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  1. We all know Somalia is there for the $$$$ You don't know what the future holds. Maybe one day Somalia might be the strongest country in that group. Don't laugh. Because the Arabians from the ARabian Peninsula were poorer than Somalia one day.
  2. A lot of Kenyan fighters featured in this one Comments?
  3. Still blaming Somaliland and Siyad Barre for your savageness.
  4. ^ LOOOOL. Wallahi you are right according to them his days have been numbered since 2009, and the Somali army has been getting back on its feet since 2008 yet they Ethiopia needs to reinvade to do their job. Blind people wallahi. Only way Xamar is gonna get peace is if they find the Dragonballs, summon the dragon and revive Siyad Barre.
  5. HAG can't run a country by themselves, heck they can't even run a city by themselves. Cadaan supervisors are needed.
  6. Its losing ground to Ethiopian troops don't make it sound like the Qat chewing bantu looking Somali troops had anything to do with it. Besides same *&^& different day, they will be back within a few months. Look at Somaliland and even Puntland to an extent and see how they deal with it and no - it doesn't involve tanks.
  7. Inna lillahi! He gets rich and instead of hooking up with a xalimo he gets some Bantu that looks like a boy! No racist but look at the first pic, wallahi I thought it was a guy.
  8. I don't like them, but they serve a purpose. Having this here is unacceptable. Somalis are proud people being opressed by our own is managable but Xabashis !>!>!>
  9. Give Somalia its independence if you can't even secure the capital.
  10. No only mobile internet was banned, not normal internet because drones can find them that way or something.
  11. Hasbunullah wa nicmal wakeel. Somalia used to train pilots of other African countries, give visa to South African freedom fighters. Play power politics with the mightiest.... and Today we celebrate a ETHIOPIAN university!
  12. No Kenyans, no Ugandans, no Ethiopians. It doesn't feel like Somalia.
  13. ^ Don't be silly their spokesperson Ali Dhere is always around, just like the other guy. Stop with the conspiracy talk.
  14. The Somali government can't help 10.000 in Xamar, you think they can help those trapped in S. Sudan. They'll have to wait for Qatar/Western help.
  15. LOL - this wannabe Thug from Canada met some REAL thugs (even though I think it's fake so he could get more money!) But this is old. From 2010
  16. So I assume Salax's tribe is from Berbera and Mustafe is from Silaanyos tribe?
  17. Least likeable human beings? That's a bit too far. People that "hate" us here are usually some crackhead chav cadaans and Black Britons that don't even know who their own father is. To the rest we're just seen as one of those immigrant communities like Bengalis, Arabs etc.
  18. He can't unless it's from some Evangelic websites. Somalia is a tribal community. No way that one family remained Christian through generations. Also, when did Christianity spread in Somalia? We went from Waaq to Islaam. So how did these people turn Christian? They didn't. Except SOME individuals that converted and are now married to Polish women, or something like that.
  19. There are no Somali Christians, stop with this nonsense, people won't consider you "advanced" just for having Christians or Christmas. The only Christians we have are some Daqan cilis living in Norway that have never seen the country and will never go back or some Faaraxs that got seduced by their money/food in refugee camps
  20. Blue, yellow, pink government buildings. Representing the clowns that work there.
  21. LOL at these peasants that worship Cadaans, they think that just by being a democracy the country will have development, peace, stability etc. Look at Greece.