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  1. Thanks for your homophobia. Anyone else want to say anything more constructive?
  2. I'm really not Somali. I'm very, very English and white. Like, embarrassingly so. But... even if I were the guy I'm talking about, what would be your advice?
  3. I perhaps wasn't clear. I'm British, and was just randomly contacted on Twitter because I'm openly gay myself. I don't speak Somali, but Google Translate's best attempt at translating your message suggests that you think I'm faking it and that I am in fact the Somali kid myself? I'm not. I'm just trying to help him and I don't know very much at all about Somalia or Somaliland so I'm trying to find some kind Somalis who will offer some advice. Thank you!
  4. Hello I've been contacted on Twitter by a young guy (19) living in Hargeisa. He says he is gay, that his family has found out and that they are making his life hell. He doesn't leave the house because he is afraid he will be arrested or even killed by people in the street. He wants to escape and travel to study in the US or UK, but doesn't know how to do this. It sounds to me like he might have a reasonable chance of being able to claim asylum in this country because of persecution for being gay. However, I have no idea how he could go about doing this. To get to the UK, he would need a visa (e.g. tourist or student visa) which he would need to travel to Addis Ababa to get, I am told. Basically I'm ignorant about all this, and I want to advise him how he can best help himself. I'm not in a position to sponsor/support him financially myself but he seems not to know much about his options. If someone can tell me of any LGBT groups in Somaliland (if there are any!) that he could contact, that would be great. If you have some ideas about what he could or should do, those would also be very welcome! Thank you Tom (London, UK)