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  1. of course one day is not enough for fathers, or mother - it's just symbolic. My dad AUN was amazing. literally the best person I knew. I miss him so much... Aaliyah, you're so lucky to be able to give your dad a hug and kiss..
  2. I heard they caught him at the US border, trying to get into washington state...
  3. the idea of somali jazz sounds awesome....
  4. Flavour - Nwa Baby hot beat - can't stop listening! the lyrics are pretty scandalous though..good thing it's in another language.
  5. on second thought, I don't want to know!
  6. Somalia;840647 wrote: Very good picture *saved*. That's kind of creepy if you don't know the people in it...what are you going to do with the picture?
  7. Narniah;840052 wrote: I got 1215.5m! screenshot or it didn't happen
  8. Exactly my point...for most who watch this it's not about the man's situation. it's about them realizing they really don't have it bad after all. It shouldn't take the parading around of someone else's suffering to have perspective or make us feel better about our lives. we should be thankful every second of every day and not just after we see someone who has it worse. Ideally. But what wadani said makes sense so I'm just going to drop it.
  9. Bluelicious;839380 wrote: What a way to waste your money. They could use it for better use such as food cloth and shelter. agreed - they're basically taking food out of their children's mouth.
  10. Che -Guevara;838429 wrote: After seeing this, I really have nothing to complain. here I see no awareness and appreciation for the man's strength at all - rather YOU feeling lucky that you were spared from this suffering. wadani, well said - that's a better way to see it....
  11. I don't know why but I find these kinds of documentaries pretty exploitative. It would've been more humane for the hospital to help him without making a big show about it. Also there's something off about people feeling blessed about their good health at this man's expense.
  12. I remember that episode - there was practically a standing ovation in the room!
  13. Hands down, my favourite scene of any show I ever watched...
  14. I'm doing him a favour - he needs to know that was tough to listen to with all those unnecessary pauses between words.
  15. This the.......point........quicker.
  16. Aaliyyah;838414 wrote: Walaal, inshallah be there for your brothers. Try to always preach them so they dont mix with the wrong crowd. Be a good role model for them. And leave the rest in the hands of Allah swt. All you can is do your best. Waxana aminsanahay wilasha walaalda haday intay kari karaan is uruuriyaan oo umada xum ka fogaadaan in ay inshallah wax xun ku dhici doonin dabcan qofwalba waqti ayuu leeyahay laakin dadaalku wa khasab Alhamduliah my brothers are excellent human beings - thanks to good parenting and Allah's blessings. But that's not going to help when we've got out of control boys running around the city with guns Very true Blackflash - the justice system needs to toughen up. how the heck was this guy at Eaton Centre when he was supposed to be on house arrest??
  17. *Ibtisam;838000 wrote: " skin became thin and dehydrated. If I moved my mouth, my whole skin moved, too. My forehead looked like a crinkled up piece of paper it was so cracked. "Then, ugly blotches which developed into boils and ulcers started appearing on my face. I was a complete mess." The reason can be found in the list of ingredients on the back of the Maxi White packet; one is called hydroquinone - which is as nasty as it sounds; the biological equivalent, in fact, of paint stripper. :eek: :eek:
  18. Aaliyyah;838343 wrote: Inanki dhintay alle ha u naxaristo. wiil somaali ah ayuu ahaa. Sabar iyo imaan to his family. ameen! This really makes me worry for my brothers' safety in Toronto - one goes to a university right around the corner from this mall. It's hard not to think that he's a bit less safe here because he's somali. MMA, a mass shooting is not an everday occurance in Toronto. But i think you might be right about the bit about the mall. and then there's the 13-year old shot in the head.
  19. I can only go to sleep in the freefall position but wake up a starfish - the starfish description is more me than the freefall one though - I don't see myself as brash
  20. Of course I do, you got my back up boy - fighting fire with fire
  21. there are plenty of articles about the victims - and many more to come I'm sure. Some may find his article catha.rtic since it voices exactly what they're thinking/feeling. Others (like yoursefl) may not like it - it doesn't mean it's any less wortwhile to write. If you don't like it, fair enough. But I suggest you move on and keep your own silly comments to yourself
  22. I actually liked it - the man who opened fire in a crowded mall is the lowest of the low. I hope they throw the book at him..