo Mugdiga ay Umadda Muslimka ah lamaaganyihiin. Markii uu in mudda ah hadlayay Sheykh Fu’aad waxaa is hayn karin waayay Sheykh Jaamac C/salaam oo kamid ah culimada Soomaaliyeed islamarkaana xubin ka ah Kooxda Ictisaam ee Sheykh Fu’aad ceebahooda oo dhan Masjidka ka sheegay Ugu dambayntii Sheykh Jaamac C/salaam wuxuu sheegay in Wadaadada ku shiray Garowe aysan aaminsanayn Caqiidada Ahlusuna islamarkaana ay yihiin Murji’o, Ururka Ictisaam ayaa ka mid ah Ururada sida weyn u hagar daameeyay Jihaadka ka socda Somaliya islamarkaana maamulada reer galbeedka usoo dhisaan Soomaaliya u Fatwooda si ay shacabka Soomaaliyeed ugu jiha wareeraan Sheykhu wuxuu cadeeyay in isagu uu kamid ahaa Hay’addii culimada Musaalaxada xiligii ay jirtay guddigii loo saaray in uu shabaab lasoo xaajoodo dood dheer kadibna ay Shabaabku soo bandhigeen Manhajkooda ka dibna uu ogaaday in Shabaabku ay sax sanyihiin oo ay Caqiidada Ahlusuna haystaan halka Ictisaamna ay Irjaa’yihiin, dhibka jirana uu yahay Culimadii oo Adduunyo doortay oo xaqqa ka leexday islamarkaana aduunyo jaceylku ku riixayo in ay Fatwo ka soo saaraan wax walba oo dantoodu ku jirto. Taa waa qodob. Tan kale oo bayaanka, maanan arkin, laakin marka aad hada ee sheegtay inay bayaan soo saareen waan akhriyay, waana bayaan runtii ka daran bayaan-kii hore ay soo sareen. They implied that the Mujahideen were indirectly responsible for the massacre in the Bakaro market. They stated this in a clever way that would give them plausible deniability if they were ever challenged(example: kooxaha isku hayo somaliya). They laid the blame of the massacre, as well as the situation in Somalia, collectively on the "warring parties". That means the foriegn-led, foriegn-financed TFG Frankestein and the Mushrikeen(they are too cowardly to call them mushrikeen) are on the same level and footing as the Mujahideen....in the warped illogical logic of the Garowe Murji'ah. An ignorant bayaan coming from men who are wholly ignorant of fiqh-ul-waaqic. And you want me to respect these men ? Because they can speak (broken) arabic(have u the seen bashiir salaad jazeera interview ?) Because of the good work they did in the past ? taasi waa mid ayaga uu taalo, maanta'se saf'ka waxay ku jiraan oo gacan uu noqdeen cadow-ga Umada Soomaliyeed, ilaa ay ka soo towbad-keenaan saf-kaas ayaa ku tirinaynaa.
  19. Originally posted by Meiji: This sad new chapter had been opened by the religious warlords of Alshabab. Not long ago, they attacked a mosque in Basra (M.Shabelle) and killed 7 people who were inside the mosque praying. According to Al Shabab, it was a 'suffi mosque, where people were committing shirk''. http://allafrica.com/stories/200912070083.html Illahay ah u naxaristo to the innocent. Ash'hadu anaka ka'thaab-un-ashir. But naked lies are only to be expected from a graduate of the School of Moor.yaan'nimo, with a specialization in Dhil, Dhac, & Kufsi studies. AllAfrica is a news aggregator, not a news site...do you know what that means, yaa ahbal ? It collects anything africa-related and publishes it, no matter how bogus. The more web traffic it can draw, the more advertising dollars it earns. They probably pulled this fictitious story from waagacusub or Mushrikeen-News.com. But you're kinda like Johnny-come-lately to the shameless lies game, waxaa kaaga horeeyay the sell-out Murji'ah scholars sitting in Garowe who remain silent and haven't issued any fatwa on the Bakaaro massacre. Apparently, these 'Holy Scholars' only have a green light to issue a fatwa when it's in the interest of Ethiopia and against the Mujahideen; as for worshippers being massacred in a mosque...nah, no biggie. It's just another day in the fitnah caused by the khawaarij. Qashin'kaas aa markaas sheeganaayo theological legitimacy, oh how very nice So I'm not suprised. Naked lies are the tools of defeated, discredited men, be they sell-out scholars or secular-nationalists.
  20. ^^ Hey Anwar, I just found a exclusive news report that covered your wedding ceremony. Congrats, Dude! Ukhtil Ghaaliyah Um Zamzam, Walaal, My post wasn't directed at you, it was directed at a confused brother who goes by the handle of Norfsky/Norf. Waa nin qalbi-fiican oo Islaam-ka jecel laakin cilmiga sharciga iyo aqoon'ta deenta aa ku yar, marka si sahlan aa loo siri karaa, oo Munaafiq Shariif iyo gaalo-raaca TFG aa dhuufsadeen Norf. I was trying to nudge him back to the Xaq by showing him how exposed and trifling his position and argument was. And true to form, he replied with a one-liner. Again, aqoon'ta aa ku yar. Jazaakallahu khayral jazaa walaal, bishaaraat'ka aa noo soo gudbinaysid. Qof walbo Alle jecel oo qalbiiigeesa iimaan ku ku jiro woo ku farxaa; qof'kasto oo munaafiq ah'ne woo ka naxaaa, ee dathaal'ka sii wad, wallahu macaka.
  21. Jabhad & AT&T, If it is as you say, then that is good news. Much as I disagree with the ONLF's secular approach and divisive politicking, as long as gumaca rasaas'ta iyo guuxa madaafiic'da ay ku guraayaan Xabashi In-jirley, I am forced to support them. Laakin ayaan daro waxay noqonaysaa if they also concot a sham of a disgraceful 'peace deal', like Shaykh Ibrahim Dheere recently did.(May Allah forgive him, waa nin aa khayr badan ku naqaano laakin, caqli-xumo iyo ta'waeel khaldan baa qaaday). Wexii xoog lagu qaatay, xoog oo kaliya aa lagu soo celiyaa.
  22. ^^ Actually, I've read before in more than one publication that the ONLF was 'affiliated'(for the lack of a better word) with the Xabashi gov before they took up arms, but this is what Google turned up: An interview where ONLF head Osman skirts around this issue but doesn't address it head-on: [Asharq Al-Awsat] When was the ONLF founded, and what are the goals for which it is fighting? [Osman] The ONLF was founded in 1984, but began armed action 10 years later, in 1994, after the ruling party in Ethiopia reneged on its promises to the political parties and to the peoples of Ethiopia and revoked an agreement to resolve the ****** issue in a peaceful way. The front's goal is to liberate this region from the Ethiopian occupation. So from 1984 to 1994, ONLF was part of Ethiopian gov ? Or at the very least, a political party that abided by Ethiopian constitution ? Does this not mean that they recognise Ethiopia's claim ? Whereas the thoroughbreds consider every last square inch of Somali Galbeed to be Somali-Muslim soil, inviolable territory, that is not up for negotiation, but wexii xoog lagu qaatay, xoog baa lagu soo celiyaa ? Can you see the difference now ? Another major problem: Asharq Al-Awsat] As leader of the ONLF, do you consider yourself an Ethiopian citizen, a Somali citizen, or a citizen of another nationality? [Osman] I do not want to answer this question at present and [Asharq Al-Awsat] Do you believe that O'ia is an Ethiopian or Somali region or what? [Osman] Currently, O'ia is a region occupied by Ethiopia. Ethiopia calls it the fifth province of Ethiopia, where Somalis live. But it is the Somali people in the region who will have the final say in this matter. We call for holding a free referendum. When this question is put to them, everything will be settled. Nin Somalinimada inkiraayo sidee baa uu taageeraysa ? Magacii Soomaliyeed buu ka cararaa. Or is this considered 'diblumaasiyah' ? Source
  23. ^^ Intaa qosol-gareer'ka iska dhaaftid, ka jawaab su'uaasha If I am not mistaken ONLF was part of the government during the transitional period in early 1990s True or False ? I wonder how crushed and disillusioned you'll become once you find out the ONLF signed a 'peace deal'(read: naked surrender) with Tigray dictatorship.
  24. Norf, baryahaan waad aamusantahay oo waa niyad jabsantahay that the entity you gave all that support to is falling apart like a house of cards....ee do you have any comment on this latest "good news" ? Hordatha ka kac, abti. Waala gartay Xiin and his Murji'ah teachers in Garowe...waa dad lunsan oo jah-wareer dhinaca caqeedatha ka haayo, who think they are being "good strong muslims" by listening to Amiir-ul-Mu'mineen Sharif(appointed by the Caliph in Addis). Laakin adiga, you supported the TFG because you (erroneously) thought that it would bring back peace and security, flawed as it may be. Scandal after scandal, your support never wavered. Why ? Because "good things are coming". Because "Shariif is a man of peace". Because "the TFG is all about peaceful negotiations" Ilaa goorma marka aa sidaa isugu shaykaynaysaa ? For how long will you be mired in the swamp of Is-qancis, abti ? Will you be like those old fools who gather around starbucks every day re-fighting the civil war in their heads, each claiming they won ? Time has left them by. Will time leave you as stranded and clueless as them ?
  25. ^^ Hadal wanaagsan oo miizaaman, waana mida aan sugaayay(golahaan cantar-baqash'ka aa ku batay), laakin dhuluc'da warkaagu waa too generalised, ee aanu qeexno specifics-ka: - Ugu horayn, adiga shaqsi ahaan kuma haysti. In the framework of this discussion, adiga waxaa matalaysaa nithaam'ka jaahiliga ee TFG/Puntland oo ku dhisan qabiil, qabyaalad, and above all, gaal cadow kalkaal in magan loo noqdo. Aniga'na waxaa matalayaa nithaam'ka suuban ee Alle(ie, ku xukun'ka shareecada) iyo fitrah saleem(universal nature) oo Alle nagu abooray(Gobonimo, Sinaansho, Dulmiga-in la diido, Cadowga la iska celiyo, Miskeen'ka la difaaco oo la caawiyo etc). Marka, ha uu qaadanin ereyaha aan ku daho personally, waxay ku socdaan nithaam'ka aa support-gareysid(whether by silent approval or full-throated endorsement, doesn't matter). No serious observer of the Somali political scene will question the fact that both Faroole and Sharif, men you support(correct me if i'm mistaken), are Xabashi playthings/stooges/agents/etc who are subservient (key word) to Ethiopia and depend on it, along with other foriegn forces(Dyncorp, Amisom), for the very existence of their puppet-entities. Without that external support(aka grand treason), they will cease to exist and be refugees like Abdullahi Yusuf. I have never heard anybody, regardless of their political outlook, dispute these facts, ee hadaa adiga intaas dacwo ka qabtid, soo sheeg. Intaa kadib, anigoo cuskanaayo labada ayah ee aan hore soo xusay, waaxan leeyahy intaan: Waxaan kuugu yeeraayaa Ku xukun'ka Shareeca Islaamiga iyo in laga foogaado wax walbo oo ka soo horjeedo deen'teena. Waxaan kuugu yeeraayaa qabyaalada laga foogaado, lana dhumiyo(demolish) arin'kasta oo qabyaalad ku leg leh. Waxaan kuugu yeeraaya in si wada-jir gacmaha isuqabsano oo aan iska kicino dhuliga iyo hawaan'ka oo boqlaal sano aan ku jirnay. Waxaan kuugu yeeraaya in nin wal-bo magac beeleed ku dagaalamaayo ama wax ku dhisaayo in laga hortago oo la jabiyo. Intaas hadaa iga aqbashid(and I don't think we will differ, as most Somalis are in agreement when it comes to the above), intaan ku dahaa: Waxaan kuugu yeeraaya inaa aqbashid Dhalinyarta isu xilqaamay, deed'na uu istaagay, siday Umada Soomaliyeed oo Xalaasha aga badbaadin'lahaayeen mugdiga qabyaalada oo baahsan iyo gumaca gumaysiga gaalo(twin intertwined snakes that have consumed Somalia for centuries, one domestic, the other foriegn; both will be exterminated), ayaago ku dhaqaaqeen hirgalinta Shareecada Alle iyo burburinta Shirkaga meel walbo ay gaaraan, iyo soo celinta Qaran Soomaliyeed oo Xoog-weyn. Hadaba, hadaa intaas iga ogalaatid adiga iyo dad'ka aa matalaysid, wa wallahi, waxaad arkaysa Soomaliya oo idil, gees-ka-gees, oo daga'naansho iyo amn wa amaan ku furmatay. Waxaad arkaysaa, inshallah, inay dumar ama marwo Soomaliyeed gaari Landcruiser kaligeed wadato ay ka soo baxtho Zaylac, ay markaas vacation ama fasax oo aado Kismaayo ayadoo ku socoto Macalin Aadam Xaashi Ceyrow Super-Highway, oysan ka baqaynin moooriyaan xun ama maleeshiyo uu geysta dhil, dhac, ama kufsi.(all of which happens in TFGland/Puntland every day and every night) Waxaad arkaysaa burcad'da(kuwa dhul-ka iyo kuwa bad'da ba) oo fii laylatin wa dhuxaahaa ku disappear-gareeyay. No committees. No long-term study to delineate effective ways to combat piracy. No multi-million dollars spent on 'combating piracy; money that is offically slated for embezzlement. No, abti. Fii laylatin waa dhuxaahaa oo keliya!(One night and it's morning), will piracy and banditry be wiped out. These are not mere claims, but actual occurences whose fruits the people of Somalia are enjoying right now. You read with your own eyes how the pirates of Xaardheere ran away into the wilderness after only hearing of the impending advance of the Sons of Somalia. Maqal dhag oo kaliya , Talk about effective law enforcement :cool: Laakin, abti, waxaa ayaan daro ah ina tiraah'did, oo hadal-kaagu ka dareemaayaa: "War Kashafa, muslim baan ahay, ku xukun-shareecada waan ogolahay, soomali oo dal-kiisa, dad-kiisa, iyo deen-tiisa jecel baan ahay....... LAAKIN(the big but), Ethiopia iyo anaga waxaa naga dhaxeeyo xiriir adag oo daris wanaag. 4.5'na waa isku xukumaynaa, qaab beeleed'na waan uu shirayna waayo aabayaashay baa sidaaas nagu soo bar-baareen oo tarbiyadoodii baan wadanaa. Marka ninyahow, dagaal iyo fitno looma baahno, ee adinku sidaad raabtaan wax uu maamula, laakinse Puntland/Somaliland/TFGland hadaanu nahay, hana soo faragelinin." Hadee sidaas noqoto xaal-ku, waxaa isku cazoomteen, bimaa kasabat aydeekum(wax aa gacmahiina ku fasheen), dagaal ba'an oo naxaariis la hayn iyo joogsasho toona ilaa aa so towbadkeentaan oo jidka toosan ee siraat-ul-mustaqeem ku soo hagaag'taan. Dagaal'kaas wax walbo oo ka dasho, waxaa mas'uuliyada qaadaayo waa adinka! Intii aakhiro la gaarin'na, taarikh madow iyo nolol maheen baa ku sugnaa'nayseen. Laakin again, waxaa rajeynaa adiga iyo dadkaagu(TFG/Puntland, kuwa lunsan oo xabash adoon uu noqday) inaa waantoob'teen oo caqliga furatiin, oo intaa aragti xeel dheer wax ku feerisiin is weydiisiin: "Dan miyaa noogu jirta inaa dhuli'gaan ku noolaano ? Dan miyaa noogu jirta inaa dal'kaygu gaalo igu isticmaarasadaan ? Maalin kasto wadaad miskeen in masaajid lagu qafaasho oo la dhoofiyo ma Xaq baa ? In khayraat'ka badeena la iska gurto iyo in amxaar-qashin sida banooni lanagu ciyaaro ma wax sax aa ? How you answer those questions and what decisions you reach will determine, in large part, which of the the following phone calls from Dahar/Maakhir you recieve in the near future: Phone call A: "Al-xamdulilah, Mahad oo idil Illahay ba uu sugnaatay. Hunguri-ow, dabayl macaan aa naga soo gaaratay xagaa iyo koonfur. Wallahi Somalia aa sidaan noqonayso weligay ma is-dahaynin. Hunguri-ow, qurbo aa ku maqan'tahay laakin hadaa arki lahayd barwaaqada, naxariista, iyo weliba walaal'tinamda nalago soo ****olay, danbi dhaaf ayaa Ilaahay warsan lahayd gaf-ka aa uu gefi jirtay Mujahideenta iyo dacaayada raqiis'ka aa meelaha la taagnayd. War magaaladii oo dhan waa barwaaqo: Zakaat-ul-maal'kiii waxaa Dahar iyo Cerigabo laga furay 2 isbitaal cusub iyo hal dugsi sare oo tacleenta Science'ka. Jidad'kii oo dhan waalaga tir'tiray burcadii iyo maleshiyaadii, oo waxaa dhul wareegaayo Xisba patrols oo amaan'ka sugaayo. Ganacsigii cir-ka uu isku shareeray oo kaalay arag gawaarida xamool'ka iyo bakhaaraha dhilaaci rabo alab iyo maacoon ka buuxdo. Intaas oo dhan mida ka muhiimsan: Ilaahay mooye qof aa ka cabsanayno ma jiro. Ilaahay mooye qof aa madaxa oo raaricinayno ma jiro. Waxaan dareemaynaa inay soo laabatay shariftii Soomaliyeed oo lunsanaa intaas oo sano. Fal-xamdulilah, wal-shukrulilah." Taa waa mid, tan kale: Phone call B : "Alaaaaaaaaaaaa Tol'aaaaaaay Ba'aaaaaaay'yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, waanala xasooqaaaaaay. Hoogaaaaa Ba'aaay. 900 boqol ee wiilasha Tol-ka aa dagaal'ka ku dhinteen. Ayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Faroole intoo na difaaci lahaa, Addis Abba ayoo uu cararay. Janaral Ilko-jiir'na Hargeisa ayoo iska dhiibay oo guriga Jacayl-Baro of SOL ayoo marti ku yahay, waxuuna dalbaday ninkii Hunguri ahaa si deg deg inoo usoo diro boqol doolar oo jaat iyo sigaar ku gato. Alayaay, ma sidaan baa noo dambaysay." Waa iga waano, waxaana ku waaniyo qof ka naxaayo: ciil iyo caro iyo qab-weyni iyo maleeshiyo-arooris will not avail you. Rag kaa kibir badan oo kaa xoog-badan aa is waal'waal'een oo jinni isku riday, meesha ay mareen kaagama shaykaynaayi ee indahaagu aa ku aragtaa, Soomaliweyn'na waa ka shaahid(witness). Whether tommorow brings heartbreak or happiness is up to you: Your choice, Your bed. Make it well, then sleep in it. (When replying, keep in mind that my post is not directed to Hunguri the individual(who i'm sure is reer magaal baysaani) but to Hunguri the TFG/Puntland supporter. Also, hadal-kaygu wuxuu ku socdaa niman'ka dhaboqhoodi ee fadhiya Garowe, Hargeisa, iyo Xamar oo ku riyoonaayo inay xukun sii haysandoonaan....kuwaas waxaa leehay: Alays al-subxu bi qareeb)