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  1. Ahleen, reer SOL. Gosh, so much has changed, didn't know how to navigate this new platform.. Raula, are you aware of any studies focusing on breast cancer screening in Somali women (quantitative/qualitative)? Much of the research emerging from MN seems to be focusing on maternity health issues. Please let me know if you know of researchers who focus on broader health issues of Somalis in MN. Thanks
  2. Some of the above pictures are just odd! Here's a different look:
  3. Salaam. A beautiful reminder! I missed your writings, br. Nur. I just came back from a trip to the mountains that had a revival effect on my heart, and seeing this (after a long break from SOL) was a bonus, alhamdulilah. May Allah reward you and protect you for your continued efforts of dacwa on these boards.
  4. It boggles me to see Alberta of all places in Canada being called "a dump," particularly by someone living so near some of the most spectacular places not only in Canada, but in the world! Seriously, you should be grateful to Allah for the blessing of the abundant beauty he has bestowed on AB. Some of us drive for hours, or fly, and spend massive money just to experience the amazing natural scenery AB has to offer!! You may not be a nature's peron, but believe me, for most people, just a simple hike up one of those rocky mountains is worth more than anything they'll ever experience in Toronto, or in ON as a whole for that matter. I am in the midst of planning a 2nd trip to the area, and I am just overwhelmed. I want to visit and spend some time on every lake, creek, fall and mountain, but time won't allow me to do so. I do have a question for you though, as an Albertan, whom I am assuming has much familiarity with the area: have you been down to kananaskis country? I understand it's not commercialized/busy as some of the other lakes near banff and Jasper, but I am curious about the hiking trails and their level of difficulty. Have you any suggestion? Oh and best of luck in Toronto; I hope you enjoy it Insha Allah, and hope it's not too humid out there.
  5. ^Let's hope you don't adopt the annoying tonal style of speech most Somali TV hosts and news anchors have -- sort of like the Cowke style
  6. ^Ma saasad khatar u noqotey? Tell me who the unlucky tutor was? salaam and good afternoon, folks.
  7. Subhanallah, some people can be so exuberantly lovable -- you just want to give them a big warm hug. If only it were xalaal...
  8. ^Salaam, dear! What kind of dance do you fancy? Sorry to share this, but I feel like vomiting. Everything, including dadka, ayaa ii uraya today.
  9. ^It appears raggan kugu wada diddey isku-kaftan matihidinee, maad isaga hadhid? Seriously! Mabrook to the cariis! Allah's blessings for your union, Insha Allah.
  10. Doubtful that you are, or that you may one day be? I think it's a possibility. A highly likely one, much more than we realize. But it will require a bit reorientation of the niyya.
  11. "You are someone's miracle. So many people are praying for miracles, we have to realize we can become their miracle." -Anonymous I read this quote when I got in to the office this morning, and I thought I'd share. You guys ever thougt of being someone's "miracle", or the fact that you already are but you just don't know?
  12. Originally posted by raula: wat's w/the dude trying to look like Ronaldo The mohawk, hey? Ya salaam. Reer UK weey duuleen show.
  13. @ Cara. If only Somalis could get the opportunity to live among these people, they would know that Ethiopians are some of the most loving, peaceful, polite, big-hearted, and beautiful people in the world (A&T would probably add romantic as well, with which I wouldn't disagree, lol). A&T, you'd have to forgive my ignorance of the music industry, but indeed, it does seem a lot has changed since the old days of Tilahun. That song you posted was quite neat, for the lack of better words. Half of it was of course lost on me since my command of the language has become very poor over the years. But still, he's quite good!
  14. Fairmont right in front of the lake...very convenient!! Leaving the Rockies...
  15. On our way to Johnston Canyon, we saw this beautiful elk, and I had to make a stop to take pictures...I am glad it was an elk we came across, and not a grizzly bear which was also commonly seen in the area. Starting our hike through the canyon... my favourite spot during that hike... The lower falls. Lake Louise -- a breathtaking scenery, Subhanallah. was a little disappointed that the canoe rental place was closed for that day (nshallah, we’ll get to do it this year).
  16. It is indeed a beautiful place. A great taste of the Canadian Rockies. My girlfriends and I took a road trip to the area this past summer, and though I found the city too touristy and crowded, the surrounding towns and lakes were less congested and much more picturesque. We just couldn't get enough of the amazing natural scenery and all of the exhilarating activities one can do whether they're camping or not. Insha Allah, we plan to do another extended trip around the same time this coming summer, only this time I'd like to also include Jasper, Columbia Ice fields, and more of the nearby rarely discovered lakes (ideal for spiritual retreat!!). Here are some of the pictures I took of Banff, Lake Louise, and Johnston Canyon: On our way to Banff Downtown Banff Taking the gondola up to Sulphur mountain View of the city from the gondola Taken from mountain top.. On our way back from the mountain – sucked being the driver because the views from the road were breathtaking
  17. ^Salamtek, mcaanto! Hadii la ismaqalaba beryahan. Waan kuu fiicnahay, nafta ka waran adigu, and the lovely little ones?
  18. I guess the meaning carries more to some.
  19. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: Inaalilaahi!!! Mexey tahay nin Qamar ladhoho? Loool. Subhanallah, that gave me a good laugh. Perhaps, and I say this in all goodness, he is a reer wuqooyi? I seriouly heard of a man called ina heblaayo (not a very new phenomena there, I think), so it wouldn't be terribly surprising if a Qamar is a man too. Edit: didn't see the Oromo comment. Well, perhaps it's a common thing among the Oromos as well.
  20. ^ . No, no such thing. But speaking of macalins, I have been quite a bit impressed with certain MIT folk charms as of late -- not smitten though...not yet. KK, I do have to agree with hooyo here, that's a terrible thing to say lest you're expecting to hear, "ma inaan dhintaad igu tirineysey?" Sideed tahay bal maad iska dhahdid Glad to see you around -- I hope you and the family are well! As for odayaasha -- siddaaa baan kugu ogahay, very proud of your pseudo-loyalty ( given your 'hubby' doesn't exactly fit the image) to those with the description you gave. Aaliyana iska daa...if you asked her how she would define odaynimo age range, I bet you it would start from the 30s
  21. ^what do you mean ismaan badalin. Xaasha! Nin ka helid umbaadan aniga igu aqoon, odaynimo wala cadaannimo! Ceeb caleek sis, I was only stating what has been observed by others, hence the parentheses .
  22. KK, usheeg bal inanta! LoL. Waliba waxaad ugu dartaa markey cadaan yihiin bey ka sii khatar-sanyihiin in looks and more (or so I hear ). Does the SOL group still exist on FB?
  23. Salaan sare, A&T! LOL. Speaking of Ethiopian singers, I would've thought the legendary Tilahun would be the one whose words would move you the most as they have moved millions from that part of the world (including some family members ). Off topic, but hearing the word Ethiopia brought back the incredible nostalgia I've had these days for that country. I miss EVERYTHING!! From the beautiful people, to the food (have't had authentic doro wadd in a long time -- the stuff they make in so called ethiopian restaurants in the west cannot even be called real food!) , to aromatic smells, to the lovely cold Harari breeze at night. Ugh, I wanna go back now. @ JB. Akam jartee, JB-oow? There's something quite funny about non-Ethiopian-born Somalis speaking Amhari.