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  1. Originally posted by Afr0 GirL: hehehehe Ngonge I guess you have to act now like an Important man I believe just the act of telling us such story secured his spot on that. Good evening mr important man.
  2. You receive your e-mails(both work and personal) on the move, you can use google map if want to find your way around, you can take pictures......the list goes on and on. Indeed the list goes on… u can wipe ur nose in it.. u can use it as a rock and knock a wannabe out(Preferably a Somali men).. u can use it as testing device for salt content in ur suugo. Aw-Dhubad, i must say u r very lucky to have such a device.
  3. Originally posted by Ibtisam: I did it in a year. where? here ? Congratulations .
  4. True2truth


    LOOOOOOOOOOOOl really u have managed to take a hajj thread onto a such dark path.. u have no shame but at least u know urself
  5. True2truth


    Originally posted by Che -Guevara: True2Thruth..You are already contradicting what Aaliyah said. Anyhow, I love my wife too much for me to put her in that predicament. LoooooooL@music thing-I think that proves a thing or two. looooooooooooool.... im only answering ur question whats aaliya got to do with this? Beside, what would be the point of having them, if they are not aware of one another
  6. True2truth


    che its only dabi if u decide to pay for both and definitely hellfire if u include the wifey in the mix. LOOOOOOOOL@Listening to music is also haraam. Even though most of us do listen to music
  7. LOOOOOOOOOL @ Xageee? Xaggan....
  8. Who's to blame for such day not exist anymore?
  9. Nuune, Im sorry, you have failed to see that as duco. in any case, thanks for the unnecessary advice
  10. What should one do when faced with the sight of Somali geezers not praying? Last night, We were sitting at local book store and noticed these old geezers not moving a muscle for salat Maghrib instead they were quarreling about whatever they quarrel about (their never ending political garbage) A friend confirmed how they were still quarreling away while we left for the prayer, Its was very embarrassing thing to witness. May god help the Somali men Edit. And cease the future existence.
  11. J.a.c.a..b.a.r.o why not just change the title to Somali men's crime in Somalia. This will definitely reduce all these request. :rolleyes:
  12. Already did, just here to spread the knowledge of mohamed (aka John) “why Miklos Piscovich can't find his remote” the verdict is still out on this one, ur brothers refuse to claim such thing. Typical I tell you
  13. ^Sad time indeed, especially for the somali men thx che, this made me day, I knew I can count on you.
  14. Chocolate & honey, I see, not so chocolaty & honey with friends. Me advise, ask those fakers to stop faking. Now let’s move on with me 2nd unsolicited advise, Just say NO to Somali men from now on(I’m sure u said NO before unconsciously, just make it consciously from now on:D ) Now to me sisters out there, Please continue saying no to Somali men. Thx and god bless
  15. True2truth


    Stuffandnonsense, I do not know what you are on about, I’m a new member to this SOL thing Ps. This is me attempt on going green, so help by pretending with me. Thx