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  1. Nothing news just another dog trying to be rich from this bulshit called federal government scamp
  2. hunguri big foot waa ka ridin hogobyo shaydaaane mar haddaanu heeg dheer lahayn ama hoggaan ceeje wax hubaal ah inuu ka imaan haradii ciideeye bal maxaa hobyo u dhigay carradu kal higaal roone haaweeyda aan dhacay maxaa haatufka u geeyey hadday diinta soo haybiyaan kuma hungoobeen sayidka oo ku tufaya labada qolaba oo leh may inaga ii yimaadaan anaa dhaama labadaba. halkaaas ka fiiri
  3. good answer abwaan every one should learn from the past mistakes and it should not be repeated and all should move forward not backward. we need new thinking and new solution to our problems no the old ones.
  4. xiinfaniin;886819 wrote: ... Madaxweynahan Kismayo laga celin la'yahay asagoonba dawladiisii weli la dhaarin, soo najjaaso ma rimana looooooooooooooool shaki kuma jiro inuu rimman yahay laakiin waa la ummullinyaa waaa anaa arkaynaa waxaa uu dahlo laakin inuu dhiciyo bay u badan tahay. hadda ka hor waxaa dhacdy oday nabaddoon ah ka socday koonfurta mudug waqtiguna waa sideetamaadkii dagaaladddii sokeeyo ka hor ayadoo lga hadlayo nabad baa waxuu yiri nabaddoonkii aryaa sacad waa rimman yahay waxaan uu rimman yahay colaad, markaas ninoday ah oo meesha jooga waxuu u jawabaay hadduu socad riman yahay ninkii rimaiyay waa joogaa.. hadda waa maddaaxweyna xasan waa riman yahay waxuu rimaman yahay tolow
  5. Mr gaas waa waa nin aqoon iyo shaqsiyad fiican leh wax wayn buuna ka badali karaa siyaasadda punland oo ay ragaadisay hoggaan xumo iyo musuqmaasuq waxaan rajaynayaa inuu noqdo madaxwyanahay puntlanad ee next five years that is the hope every one in punland
  6. lol very funny, dammu jaddiid waaba sheeka cusub oo gadmaysaaa
  7. Abwan and co are trying to stop and stoppable lol, there will be jubba land and there will be another state in Bay,bakool and shabellada,hoose, marka trainka intuusan idinka tagan tuulooyinkiina maamul iyo nadaam u samaysta , kismaayo maahan magaalo somaliyeed waa magaalo ******* sida muqdisho u tahay magaalo ******. lol damn magacyadu ma shaynayaan


    Jacaylbaro;882603 wrote: looooooooool that is crazy


    nice thread. may be some of those people have realized their dreams but it is difficult to predict the future and only God knows where we would be after 13 years. hopefully all will be living and enjoying their lives. .
  10. he is president for Dammu jadiid( his NGO) not for Somalia.
  11. good case study for somalia's reconstruction
  12. Apophis;875144 wrote: Lol “chai ni Kismayo” I second that. what does it mean
  13. da'daas oo kale markay gaaraan carabtu waxaa ay ugu yeeraaan cajuusah waxba lagama qoro.
  14. Sayid*Somal;874750 wrote: 1. Cabdiyow calaacal iyo way ciil ma bi'iyaane 2. Weligaa catow baad taqaan sida carruureede 3. Waad uun cabaaddaa siddii caamadoo kale e 4. Caqli haddii aad leedahay wax baa la citibaarshaaye 5. Cindigaa wax laga fiiriyaa caynka ay noqone 6. Cudhka laguma soo dhego waxaan kuu cuntamihayne :D ;; lool innama caadi maahan
  15. lol if the people of galkacyo decide that they want to be a federal Territory i think no one is going to stop them. it should be decided by the people and the government not you mr HAATUU
  16. in federalism there is some thing called federal territory or A Union Territory. federal territory is an administrative division in the federal framework of governance. Unlike the states , which have their own elected governments, union territories are ruled directly by the federal government. if some parts of Somalia can not form their own state the federal government will directly rule it. so it is not mandatory that every region should be part of state. in the future Somalia may consist of several states and number of federal territories . i think those who are talking about hiiran and other places can now relax lol
  17. lool Amiir godane , ok sir good lucky for your recognition and carry on.
  18. xaaji xundhuf, suppose somaliland decides to morrow that it will unite with the rest of somalia. which one do you think they would prefer federalism or unitary system. in my opinion they will choose federalism therefore i don't understand why you two don't like federalism in Somalia or you just opposing it for the sake opposing.
  19. according to the obove article the president advisors from only one group called new blood which is of shoot of islaax part, nin laga sheegay ma anaan garan geela doofaarku laayay
  20. This brings us to the question of who is advising the new president. There are, so far, three close advisors that we know of: Farah Abdulkhadir, Abdikarim H. Guled, and Dr. Mohamed Ali Dodishe. Some other figures like Dr. Sadiq Enow, also an Islamist, are said to be in Mogadishu now for consultation. It is not clear if he was summoned to Mogadishu by the new president or he went there on his own. Enow is a medical doctor and an accomplished author of several Somali books on the history of Somalia. He is a quiet man, bookish, well-mannered, and articulate. His Achilles Heel is that, like his powerful friends, he has no experience in politic Farah Abdulkhadir is the man mentioned as the major presidential advisor. Abdulkhadir is a member of the parliament and one of the people who encouraged Mohamoud to run for the presidency. The two are believed to be good friends and share the same approach in dealing with Somalia’s pernicious problems. Abdulkhadir was, until recently, a manager of the Kuwait-based Islamic organization named AMA (Africa Muslims Agency), and has a degree in Islamic studies. He is, of course, an Islamist and a bright individual. Contrary to rumors that he is the power behind the president, Abdulkhadir is an advisor with whom the president feels comfortable. All indications are that Mohamoud is his own man and, hence, does not carry water for anyone. Dr. Mohamed Ali Dodishe is another close advisor of the new president and a longtime friend. Dodishe was once the head of the Al-Shahid Centre for Research and Media Studies, an Islamic nonprofit group. He is not as well-known as his father: Ahmed Sheikh Ali Ahmed Burale, a onetime faction leader from Jubbaland and a former leader of the Somalia National Front (SNF). Burale was once the head of the Somalia Appellate Court and a legal advisor to President Abdiqasim Salad Hassan. He had written books in Somali and even translated the classic literary book, Kalila Wa Dimna, by Abdalla Ibn Moqfa’a, which is a collection of fables of people and animals. For those who know Dr. Dodishe, he is an intellectual who articulates his thoughts frankly, but he is also cautious to a fault. Abdikarim Hussein Guled is one of the top leaders, and perhaps, the most respected figure of Dam al-Jadid (New Blood) and a key advisor of President Mohamoud. Guled became the the head of AMA after Farah Abdulkhadir had left. He is best known for being the chief of FPENS (Formal Private Education Network in Somalia). A source familiar with Guled has described him as “the brain and the person who understands the complexity of Mogadishu the most.” While any president has the right to surround himself with friends and loyalists, it takes guts and a high level of self-confidence to seek out opposing viewpoints. Barack Obama shocked the world when he made his once avowed political rival in the Democratic Party primaries− Hillary Clinton− his secretary of state. The new president has to prove to the country that he has –aside from his friends of Dam al-Jadid Jadid − an array of advisors who can be frank with him and who form the microcosm of Somali society: women, non-Islamists, traditional elders, and the youth. He is, after all, the president of all Somalia and not just the leader of one group.
  21. 012 President Mohamud of Somalia Presdient Hassan Sh. Mohamoud Over the last two weeks, Somalia has experienced seismic political changes. A sitting president, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, found himself left in the dust by a newcomer, Hassan Sh. Mohamoud, who defeated him in a landslide. The Al-Shabab group has started a massive campaign of suicide bombings in Mogadishu that have led to the death of many people, including a parliamentarian. The new president has given several interviews, but he has yet−until the writing of this article−to appoint a prime minister. While it is difficult to gauge his intentions, Mohamoud has so far made proclamations that are reassuring to a country that was torn apart by radicalism, civil war, and dysfunction. But he has also said things that make some people scratch their heads and ponder about who is counseling the president. In an interview with the VOA, Mohamoud made remarks that appeared to show his naiveté. He pleaded with “his friends” not to be upset with him if he did not appoint them as prime minister. The logical question is: Mr. President, how many people are we talking about? There are at least two verified cases in which Mohamoud and two other politicians – both highly educated – made an agreement with Mohamoud only for the new president to forsake them. These two individuals were promised the plum job of prime minister and are ruing because they feel double-crossed. The new president, in fairness, has yet to address this matter. But one thing is clear, Mohamoud is a politician committed to getting what he wants, even if it means engaging in equivocation. There is the issue of the Al-Shabab and how to deal with the group. Mohamoud provided the usual rhetoric of Somali politicians when he stated that the young radical Al-Shabab fighters “are our children” and that they have been misled. Children who have been misled! The days of such double-talk are over because, first, Al-Shabab militants are not children but adults committed to killing their enemies. Second, no one would give legitimacy to a group that is losing battles and territories, and on its way to extinction. While the days of Al-Shabab, as we now know it, are numbered, the threat of radicalism is still present. Another group with similar ideology, but a different name, is likely to emerge after the Al-Shabab with unbridled vigor to resist reform. The outgoing interior minister has even gone so far as to offer factory jobs to Al-Shabab fighters; if they abandon the militant group. One might wonder; how one deals with terrorists who may have killed and maimed; without first conducting an investigation and then serving justice. Somaliland is another matter that the new president highlighted−as Somalis say “wuu ku simbiriiraxday” (he has slipped) − when he naively made two contradictory statements. On one hand, he wished that things would be the way they were in 1960 when Somaliland joined its brethren in the south and formed one state under one flag. However, the president also said that “no one will be forced into Somali unity.” That statement was confusing to the people in Somaliland, a self-declared state, who were busy sending congratulatory messages to the new president. It is obvious that the new president and his coterie of advisors in Villa Somalia have not yet formed a well-thought -out and clear policy regarding key issues such as Somaliland and neighboring countries. It would have been better if Mohamoud had waited until he appointed a prime minister before issuing such confusing statements. A seasoned politician would focus on the major priority of the new regime which is −as the president himself said, “Security, Security, and Security.” Somaliland is an issue that should not consume the government when the south itself is in shambles. The new president, of course, gets the benefit of the doubt and these mishaps can be forgiven because, after all, he is a rookie.