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  1. <cite>

    Pirate tactics they can't fight, they can't enter somaliland so what next...


    Hadal the only skill they have mastered for 400 years...


    " somaliland is Alshabab"


    Which means according to the pirate dictionary...


    " please help me somaliland is bullying me"




    Don't take these people seriously...


    Yes somaliland supports Alshabab haha...


    Now what write a book about it why don't you.


    Loooooooooool absolutely, couldn't have said it any better

  2. I hope i can put my Viza debit card in there, when i was in addiasaba in 2010 there was a cash machine inside sherington hotel which took viza debit cards, but it only gave out Bir Money, and to make it confusing all the controlls were written in Amharic so i just had to press something %$£%£$"£$!"£!"$!"£%"£%^