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  1. .. Naagoos would you plz stop.


    I was following this topic since the beginning, and it seems that no one is saying what must be said.




    Before this porn-fatwa came out, there was another one that talked about the permissibility of drinking a urine, the prophet's. Now tell me how sick is that.

  2. Originally posted by LayZie G.:

    First of all, its reasonable to assume that the subjects in the video went through extensive checkpoints and searches before they made it to the gate and proceeded to board the plane.


    That being said, I don't know the day to day job of a desk attendant, which may or may not mean that her duty is to simply check the boarding pass of passengers before boarding for any clerical errors. Her main task may not be PROFILER IN ChIEF, which is it to check the faces of passengers, instead her job could be to simply allow the boarding to go smoothly and match the gate# with the said boarding pass and etc, in which case the poster of the video jumped to conclusions.


    Canadian transportation authority are good at what they do and I thank them for keeping us all safe. I'm sure this was a video taken out of context as we are not seeing anything more than a desk attendant checking boarding passes, profiling maybe above her pay grade. In this case, I refuse to rush to judgment.


    If you have been through an airport, you will know that as passengers, we have to empty our pockets, put all of our contents in a container, take our shoes off and go through the x-ray machine,(some are subject to random profiling especially if you fit the jihadi profile or if u are just a douchebag, either way, you will be scrutinized) its that simple. Niqab or no Niqab, everyone goes through the same checkpoints and in between that and the moment you enter the airport, there are plain clothes officers searching and profiling and if you have not spotted one yourself, you are a fool.


    Also, the source that Sanka shared is misinformed about the banning of the niqab in Quebec. Last I checked, Bill 94 was making its way through the Quebec National Assembly with its first reading and ever since then the bill was halted for reasons obvious to the competing interest at the local level but thats neither here or there.


    The battle is still being waged, Insha allah, in time, God willing NIQAB WILL BE BANNED FROM ALL CORNERS OF THE WORLD.

    You have a great point and I admire your thinking. God bless you!

  3. Originally posted by Rhazes:

    No one has a trump card in the realm of religion. The doors of personal Ijtihad are wide open. And everything ought to be on the table, everything is up for grabs - from views on Godhood and prophethood to the implementation of Shariah and the historicity of orthodox narratives.

    I totally agree with this.

  4. I know, that assshole Shahryar was no joke. Without the breathtaking beauty and the open ended stories she narrated every night that kept him interested and waiting for the rest, she would've gone and we would've missed all those sexy romantic tales that we enjoy now, so yeah am all for her!