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  1. ^^ that must have been horrible . I'll be going on holiday the second I'm done, and it wouldn't be good to have bags under my eyes when I got off the plane. Thanks for the recommendations. Dalston Kingsland isn't terribly far from me, do you remember what the place was called? What was so good about the Chinese place, and (this goes for the other place you mentioned) how far in advance do you have to book? CC That sounds like too much work
  2. After you lovely ladies at SOL succeeded at making me look pretty, I now need you to make me look pretty with professional help. Next week, I am planning a day of doing girly things like *gasp* getting a manicure (am a bit scared, since the last one I had made me look like Edward Scissorhands), pedicures and facials. What are your favourite professional facial treatments, which ones/types really do what they say? I haven't slept in three days (dissertation, y'know), so I'm looking for something that sort of perks me up. If you're in London, can you recommend any good(and preferably dirt cheap) places for facials or manicures & pedicures?
  3. ^^ actually I do need actors, but there's no script yet, so I don't know how high the foreheads have to be.... However as soon as I do, auditions will be held, when they are, remember connections don't make you a better actor. Half my family tried to get a role Trust me, sketch shows are much more difficult, hence the reason why most of them suck. I'm thinking comedy drama, with soapish elements, each episode being about 20-30 mins. Also, I can't have the great Ngonge getting me low-fat frappacinos. No, your talents would be wasted as my PA, you'd work better as my spy in the writer's room, making sure no one comes up with a "who shot Farax?" storyline every week. Or you could flex your muscles in the hair & make-up department, your pick. But if you're serious about getting involved get in touch with me, this goes for anyone.....the more Somali people on board, the better posted by Legend of Xu : Imagine a scene where he puts his cimaamad and says " Caano, waxaan Ahay Aabahaa!!!" That's my next project, Dagaalka Xidigaha . Casting's under way for Darth Farax and his lesser counterpart, Darth Muse.
  4. Well I have to list at least five responses and I don't know the area, so if you give four other businesses/people to nominate, I'll vote for yours too.
  5. I'm really sorry to hear that. My sincere condolences to you and your family, and may Allah give you the strength of imaan and patience to deal with this. Ilaahi ha u naxariisto.
  6. Initially planned for online broadcast, however after we create the pilot, I will try to arrange something with the Somali TV stations if they like it insha-Allah. And perhaps a DVD collection in the future. In the meanwhile, the running-time and the budget makes it perfect for online viewing....and it's free
  7. I am interested in producing an ongoing low-budget Somali serial, and I'm looking for talented Somali writers to help me create this. We have the equipment, a tv studio and access to an experienced crew. What I am looking for is a group of talented writers in London to create an entertaining TV show about modern life in the diaspora, reflecting all aspects of Somali culture, the good and bad (even though I have no intention to be disparaging about Somali culture in any way). I'm thinking equal parts funny and dramatic, tackling various Somali-relevant issues in a fairly light-hearted way. I am looking for people who: - have a fluent grasp of both Somali and English, written and spoken. - can understand and identify with Somali people of all ages and with all aspects of Somali culture in Britain - are open-minded and inclusive - are not afraid to tackle sensitive issues - and most importantly, have a sense of humour about everything. Previous experience is not necessary, and I'm looking for writers of various ages and different backgrounds. Understand that this is a low-budget endeavour, as such any payment will be deferred. However, I have fairly advanced camera and lighting equipment at my disposal, and an extremely talented and well-trained crew. I'm just looking to rope in people who want to create something fun and lighthearted in their spare time to entertain the Somali people. Ideally I am looking for a group of 3 to 5 writers to spend one day a week creating a long-running show, in the style of American TV writing. We are ready to shoot a pilot as early as April, and if you live in London or you know someone who does and wants to get involved please e-mail me at If you have any writing samples, short stories, scripts etc., you want me to look at, you can send them to that e-mail address too. Feel free to ask any questions, and please spread the word if you can, thank you.
  8. It is a dangerous world out there, and how are you to protect yourself from the multitude of nefarious creatures out there, if you don't even know who they are? I mean, imagine what if your age-old SOL nemesis changes his/her name and you inadvertently become friends with them? :eek: :eek: So I propose that everyone signs this deed poll if they wish to change their name, by listing their old name and giving notice of their new name. Also, a little explanation of the new name would be nice And for archival purposes, if you have changed your SOL nick in the last three years, please list all previous names... (I have no doubt that this list will turn quite long for some of you *glares at some of the Lady Moderators* This way I know who I'm talking to and I stop wondering what happened to old SOL'ers, when they are in fact, roaming amongst undercover monkeys... -------- Previous Names: Xu, Xu is not a biscuit, Rockstar Xu, XulaXu New Name: Strawberry Xu ...because, I like lot
  9. Cambarro: You could write a children's book.
  10. ^^^ that cheered me up to no end....thanks
  11. posted by: Xalimopatra PS Xu -Sorry about going on about eyemakeup dear.You're original query was about application of foundations,powders,fluids and such. No, I was talking about ALL kinds of make-up. Also, do you use face moisturiser on your eyes? Or do you need something specific for the eyes? Kimiya: I also blend lipliner with vaseline, but I always wondered if that was like cheating and not the "proper" grownup way of doing it. Mantra That dual-application L'Oreal mascara is like a gift from heaven to me, they make the feeble 5 eyelashes that I have, look dramatic in a Penelope Cruz kinda way. Pacifist: That was really comprehensive and truly helpful. You girls are getting me excited about makeup, which I don't think has ever happened before -Lily-: That website is awesome actually. It's like a private lesson, I wonder if it's as easy that though Thank you everybody..... I'm sure my future husband will appreciate your hard work in teaching me
  12. Wow, I never even speak to my lecturers, never mind ask them for references. I doubt I'd recognise any of them on the street. Talking to teachers seems strange to me, you know, it's like communicating with aliens who have bad fashion sense. Why don't you make up references like normal people.
  13. Islamically speaking, is a wife allowed to use her dead husband's sperm, especially if it was donated before his death?
  14. Originally posted by Cara: Mine's San from Princess Mononoke . I love love Princess Mononoke.
  15. Oh thank you ladies, I feel prettier already. Serenity, I used to do that myself and look where it got me, 23 and without a husband (as my mum likes to say....constantly) Oh Val, I don't know about you, but experimenting with £20+ foundations makes me a little scared. And Mantra, if I was allowed to get creative, I'd end up looking like this: So don't allow me to think for myself when it comes to make-up. After all, my mum says it's time I got over my goth phase I'm gonna try some of your tips out, in the meanwhile keep 'em coming.
  16. I have anger management issues......with myself
  17. Ok, so I have no idea how to use foundation, blusher etc. Maybe I'm a bit of a tomboy, but I never wear make-up, except sometimes eye-liner and a shaded lipbalm and mascara for when I want to look goth. So I figured you well-groomed ladies could maybe help me out. So what are your techniques? Don't assume I know the basics, I don't, so talk me through the whole thing. What types of foundations, concealers, powders and stuff are there, and in which order do you use them. Also what products to use, especially foundations? I have been to a few 'make-over' sessions at department stores and I always walk out looking like a geisha girl. So, it's part of my new year's resolution to be more feminine. Who knows, if I get the make-up thing down, I might squeeze my big toes into one of those high-heel thingies. Go and make me look pretty girls
  18. Who did you piss off? Think and retrace your steps....did you say anything that's more offensive than usual? Compile a list, and then we can narrow it down.... *whispers*...maybe we can get them before they frame you for something the meantime, don't trust anyone.
  19. ^^^ what does that have to do with anything? I don't know the stats, and I do hear Somali students in general tend to do well, but that's beside the point. These gangs are a small number, who are becoming increasingly dangerous, which leads to things like dangerous policies being employed against the majority of Somali kids who are completely innocent. I'm not saying the behaviour of these kids are indicative of the rest really. I mean I know bad Somali parents, whose kids turn out pretty well -- but I also know such neglectful parenting really doesn't help.
  20. ^^ I'm not sure about these kids in particular, but some of the Somali gangs in the greenwich/woolwich/plumstead area are criminal gangs. They openly sell drugs, they are involved in robberies, they commit assaults and general disruptions. I used to work in a cinema and they caused us no end of grief, resulting in various stabbings. Somali people in my area are so quick to claim that some government conspiracy is behind these incidents that they don't think of why their kids are out so late at night. If people stopped denying that there is a serious problem and started asking themselves why exactly our kids are turning to crime, then maybe we could help them. But there still seems to be this idea that just because they are Somalia, they couldn't possibly be responsible for these crimes.
  21. Mr. 1000 posts, I've been here longer than you have, and I still haven't even made it to 500 posts. I think you talk too much :cool:
  22. Me <--- excuse me, but these kids are a menace, I don't care if it's just a phase, but their behaviour is disgusting, demoralising to the community and dangerous. I know people in the area who walk in mortal fear of these gangs. You are right about one thing though, I personally know and heard of some of these 'parents' and as much as I dislike jumping on the blame-the-parents bandwagon, there is no doubt in my mind that they - if not responsible - at least have the power to stop them but instead choose not to. The fathers are usually either absent, or there is this mentality that just because the child is a boy, he is exempt from reproach of any kind. You can be sure they know exactly what their 17-year old daughter is up to, but never wonder to ask what their 11-year old son is doing out at midnight. The mothers are also disgraceful. A lot of them have enough money to buy the latest dirac from Paris and go on tri-annual trips to Dubai, but their own kids are walking around in whatever they can find on sale in Primark. Their living rooms are gaudy and carefully designed, but take a peek in the children's bedrooms, and you see three kids cramped into one wallpaper-less ugly room with (usually) no table to do their homework on. Neither parent seems to care where their kids are, when the subject comes up of their son getting arrested for the third time, they sigh and mutter 'What can I do about it?' and turn back to discussing what Halima's sons are up to. The danger of these gangs not only lies in their criminal actions (believe me the rumours of drugdealing and violence are not exaggerated), but in the policies they are forcing the goverment to use. A while ago, I heard they arrested a truckload of Somali kids just for walking in groups. If you go into central london around Eid time, you see police watching every Somali kid with suspicion, putting some innocent kids who want to celebrate their festival on edge for absolutely no reason. EDIT: However, I don't think the situation is irreversible, from what I understand, there's no sense of longterm loyalty to the idea of gangs with the Somali kids. Unlike some other black gangs, there doesn't seem to be this idea that they are stuck there for life and some of them do actually get a job and straighten themselves out. But still, it's frustrating because I believe the parents/family/clan actually have some power to stop these kids if they really wanted to, but they don't. EDIT 2: Just saw the video and it's pretty ****** to post your picture and callname online. Shows they're not thinking like real criminals, maybe there's some hope