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  1. Salam Alaikum Nur,


    I can't believe it has been 10 years. Reading this thread reminded me of my lengthy stay here as well. Though I might not have posted as much as most Nomads here, I have read most of your threads and some where inspiring. Like the Nomad before me said above, I hope you continue to pass by here and post from time to time. Until then khayr ilahay ban ku rajaynaya walaal.




    Your Brother Taqwa

  2. Salam,


    Dadka qaar baan jawaab oo mudneyn! Especially the defenders of Gaal Raac!


    Idil is what I call garbage. Maybe most of us won’t say it but when you see something like that, it's truly despicable. To top it off we have a Nomad who is trying to convince us that our ancestors (Mothers and Fathers) used to date once upon a time in Somalia before the turmoil’s of war. Walaal I don’t know about your mother and father lakiin my parents where setup and I'm 100% Halaal. I don’t care if you defend this garbage but don’t try to take everyone's parents and put them into one POT and hope no one replies about it. Since you’re having trouble trying to conceive the crimes of Idil, I would be more then happy to list them for you. I might not have seen them with my eyes but I could come up with possible scenarios. As for the likes of Raage Omar and Mo Farah, well if the women are Christians or women of the books (Jews or Christians) then Islamically it’s Halaal for them. No one really cares what she has done or is going to do it but spare us the nonsense you put forth about our Ancestors.

  3. Salam,


    1. STOP what your doing. Be greatful you have imaan. It might be a weak one but it's still there.

    2. Repent Now! NOT tomorrow but NOW!

    3. Change your friends IMMEDIATELY!

    4. Change your environment!

    5. Surround yourself with people who remind you of Allah.

    6. Iman is like a white shirt that when you commit a sin it gets dirty but as you pray it gets removed.

    7. Get MARRIED when you can. Every time you go to your wife and you engage in whats your right, you have earned a good deed.


    Some people wait to change when their parents pass away, others wait for some sort of a sign, and some reform behind bars but if you feel the way you do and you know the cure, WHY DENY YOURSELF THE MEDICINE?


    Prophet pbuh said, "Death is the distroyer of desires". If you truly want to increase your iman and prevent yourself from committing sins then participate in Jannazah prayers. Volunteer to wash a body. The more you think of Death the more your desires will fade. I hope this helps brother! Ramadan Kareem.

  4. If you kill someone then there are 3 options in Islam.


    1. Get killed!

    2. Pay a ransom that the family accepts.!

    3. Be forgiven by the family! (Loved most by Allah)


    If the family of the deceased chooses a monetary value as compensation for the wrong that one of your kin has done then they must be paid. This is according to Islam not ODAYAL!!! Now if the aggressor is unable to pay the amount then his next of kin is asked to help out. Now "Che" if you can help pay, then PAY UP. If you can't then SHUT UP! Your morals are not needed in Islamic Shariah. The laws are already preordained by Allah.

  5. Waaban yaabanahay. Maxaa lagu sameynayaa qof intuu marwalba afka kulasoo galo isagoo wax wanaagsan kuu hayn,

    If you find a post or a reply where I personally started a quarrel with you regarding a reply you made or a thread you posted I will leave SOL permanently. Deal? IF you don't find anything then I suggest you don't respond to me during my stay in this forum. No better way to settle this. smile.gif Start your search.




    Your advise did not fall on deaf ears. Thank you saxiib.




    I don't have anything against you. I just prefer if we didn't exchange replies. Xuman maha walaal its a request. smile.gif

  6. Ducaqabe,


    Walaal wa runta musliminta wa lagu yaqaan inay is cafiyaan lakiin miyaad aragtaay qof dhan oo ku dhabaah socod for the past 3 years after every reply you write. Mar mar ayan is waydiin jiraay "taani miyeey dantahay". Xishood daradeed ayan uga amuusi jiraay lakiin bila'adan baan ahay saxiib. Hadal dumar iyo muraan waxan adunayada ka necebahay ma jirto. Hadaay in taasi iyado oo qadatay xumaan, wax aan oo qabaan kara ma jirto. Adigo naah aad iyo aad baad oo mahadsantahay sidaad igo micnaysay. Adiga baah yidhii Dadka qaar baan jawaab mudneyn.






    Ilahay baan kugu darshee ma jawaab baad iga suugaysa? I'm doing my utmost best to pretend you don't exist. smile.gif

  7. There are people who pray, fast and even do voluntary worship. There are also others who have been praying in mosques for 20 plus years or so, but when the issue of loving Islam is raised, they might not have it in their hearts. There are also people whose worship might not be that much, but their hearts are filled with the love of Islam, and passion for the religion of Allah (SWT) whenever it is insulted.



    So, if his comments came from the fact that he loves Islam then over look his faults. If other wise, advice him accordingly. In 3 or more years in SOL I've seen more topics that deserved to be deleted then a few words by a brother who is driven by passion for his religion. There is an etiquette of taking someone to the side and informing them of their mistakes rather then over blowing it infront of everyone as if they committed zina. So before you say ilahay ka baaq, isku fiirso adigo oo weliba is waydhii inay sax tahaay waxad saxaysa.


    Malin Wacan.

  8. Fidel,


    You have not answered my questions but rather quoted me. If not compromising on Islam makes me a fundamentalist, then I guess I am. Doesn't mean I practice everything I preach but the fact that I recognized their importance is faith itself.


    Edited: What verson of Islam do I follow saxiib? You are accusing me of the same thing you are doing which is assuming what I am and what I follow.

  9. Your focus shouldn't be what people say, it ought to me what you know of the subject @ hand.

    Lets all agree with inanta cajistay. I will use the above quote against you walaal. Since you said you didn't take the initiative to find out what Islam says about dating, I think you should EXIT this topic with all do respect. In essence walaal, you may not follow the verdicts of Islam but as a believer, recognize that they are correct even if you dont' implement them.

  10. Fidel,


    Your a reasonable man so I will ask you a simple question. If there is a man that you would impersonate in every aspect, who would it be? Your smart enough to know where am going with this so I'll ask you another question. If perfection is what your seeking in impersonating someone, wouldn't you go the extra mile to get it done? Would you slack off and say that you will only adopt certain aspects of his traits?


    Certainly your view of Islam and mine are different. I believe Islam should be the setting sun and the dawn of mankind. When should Islam stop being used?

  11. ^

    I never looked up to find out what islam says about having a boyfriend, because I don't care too much to find out the end result, thats just me. As long as folks aren't sharing their cake with their significant other, it will always be halal in my book.

    Do you really pay attention to what you write? If you've never looked up what Islam says about dating and if you don't care too much to find out the end result, then why are you bothering us with your opinion? Hadaad cajistaay let me show you the door to opinions because this issue is not based on personal opinions.

  12. Fidel,


    I believe Islam is Islam. If the last generation of Somali's where moderate then surely you can see the consequence today. The moment you find comfort in Islam is the moment your slacking off. Who said a seat in Jannah is a piece of cake? You have someone (Shaydan) who vowed before his Lord, the very one he believes in to distract you from that very seat your eyeing yet you consider an advice from a sister to be SEEKING trouble.

  13. There are a lot of difficulties in our settings to do what everyone else is doing, but I plead that you reflect on the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh): "Islam began as something strange and will return to something strange. So glad tidings (salam) to the strangers!"


    So if you are among those who are "strange" not dating while all your friends are, you are receiving the Salam of the Prophet (pbuh).


    P.S. Non of us are great in practicing but recognizing something is HARAM assures us that we are still believers.

  14. I think Salafi has answered it perfectly. The magnitude of this Fatwa is so huge that no scholar in the 21st century took the initiative to make it happen. Who ever follows your fatwa and is wrong will not be accountable in the Day of Judgment but it will be on that scholar. Now why don’t scholars of great knowledge give fatwas so easily these days? Because they know the punishment for giving a wrong one and that deters them from it. You can't just say remove the hijab without tiring other solutions.


    There might be sisters who have low iman and where considering taking off the hijab but just needed a slight excuse. This fatwa might just be that!! No one is judging the knowledge of Dr. Badawi but we are skeptical of his approach towards something as delicate and big as removing the Hijab.

  15. There is no point in arguing walaal. He maybe a scholar to some but he isn't to most people. A lot of Sheikhs don't even pay attention to what he says. BA in Theology or a Masters in Arabic does't qualify you to be a scholar. There are other elements involved. Everyone who has memorized Sura Al Fatihah considers himself to be a scholar and he gives fatwas. I am not belittling the doctor but giving Fatwas is a HUGE responsibility.

  16. Dr. Badawi is not a scholar. He has no formal Islamic training beyond his PHD and being an Economics professor. He deserves to be respect but I don't know why people listen to his opinions regarding Hijab. Something that is ordained by Allah can not be over-ruled.