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  1. Abdullahi Yusuf would rather voluntarily spend a third time of 6 years in prison, than grow a beard. Let alone become one of them. The only wadaads he likes are the moderate sufis, like the Timaweynta. But you're right sxb, AY will not just sit back and accept his fate. I'm afraid that fact will manifest itself in a full-blown kamikaze-like offensive on the UIC.
  2. MMAqiyaar is right General Duke. Unlike HornAfrique, you're an honest and consistent person, but you show some cracks of qabyaalad from time to time. We all know that you're sometimes a little more interested in the interest of ******* or ******, than the interest of Somaliweyn at large. _______________ No clan names, baliis. [ October 10, 2006, 00:22: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  3. MMAqiyaar is right General Duke. Unlike HornAfrique, you're an honest and consistent person, but you show some cracks of qabyaalad from time to time. We all know that you're sometimes a little more interested in the interest of ******* or ******, than the interest of Somaliweyn at large. _______________ No clan names, baliis. [ October 10, 2006, 00:22: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  4. He did speak the truth, none of you actually made any attempts at refuting his claims. Barre and his clansmen were a tool used by the south-Mogadishu powerhouse. That same powerhouse helped him into Kismayo, placed him in check and eventually kicked him out. Barre and his clansmen have no divine right to govern Kismayo as they certainly have no particular claim to the city. Isn't it strange that the first two points are not easily made by someone who is supposedly a tool/mouthpiece for the UIC or Mogadishu? Barre needs to think very rationally before he attacks Kismayo. He'll be facing a much stronger force that has shown, in the form of Indhacade and Ayro, it's power and ruthlessness. So not only will he and his clansmen have lost the rule over Kismayo, but also the death and destruction of his forces and possibly also the forced take-over of Gedo marka ciidamadiisa la jebiyey. When it becomes clear for Abdullahi Yusuf that the odds are terribly against him and he won't receive sufficient outside help, he'll probably milk out the rest of his term and defend what little he still controls directly or indirectly.
  5. ^ I believe so. Its all about how creative you can be with the truth. The courageous man (whomever that living legend may be) who claimed to touch a lion's nose conveniently forgot to mention that that lion was allready as dead as a dodo.
  6. Its just an ordinary roar.
  7. Xiin I admire your non-clannist view on Somali politics masha Allah. I had my reservations about the UIC vis-a-vis Indhacade, and was a silent supporter of the interim government in Baidoa. But I'm carefully tilting towards the UIC these days. They might be a better alternative to the interim government and the Somaliland/Puntland entities after all. Which reminds me of the ridiculous Jubbaland concept that will most likely never see the light of day after this development. Reliable sources directly from Kista told me that the UIC cleverly started evicting people from looted homes to build up trust. The people protesting seem to be a small number of the town who know they are going to lose their ill-gotten gains if these courts are as surprisingly serious here as they were in Mogadishu.
  8. War qofkaan Jaylaani la dhaho aa wax loo sheegi karin mooyee, wax dhibaato oo kale ma jiraan.
  9. Originally posted by Jaylaani: I thought the BBC was made for Somalilanders by the British in 1940s. How these Walaweyn cracked into it? The British ruled the entire Somali nation in the 40s, with the exception of the Djibouti Somalis. The BBC Somali service was/is meant to serve all Somali-speaking people in this world.
  10. If your face looks like the one in that image, than go to the doctor ASAP. Your doctor will make an appointment for you with the dermatologist after examining you him/herself. They always have a solution, even for extreme cases like yourself. Teeda kale, don't feel like everybody is staring at your acne when you leave the door. That's your own mind messing with you.
  11. I don't think you understood my 2nd post.
  12. Yup you're absolutely right. What's so shocking about this video? Some defenseless girls are just getting their butts squeezed and some minor stuff like that. It happens all over the world, so is this supposed to shock me? Nigga please!
  13. That was pretty shocking. This nasty experience could have been avoided by these ladies if they were walking with a male relative. Even here in the West, a lot of women won't dare to venture outside at night without their husbands, bfs or male friends. Its just common sense. Even pimps make sure their 'girls' are not harmed or harassed in any way. At least not without getting paid for it.
  14. She is right. What if it was ur lady who has this same situation with her male barber? Enjoying her conversations with this guy, enjoying his cologne, his looks and the way he holds her neck gently while cutting her hair with perfection. Indeed its all just professional.
  15. ^ Filed in a loan application today. Yes that's right, DENIED like a muthafuka.
  16. ^ That costs a lot of money. Where will we get the funding from? More importantly who has a distinct interest in the environmental recovery of Lower Shabelle and Lower Jubba provinces? You know what, there actually is someone. Its a wealthy European nation with citizens that own a great deal of the plantations in these areas in Somalia. Indeed Italy. They used to spend the bulk (a third of total!) of it's development aid to their former most prized overseas posession. They made sure Somali bananas received a red carpet treatment when being shipped to the EU market. Having seen this pattern of Italy's interest in Somalia's banana industry which is strictly confined to the aforementioned provinces, than I don't see why Italy wouldn't play an active role in salvaging one of our last evergreen provinces. But kind of weird that there is a ban on selling a sagaaro. A man who catches these tiny and fast sunsabidjez alive and kicking for a living earns respect.
  17. Masaajidkaan quruxda badan meel qaab daran ayaa lagu dhisey markii hore. The mosque was surrounded by statues (Sayidka iyo I think Dhagaxtuur also), which is very inappropriate. But good to see these pics. Masha Allah.
  18. Maf Kees

    The Sermon

    STOIC. The opposite would be naïve. To take the feelings of your family and friends into consideration when for instance choosing your partner is a prime example of maturity in your decision making.
  19. Its a good thing that our planet is not the size of Antares. Can you imagine it? Whole groups of people in search for greener pastures would disappear and shit. The usual dumbazz who wants to start a war over land will get his azz beaten before he can even open his mouth. No earth is just perfect as it is. Or at least as it was when Adan and Hawo arrived.
  20. As long as the two women live separately, it's all good. Kinda weird though seeing all three of them together. Advice to the tall guy is to keep his women as far away from each other as possible. The rivalry between your mother and your wife can only be surpassed by the rivalry between your multiple wives.
  21. LOL you don't even know me, but I'll accept my own advice from you if that makes your bony azz crawl out of here. I thank u 4 liking my picture and 4 letting me win this Competition now lets see if i can blow some smoke in this place Symbol of the picture : Well the blue rope symbolizes our country Somalia and the connection that we have to one another …The reset, I hope to hear for you guys…..i wanna know what u guys see 2?? Reason 4 taking this picture: it was a part of an architectural project that we had 2 do … we had to look for something that inspires us to become a better builder, and for me It’s the dream of some day having the opportunity to build my Somalia ( I know .. a bit corny... right??… that’s last time I share anything with u guys…) Where: contraction site What was the rope used for: holding some bricks in place…. When did I toke this picture : March 2006 What sort of mood was I in: very flowery… Did I miss anything else ?? LOL for real though, you have issues.
  22. Tenaciousgirl. I'm a Greek? Trust me, making a poll is not that hard you dumbazz. Go play outside or something kiddo. Don't spend your childhood behind the computerscreen. If you're not a kid, than I still think you need to get out more. You don't seem to be that bright.
  23. Northerner I'm taking over my man. We NEED a poll to vote for the winner, it only takes an extra 5 or 10 minutes. I'll make it short and sweet. Voters, Below you'll see a list of the competitors and a link to their images. For more details of the pic, go to the thread, because I'm not superman, even though we do have a lot of things in common. Warsan Amelia Valenteenah Wiilo Raxmah Sheherazade Abdi2005 STOIC Blessed Uchi Sharmarkee Northerner Legal Crimes Fabiana Maf Kees LayZieGirl BlueEpocha Baashi Allamagan Sharmarkee and uchi, you guys got some serious problems if you don't upload your images back again. One of you two had some serious chances to win the whole thing. Are you asking yourself why I forgot the favorite: the blue rope of tenacious girl? Well tenacious girl is disqualified from the competition. Raison d'être. And unless she is Auntie P and is a middle aged white woman, she is DQed.
  24. Is it just me or is this ridiculous discussion about education still going on? Finish your studies, there is no other option to consider. Wether a wealthy man is willing to support YOU financially like a child is room for a separate and more interesting discussion.