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  1. I never thought this governemnt would survive for 2 months let alone a year. However,the real challenege that will determine this government's success is still to come. I'm tired of analysing, so from now on I'll just wait for the end result.
  2. The media of Mogdishu is just attacking anyone who hails from the Presidents clan. Today its Hiiraale, I wonder whose next?
  3. These men may not lack military power but they most definitely lack something more important i.e INTELLIGENCE. Terefore I'm not surprised that the areas they rule are in chaos.
  4. Somaia is better than any hollywood movie. These warlords are such an entertainment. Wararka naga soo gaaraya Magaalada Baydhabo ayaa waxa ay sheegayaan, in Shacabkii ku dhaqnaa Magaalada ay Bilaabeen in ay Qaxaan, cabsi la soo daristay awgeed. Qaxidaan Magaalada laga qaxaayo ayaa la sheegayaa in ay ka danbaysay, ka gadaal markii Xubnaha labada Gole ee ku sugan Magaalada Xudur ay goosteen in ay tagaan Magaalada Baydhabo. Xildhibaan xaabsade oo isagu ku sugan Magaalada ayaa la sheegay in uu Diyaariyay abaabul ka dhan ah Xubnaha labada Gole oo uu kaga Hortagayo, isaga oo Airboorka Magaalada Baydhabo ku aasay Miinooyin. Xildhibaan Xaabsade ayaa lagu soo waramayaa Galabta in uu Shiriyay Maleeshiyaadkii isaga taageersanaa oo Beeshiisa ahaa isaga oo ku war galiyay, in uu Xanuunsanayo doonayana in uu U amba baxo Magaalada Dubai. Dhinaca kale waxaa la sheegayaa in aan la filanayn wax gurmad ah oo gacan siinaya Xildhibaan xaabsade, in ay uga imaanayaan Dhinaca Magaalada Muqdisho iyo Markaba. Idamaale News
  5. Originally posted by LIQAYE: quote:NOOO!!! I'm a Jew Thats more like it. Its better than being an untamed animal that has been unleashed
  6. Ofcourse there will be war, where there is A/Y there is bloodshed.
  7. Dayniile has been humiliated. Idamaale brought audio evidence on yesterdays clash.
  8. Why is everyone suprised that these warlords see any country that supports the government as enemy. These men don't want peace they had rather die than lose their drug lands. I suggest A/Y to quit and sit in Galkacyo, its either that or a bloody war which will be worse than 1990 will visit Somalia soon.
  9. What did you expect from these people. Times like these I wish I was never a Somali or an African for that matter.
  10. Things don't look bleak for A/Y and Geedi's government but in actual fact it is. By the end of this month there will be no more 'government'.
  11. Yes he is a flip flop, why? Because all warlords change sides like how a girl changes her clothes depending on the latest fashion.
  12. If the warlords turned ministers had any power they would have gotten rid of this whole government a long time ago. We wait and see what another war does for Somalia