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  1. Why is it People from P/Land only post Bad news from S/Land, and People from S/Land only post Bad news from P/Land..??? do you guys surf the internet looking for bad news to post agains one another..??? How come No-one Posts any good news from other places..?? Miyay idin dhibeysaa inaad wax fiican ka sheegtaan dhinaca kale..???? lol.....
  2. Dahabshiil is a multi-million dollar money transfer company the biggest in the whole continent of africa, based in all major cities worldwide, the words of unemployed old lady who is high and intoxicated on khat will do nothing to ruin its image. money talks, u feeeeeeeel me.?
  3. Ceebta wey ee maanta dhacey dadow halkan ka daawada. Videogan Waa Midkay Sameeyen www.Boocaame.com iyo Horufadhi.com iyo jidbaale.com Fadeexada Jahbada SSC oo Ku Riyoonaysa Inay Yahiin Jaanjaweedka Darfuur iyomeelahaa ka dagaalama kkkkkkkkk Videogan oo ay islaamaha qurabaha lacag kaga gurtaan ayaa cebtoodii lagu soo helay the full story --- http://qorulugud.com/2011/02/24/ceebeey-tacaal-fadeexaddii-ugu-weyneyd-oo-soo-foodsaartay-nabad-diidka-iyo-xulafadooda/
  4. There is no comparison at all, snm was a blessed movement which wiped out one of the largest army in africa. this saado cali movement is nothing but an airport party kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  5. hahahahahaha, Subxaanalla, is that what SSC consits of.?? these guys are total comedians, they always manage to make me laugh when i see them with their torn t-shirt, true defenition of Rag-tag militia
  6. Another Good way to motivate the masses into taking things into their own hands, Mudane siilanyo showing like how it should be done. May ALLAH reward you for the love you have for your Country and Peple
  7. bla bla bla, waxaad doonto dhe, laakin sheekadu waa sidaan kuu sheegay, laacaanood, erigavo, buuhoodle, badhan, dhahar , and half of galkacyo are not punaniland, ama xiiq ama daal, caynkaa weeye
  8. Half of those towns you names are not even part of puntland, i.e buuhoodle, laacaanood, erigavo, badhan. who are you trying to fool here.?
  9. Dont you guys think its a bit too late to start a JABHAD in 2010. its always the qurba joog communities who are misleading the innocent geel jire's into their hatefull agenda.
  10. Puntland sold its pride and dignity to ethiopia for cheap. the funny thing is your "Ceeb" should be hidden not praded out there in the streets like its independance day
  11. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto dadka aan dambi geysan ee meeshaa ku geeriyoodey.. innocent by standers always seem to suffer the most in times of war
  12. The equation is easy SNM created somalia and SNM destroyed somalia, all it is is a push of a button for it to be restored once again
  13. loooooooooooool, this is truly a Pathetic picture, sitting in the middle of no where, oo shaah digsi iyo dhuxul loogu sameynayo hahahahah, ma sidaasaa garaadadii u dambeysey
  14. Since when did dalbac become 'SNM' looooool, same people are chasing each other in and out of their own city, this indeed is a clowns circus. but we shall enjoy the show.
  15. hiding behind bushes to do a hit and run is a desperate last resort, a man that lacks the balls to show his face is unable to clean up anything
  16. Right about now im thinking about Maxi - her beauty is like a Bunch of rose
  17. tell her.. Nayaa, kaalay, shut up, dont talk, just listen, i wana talk to you, get to know you, take you number, ring you, take out, meet you, and eventually i would like to sleep with u
  18. she dont let nobody she dont let nobody she dont let nobody Nobody but Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee
  19. They call me Heart breaker, ma rabo inaan ku decieve gareeyo, if you fall for me, im not easy to please, i might tear you apart, so i'll tell you from the start, baby from the start im only gona break break break break break break You heart im only gona break break break break break break You heart loool
  20. Gabiley baan joogaa, free baan ahay, yaa isoo qaban kara hehehehehehehehehe
  21. Depending on the season most regions in somalia are are like this, i would like to see photos of those areas in the dry season. even the dry up north has sections such as the sanaag region which are nearly green all year around, nothing special there
  23. So beacuse Putulanders cannot beat somaliland in the war field, instead they write non-sense articles to keep themselfes amused... guys these articles wont win u any wars, this is how u all end up ..lol Maxaabiis..lol
  24. Less than 20 people showed up and after some Landers engaged them they all dispursed into the wind loool http://harowo.com/wp-content/uploads/image/Cartoons/Mud%202.jpg FULL STORY AND LINK .