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  2. salafi da'wah is not good. These guys are the kings imams in saucdi-arabia.´ And go to that room, Thye will arabize you in 1 second. Names like "Ummu-Ahmed" by thje ways its not "UMMU" ITS UMM-AHMED. AND NAMES LIKE"ABU MUCAD". The salafis are offshoot from al-itixad. I hope the somalis will realize that this is from saudi-arabia.
  3. the very very sad thing is that just becouse somalis moved to "white" western world ofcourse the whites see us as "black". They see everyone darket then them as black. But do you know the swedes see the sri linkans as "black"????? So there is something wrong here. Somalis are a unique people related to the ancient egyptians. Just go to a somali maakhayahad you will see somalis with with kuinda straight hair and caucsaoisd feuters. Same case with ethiopians (xabash). Dont deny your heritage, We have NOTHING common with jareer. An example for you guys is see the child of an jareer man and white woman, The child will be kinda looking like a somali with little lighte slin complexion. Your a Somali, In the horn of Africa, Where prophet muhammad sallahu alayhi wasalam companions fled to. You are an arab your are an african, most important your a somali.
  4. the whole article is comical! Nigerian troops, Ugandan, lol! Think about it, How can peace keppers come whe they are even not wanted? If americans failed while jareer with aids solve it? I 'am saying the truth. What somalia needs is plenty of dollars from arab states (why should we deny our arab heritage) and plenty of soldiers from them. And peace keepers from yemen, eritrea sudan. and sorry, I am not the same race as jareer. It's sad that somalis abroad are agreeing to be identfied as "black" when they have a culture a proud heritage. Ever seen chinese agreeing to be called " yellows"?? about the aids, It the truth, Read the article i posted, It says "AFRICAS SOLDIERS DYING OF AIDS". When these jareer see beutifull somali women (one of the beutufill races) dont you think they will go to prostiutes?
  5. be realistic, Uganda? Nigeria? who more? south africa` For all of you please read this article from bbc says that south african army is dying from AIDS. What the somalis were saying was att all not lite, It was the truth. Yes, I want arab-troops and northern sudani troops. Not jareer. Aids 'killing Africa's soldiers' http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/3824875.stm HIV/Aids has decimated African populations Aids is the leading cause of death in military and police forces in Africa, according to research. A study carried out by scientists in Nigeria says Aids could now be responsible for more than half the deaths in these services. The researchers interviewed about 500 Nigerian naval officers. Almost a third of those interviewed admitted having had sex with prostitutes, with nearly a half saying they did not use a condom. Many knew how HIV was transmitted, but more than 50% thought a cure for Aids was already available. The research was published in the Biomedcentral Public Health Journal. Lifestyle link In further work the scientists also reviewed much of the available data on HIV in the military. According to the scientists, this type of lifestyle - being posted away from partners for long periods of time - encourages soldiers to have sex elsewhere and has lead to HIV being a major problem in many African countries. Discussions are already under way between naval authorities and doctors to address the problem. Tackling the issue in the military, the authors say, is one of the most realistic ways of controlling the spread of HIV across Nigeria. The country has one of the world's highest numbers of people living with the Aids virus, according to Nigeria's health minister. Eyitayo Lambo has said that some 2.3m Nigerians had already died from Aids, while 3.8m were HIV positive. Only South Africa and India have more people infected with HIV.
  6. Originally posted by raula: ^^^your thinking is as eroded as your linguistic capabilities. You dont only need help but also some Psycho-analytic restructuring my dear. Allaha kuu gargaaro for your sake-with such mentality. Jareer or not-they are your fellow africans (otherwise migrate from the continent :rolleyes: ) and many whom are innocent muslims as well. Ma'salaama. How should I call sub saharan africa? The term sub saharan africa is a term for the black africa, mainly the jareer. Sister, The only thing I am saying that Uganda, Nigeria and these people who have there own problems are unable to solve the somali problems.
  7. Salam-alaykom bros and sisters. I would say that its rather disctrimnatary to define a somali by clan. There are somalis who dont belong to "sab and samaale". That map forgot the xamari people of somalia,
  8. salam-alaykum. I have been in shock these days how some somalis are defending there support for ethiopia. The feirce enemenity betwene the amhara and the somalis have been known for a thousand of years. Begenning with Imam Ahmed ibn ghazi (gurray) capture of most of ethipia to now. It's sad that even we as somalis are veen debating weather we want ethopian troops in our countrey. Sadly some see Uganda a poor african nation hit by aids. When I heard about Aida and Uganda I thought it was the old somali way of seing people of Uganda as "blacks/jareer), But this wanst the case, The warlords are true, Uganda has aids rate of 33%. third of teh peopluation. If 10 000 jareer with aids came this would couse enermous problems. Overlooking aids, how will a poor african nation help somlaia when they even couldt help darfur? May Allah help us all. The way I see it, A force from Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen and Saudi-arabia would do the work good as these are reagional players.
  9. Ugandans? Nigerians? What possibly do we have in common with these people? Before If nigerian troops come how cna they come to people that seems them as "blacks"?? Uganda? a countrey that has an aids rate of 33%?? Somalia is one of the ancient races of africa , A rase that was known in ancient egypt, I dont understand how bantus/jareer will make peace in somalia. I all somalis solve this issue between themselves, May Allah give us peace between our hearts!
  10. Smile and the world will smile with you. Best advice any1 has ever given me!