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  1. Jacaybaro walee waa dadkii hore lol
  2. Somalia is not only Mogadishu. Why not build other cities with all this money coming from abroad?
  3. If I want to buy a parcel, who can I contact tollow lol
  4. Showqi, I have been banned once, so don't give up. She will be back, as Schwarzenegger would say. I have been good Che
  5. This government is absolutely disappointing. Uff
  6. If I was giving the chance to date any dude from SOL, I would choose from these three even though I have never met them. Johnny B Che and Castro They just sound so pen genius and cool in
  7. I saw the list and I think it is big time B.S. Not a single Awdiltes are included in the Wasiir list. We don't want to be part of the clan land, and we are not getting any love from the south, so we have no choice but to declare our own country. Viva to Adel Empire.
  8. I wonder where Johnny B is, I hope he is well and alive.
  9. Waar puntland kooda ha haystaane, fara go ane waa kii saxiibaday Saado Ali dili gaadhay.
  10. NGONGE;876694 wrote: Have you been back lately? They have checkpoints at the entrances of all SL cities, saaaxib. As for the topic; stuff and nonesense as ever. I thought inaad stuff and nonesense ka waynaatay
  11. Che -Guevara;874264 wrote: I have been told none of the people mentioned on SOL will not be selected. That would be good news. I would have selected you anytime if you were running for PM
  12. That was a good one ya Xiinfaniin lol, you almost fooled me there. Please NO Samatar or Farmaajo. I think they are both opportunist who do not care about the people or the country. Horta Farmaajo lied about his educational back ground, and samater used to say Somalis are sitting on a bulaacad instead of trying to do something about it. So NO NO and NO to these two.
  13. Alhamdulilaah Thank you Lazy for the continues coverage ....... Somalia hanooolaato, Somalia ha is raacdo Aamiin. Well, what is Somalialnd going to do tollow. lol Where is Oodwayne quraan waraabihii hasoo qoree
  14. Change is coming to Somalia, let me just start my investment goals and let the celebration begun. Thank the lord...............
  15. Fanisha is back iyadoo faraxsan alhamdulilaahi who wins , somalia is back
  16. Who said there is democracy in Wogooyi galbeed? These SNM gang criminals don't know nothing about freedom of speech. Justice will come to Awdal State insha Alaa, daba ******kana waa loo talin doonaa.
  17. Awdal state way tagtay dayaxa ayay gaadhay. suldaan dhawal mijintii loo laabayay way soo dhamaanaysaa. SNM gang will face justice insha allah for all the innocent people they murdered. Soomalia saafi ayaa nahay anagu haddaan reer Awdal State nahay.
  18. Merry Christmas to you too JB. How are you and your Fakeland country celebrating this Christmas?
  19. Journalism has become one of the most dangerous jobs in that part of the world. Ala ha sahlo.
  20. Originally posted by Violet: What does it mean to be "Somali"? I mean, it's not like we share a common ancestor, so is a Somali anyone who speaks af-Soomaali? :confused: Why should Somalis unite..based on what exactly? The fact that we share a language? Come on, religion is the best of unifiers and we could never (and still can't) get along, so what makes you think Somalis will ever unite? I think the people in DJ,NFD and Zone-5 are better off not joining Somalia and to my knowledge most of them don't want to join Somalia anyway. loooool. Dabo-dhilif or secessionist mafioso? Can't make up your mind?