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  1. People see the potential of the city and are getting worked up for no reason. This city can hold all of us so I am hoping people can get past the old ways of we will only control this city mentality. This doesn't mean you will be allowed to squad someone else's home.
  2. baashi, Haku daalin soomaali indha adaygooda maanta waxay maraysaa kuqabso kuqadimaysidee. If you really want to settle this then anyone who was born and was lucky enough to be raised there owns the place. That means 1990 kids are welcome as well. :-) buuqa urn hanaga daayaan. The likes of baashi will get senior pass.
  3. ^ Seriously? War nimanka iska dhiciya fuley nimada intaad iska dhaaftaan. It would be Somalia's loss every time our infrastructure is destroyed. I remember getting treated at that airport's hospital as a child.
  4. ^And Farmaajo supporters can claim some one who is desperately trying to discredit him is putting out these videos.
  5. "as far as im concerned he wanted to take out sheikh shariif as well bro marka meeshan coalition baaka jiray" Wasn't that expected? Every man for himself. Game is not over yet.
  6. Xiin, Ragaagii maraayeen? How come you're not supporting one candidate 100%? :-)
  7. What next? Who is in the game for the presidency now, Duke? Thanks for the update
  8. LOL...Abtigiis, You seemed to be bothered odayga maxaa dhacay?
  9. Baashi, Only if these nomads or geeljire would take it in what you wrote. "Kismayo has the capacity and resources to accommodate millions. "
  10. Another one bites the dust. Xiin forget about the moral of the story and start the rumor of who the next PM will be.
  11. War ilaahaygii idin abuurtay maad ka baqdaan. No one wins a war and i'm sure these guys will go down in the history books just like the so called strong men in the 90s.