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  1. Boy have I been where you are at now and it is an interesting predicament. And here is my thought, if you a Somali guy have these thoughts and values and personality traits that might not be so common in the larger population, that somewhere out there is another person just feeling the same way. You see if you are an exception to the rule then there would be another exception to the rule too and another and another, it is just finding that right medium for those individuals to interact. So have hope and now what you can work on is being the right man so that when Allah brings your way that special woman you would be ready. Best wishes, bee bye
  2. I am going to wait till it comes out, after all it has shah and kajol, whom I love watching. Definitely second the motion of watching 3 i.d.i.o.t.s, one of amir's best films, but it would be released on youtube officially in few more weeks. bee bye
  3. lol people they are talking in Urdu
  4. lol subconsciously I guess because I didn't remember he did that song, until I posted my link, and I saw his other song. But it is weird, to think of Lionel, right after you referenced him without knowing!!!
  5. lol I am like playing all these songs on full blast every night people can't sleep Awww Castro, that's an awesome song and I like that one too, so thanks for the dedication. although i must say I prefer "I will survive" English version, don't know why. lol @ "dancing all over the ceiling", I go to Barnes and Nobles, just so that I can listen to their Latin collection, and there I would be dancing when I don't think anyone is looking has sentimental value for me
  6. Celia Cruz, you can never go wrong with her, and that song you choose Castro is awesome they played in my Salsa class all the time. This is my favorite of her's though Speaking of latin music, Shakira, is definitely cool Seeker, Interesting choice, I never heard of that artist, maybe I will check her new stuff when it is released. But she does remind of Sinead O'Conner
  7. Who does not like Elvis, I love his music, I watch his movie marathon on his birthday. lol I suddenly had an image of me surrounding by wireless speaker dancing like mad woman to all these songs
  8. lol no need to be scared, you merely would have to hand me a one earpiece and we will be set Here is one I like for Dean Do you mean "king of rock" RUN DMC's song or you mean "King of Rock and Roll" Elvis?
  9. Seeker, Yeah she is awesome isn't she, and I didn't even see your comment on Sinatra, totally cool. I have couple of Dean martin CD's, what is your take on him?
  10. Well Seeker, for now I am listening to the songs I have mentioned plus these I know you want me At last Bust your windows Beside of course the hindi songs I listen to
  11. lol Castro, whatever do you mean?? Seeker, well thank you, Buble's favorite of mine and no it isn't a country rock, it is blues
  12. Lost Without you All the way Haven't met you yet
  13. lol Somalicentric, a bit of progress is all, but again maybe some of us would love to be knocked out and spared the gagging that certain to follow from having to listen to shukansi talk Ps. most of these situations so far seem just uncomfortable not embarrassing really.
  14. more like lust at first sight FU Ps. why is this in the women's section :confused:
  15. Hold up, one second, can you clarify one thing on your list about the "submissive in bed". So by submissive are we talking about: a. one who takes all the order you give in the bedroom and that's sort of her click!! or b. one who considers bed matter part of her obligation, who thinks of her errands, while you know ehem As far as your wish list, nah you haven't crossed the line, after all it is your bed and you shall darn make it any way you like it since you going to lie on it Bee bye ps. Macawiis and gayness :eek: :eek: seriously if I can look at a Scottish in his kilt and not think so, I would not think so of a Somali brother wearing one. And after all it's good for fertility
  16. What no one looks forward to my posts "YOU LIE"
  17. Mr. Somalia, To be honest, when I first saw them I thought the first one, but I must say my final choose is the 2nd one it's really a classic style. I like
  18. Today I was pleasantly surprised while reading MSN " Countries with best looking locals"
  19. lol I was just there last night at this website, looking for something to possibly buy for Eid
  20. I have seen a Somali dude wearing that PIMP outfit, actually it was purple too, can't remember if it was a wedding or Eid day.
  21. This reminds of me of an incident that is a bit similar to LOZ, if I understood his Somali writing , where I had a call from this guy who knew too much personal information and was insistent I have been flirting with him online...It turns out a girl from town used my name and information :mad: It is scary world out there