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  1. Assalamu Alaykum Humoniods,


    Well, I am a new member to this site. Yes, I have a tendency to state the obvious when I am not sure as to what to say. Ramadaan Kariim to All... I hope I can contribute something useful to this site this month and coming months as well. This site, if I am not mistaken, is inhabited by mature (oftentimes old) folks, so we should get along just fine. Ramadaan Mubaarak once more.


    P.S. I resolved not to use the computer as much in Ramadan, and here I am registering for a forum. Yaa Allah....

  2. If you ask yourself these questions all the time, or even once, then you are just looking for stress. :D But seriously, I guess it is good to have this kind of foresight. As for me, I am a creature of his hour. Go with the flow.