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  1. SALAAM ALAKUM I have a important question, How can you tell betweenb two somali people? i have difficulties undersanding that can someone answer me Cozz it's all Jumbo MumBo to me! i have a friend and he claims to be the tribe i'm.,,, But His own friends Go behind his back, they say his Midgaan But i don't care... and My cousins always insult him saying if You hang out with him, people will think You are a Midgaan too.. i don't care... But i think my family will and i don't like to disappoint my family.. But midgaan i always thought was just another normal somali Qabiil! i have fallen in love over the Yrs with him his COOL. down to Earth and his Mine! he would do anything for me and i would ike to think i would do anything for him, But i hate to see him hurt my my family,,, it's just not fair, i think they should Think deep before making a choice i'm Not saying i'm nto marriage or anything But if our relaionship gets too deep. i'm Willng to make thet sacrifice to Proof the somalis they are WRONG i'm RIGHT and His my Brotha and My Lover whether they like it Or NOT!!!!! Maskiin somalis talk shit! Cioa
  2. Salaam alakum. To all the Brothers'n sisters that welcomed Me Thank You fero armajo! it was well apreciated! Love this site it's WACK'mates Peace in the muslim WORLD!
  3. Salaam alakum Brothes'n sister ' i Just wanted to Say i'm New Here and this Site is the BOMB. Sofeel free to Say Hello' Howdy, How'ya Doing ''Mate' Feemen'allah