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  1. Since this is a public forum, I will drop my thesis here! If are Somali, you are not Somalian. To prove my point, google the term Somali. Links under this term are in the thousands. in the Images, a cat's picture persistently shows up. In the news link, perplexing fables are told in western and the interested parties' newspapers referring to us as Somalians. Go figure! So What does it mean to be a Somali or Somalian? Perhaps, we are purring cats to whoever that shows attention to us. Actually, Somali leaders in the sixties were the purring cats. British rule ended. Technically, Italy abandoned Somalia proper (south) in mid 50's. Unity under one banner prevailed. We all speak Af-Somali, share same religion and should be Somali nationals. Look at you now. ARE YOU REALLY A SOMALI NATIONAL? Truth is political leaders shared language and religion same way as Somalis all shared. They did however had different visions, reactionary visions. Some were Coomunists who envisioned Somalis to be part of larger class free socities of Lenin. Some read Marxist rhetoric. Others adhere to the Quran as giudance. Some did not read at all. In fact, most of African leaders during independence were purring cats that enjoyed extra-ordinary luxury during their stay in opulent colonial houses accompanied by lumpenproletarait who later became part of the ignorant "elite". I admit to be a Somali/Somalian lumpenproletariat, who reads Marx and adheres to the quran to be the guide to civilization. I am never a leader though.
  2. I reserve my opinion about the prof. Sometimes he makes sense to advocate for Somaliland's liberation out of the misery. It is not fun to maintain order under meager budget. They could use the benefits that come with being a sovereign state. IMF and World Bank would come in to indebt them whilst roads and schools would be built. Addis would offer some incentive as a route for trade, however miniscule a revenue generated. and Somali (miserable humans) would get another Djibouti. What is the big deal, I ask?