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  1. LOL @ Druzila. What a choice, but to each his (or in this case HER) own. BTW the woman in 101 Dalmations was called Cruella not Druzila but there is not much of a difference anyways
  2. First of all there is no question that we are african. Our country is found in AFRICA, therby making us African. Secondly, we are black. Thanks to Western ideas of "blackies" and "the dark continent" people have these ridiculous notions of what Africa and Africans are supposed to look like and act like. Like somealien said, Africa is not homogeneous, we come in many shades and our cultures are different. Just because somebody from our country may not necessarily look like somebody from Burkina Faso doesn't make us any less African. As Patrice Lumumba said "Until we Africans write our own history we will never be free." As long as people keep clinging to the colonialists history books, then the truth of our history will never be told, because they will never allow it to be told.
  3. Lots of true nomads up in here, well let me add to the list. Born in Ivory Coast, lived there for 8 yrs, moved to Kenya, lived there for 5 and then moved to Canada and have been here ever since and can't wait to get up out of this cold and go back to the warmth of Africa.
  4. I went to I.S.K.( International School of Kenya) from 1990 to 1995. I didn't graduate from there though because my family left Kenya way before my graduation.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if the jews did control the simpsons since they control everything else media related. By the way Haniif your "pinky and the brain" sig is dope, I love that cartoon
  6. Wow. This administration is really a team of geniuses. :rolleyes: They are extremely brilliant. Bush and his words of wisdom and now Rumsfeld. Good luck to the U.S.
  7. We need world aid organizations to get their shit together and help our people. An educaton and aid program needs to be put together on a massive scale. Walaahi if we knew all the answers we wouldn't be in the situation we are, but we have to make do I suppose.
  8. I'm going to break it down for you guys, it's like this: In America, WHITE=BEAUTY, BLACK=UGLY Black men have been beaten over the head with that ntion since the days of slavery. They have been taught and trained like a puppy dog to hate themselves and others like them. It is due to this self hatred that they want white women. They are looking for the furthest thing from them. It is sad, but true. As for the music videos, you won't even find black girls in them and if you do, they are light as hell or Latina. North America is a white man's world and he will do anything to keep it that way. He will do anything to spread his ideology and maintain a position of dominance. By cutting off the black slaves from their African culture, they have managed to alienate them completely. Therefore, the blacks of today have no frame of reference, they are desperately trying to relate to the white man's culture because it is the only one he has ever known. When in reality, the white man hates him and always will.
  9. As long as people deny the fact that khat is harmful and AIDS is deadly and spreading faster every day then the situation in our country and Africa in general will never get any better. It is up to those of us who have been fortunate enough to receive an education and a chance to help our people. Education and awareness about AIDS is crucial. It is a race against time. I read somewhere that if things progress the way they are now, within the next 10 years, Africa will be completely ravaged by the epidemic. We really need to act now. If we hope to ever see our country again and see Africa as it once was, then we must fight for it. Peace.
  10. I have the biggest oxymoron of them all right here: Government Intelligence
  11. That is fantastic news. I'm really happy to hear something like this, maybe we have one foot in the door now.
  12. I can't believe this. It is completely ridiculous, instead of concentrating on serious matters they are focusing on something as damaging as Khat.