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  1. arabs always overheat easily and start hyperventilating. psychos all of them.
  2. ^ How did the admin allow this troll into SOL is beyond me. he posts garbage every time, insults our president and is a big qabiilist. ADMIN pls ban this fool.
  3. ^ Ganacstada kenya waa is ka jua kali. waa naadir wax isku habeysan, i know because i have been staying in eastleigh. their business plan can aptly be described as ku dufo ka daqaaq. somalis are known to destroy the markets they enter within short space of time, causing headaches for other people. who have figured the only way to escape them to move higher up the chain. they should learn from the real business people, and stop be headless chickens without any plans.
  4. Mario are you serious?? red tape?! you make it sound like there is semblance of governance, it's total ungoverned space. somalis don't have capacity to begin with. even the so called SL, PL are rudimentary fiedoms which can't even implement a basic monetary system to help their businessmen. i don't even rate these so called businessmen, illiterates who just eking out a livelihood. most of what passes for commerce is export and import. anyways you can't have business without laws and stable country period.
  5. ganacstada xamar joogta sow ma ogid inay war lords ahaayeen. how do you expect virtue and rule of law from them. xaaraan ku naax, ina aidiid, indha cadde etc were all businessman first then warlords.
  6. loool, i was being sarcastic dude, you picked the conversation from the last part. read the first posts.
  7. Habaar ka naga daa waryaa. 2030 we are functiong stable, economically booming country with no fatuudlands anymore. we will look back and children will learn about the crazy period of civil war never to repeat the mistakes again.
  8. why do solers have to be privy to every baby born to a member. we don't care.
  9. ma favorite city was xamar cadey before it was infiltrated by the hutus aka moryaan and now crazy islamists. no other city is close even, actually somalia has just one city the rest are towns and tuulos.
  10. then he should fire gaas and ina seed ASAP. waa useless.
  11. I'm talking about technocrats, not political people. preferably from his clan so that he does not take it the wrong way.
  12. i don't even understand the world atheist to be honest. i hear athiest this and that, explain for me.
  13. somalia needs a functioning central bank not money printing, that is why we need educated people in power, macalin dugsi can't understand modern state functions. does he have advisers?
  14. you and somalia are the epitome of what i call the "LITTLE PUNTLANDER SYNDROME". constantly agitated and insecure, ready to insult, grandstand, and engage in bombastic tirades to overcompensate. youre an embarassement to the people of puntland. shut up, and also don't forget to change your avatar it's not yours.
  15. Players: 1. RVP; a symbol of dutch cowardice and lack of big match temperament. 2. Jerome boateng; terrible defender who loses concentration far too often, in fault for just watching cassano cross for balotelli. 3. Theodor Gebrasellaise; utter rubbish, the czechs didn't want be left out of the multicultural party of the neighbors i guess. 4. simon poulsen; another mediocre defender who leaves you scratching your head as to why he has been picked. 5. Ashley young; epl garbage and symbol of english lack of football IQ. countries: 1. Netherlands. 2. Russia. 3. Croatia.
  16. Ditoore, this looks like a classroom or a lecture hall not a parliament. this is not cool
  17. They are distinguishable physically from hutus in away that a kikuyu is from a luo, or even kamba. but for asians or europeans they are indistinguishable of course. so don't go overboard, i have both tutsi and hutu friends and they never mistake one for another. of course you could get the odd ambigous looks fella. genetics wise they are separate but do share certain genes as people who will intermarry in a certain area. that said they not cushites nor descended from the horn. still i do suspect they are not entirely of negro stock, some admixture somewhere.
  18. Just another ME consumption model built on hydrocarbon riches. it's the ultimate fantasy dream of the lazy and incompetent, you just sit back and let others do all the all work and while you bank billions without sweat. nothing to be envious about.
  19. dude are trying wind up folks here?