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  1. Originally posted by *Blessed:

    Haday fool xuntahayna, ugly girls need love too, ya know.


    Not saying you are P.


    You sound fun, I like nutters.

    Of course , I am ugly and proud about it icon_razz.gif

    Glad u said ( ugly girls need love too)

    if not

    I'd cry...... and you won't like that :D

    wouldn`t you?


    We ugly put we have feeling ;)

  2. Originally posted by STOIC:

    Inaanka or inaanta cusuub..hataat inaan tahaay if you look anything like Penélope Cruz I'll give up my SOL booos (space) for you...

    Shall I pretend :D I look like her than facing the reality? :rolleyes: (The true would scar the hill of you :D .... eventually...

    So I would say I look like her :D )






    Don’t forget deal is deal loll ( icon_razz.gif )

  3. Originally posted by Kool_Kat:

    ^Hello Mr. Facilitator! :eek:


    Penelope, welcome...Feel free to tell us a little about yourself (not whether you prefer khat or shiisha



    Okay, so what can I say about me? Well, :eek:

    I'm 20 (something ) and I'm an Coffeeholic.. no wait also I am a bit crazy with a wild idea






  4. { .. Description of myself eh :eek: ? ... Never really good at it, but people said I look like

    Ugly Betty ( :D )

    of course wouldn’t be surprise that :rolleyes: xasan-adan dedicated his song to me


    quruxda lagu daaheyee

    darandar indhihii arkaan

    marnaba daymada ka daalinee

    timaha kala degay dusheediyo

    ilkaha dabarka leh ayaa idalee ...} *



    ( :D )


    Foe Me no Khat or Shiisha or even Qabil

    I prefer coffee ( :eek: )