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  1. Most volatile and insecure war torn country has just been selected Their chief of army to be 25 year old teen. It's proven fact failmajo and crew are doing all they can to insure Somalia holds the title it's been holding for the last 20yrs. Most corrupted, lawless, famine,  Hostile country in the world. but what amaze the most is when I see some paid stooges who are applauding the dark direction where the country is being led by Failmajo.

  2. 2 hours ago, Old_Observer said:


    That is what you would have done.

    Do you realize Moodabe can travel to Dubai tomorrow if he wanted to?

    You would have made a great adivisor to Farmaajo or anyone in the position, but its a must there must be someone who can agree or disagree with each of your points/steps.

    A bit arm chair leader list.

    Do not west time with N&N paid stooges online. Here there  are  Ignoring what happened south west state, where innocent people were killed, the leading Candidate was arrested by paid Ethiopian gangs. the whole MPs were emigrated to Mugadisho and finally, A minister from N&N were selected. and here they are talking about Madoobe election being Sham.

  3. Somalia’s southern state of Jubaland extended its leader’s rule by four years in an election that will have repercussions extending beyond a region that’s at the forefront of a battle against al-Qaeda-linked militants.

    Mohamed Islam Madobe won 56 votes in the state parliament, while his closest rival, Anab Mohamed Dahir, secured 17, Speaker Sheikh Abdi Mohamed announced Thursday. Madobe has ruled the territory for six years and made some headway in a war with al-Shabaab, an extremist group that stages frequent attacks in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, and has struck nearby countries, including Kenya and Uganda.

    The election in Jubaland was closely watched by a central government that’s seeking regional allies before next year’s national election and is struggling to firm up a federation of states that includes Jubaland, Puntland and Somaliland. The states and are jostling for more autonomy and control over oil, gas and other resources. Jubaland won some political autonomy in 2013.

    The central government is wary of Madobe, who leads a powerful militia known as Ras Kamboni that’s previously fought alongside Kenyan troops against al-Shabaab to recapture a port in Kismayo city in 2012. Kenya invaded Somalia in 2011 after a spate of kidnappings by the militants in its territory, later joining a multi-national African Union peacekeeping force.

    ‘Buffer Zone’

    Jubaland was created with Kenya’s blessing, partly “as a buffer zone against al-Shabaab,” said Geoffrey Lugano, a political science lecturer at Kenyatta University in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. “It matters who wins the elections” because the actions its leadership takes against al-Shabaab will determine its strength going forward and whether thousands of Somalian refugees who fled to Kenya can return home, he said.

    Madobe said his priorities will be to foster unity and ensure security.

    “Somalia in in a difficult period that requires cooperation, in order to liberate territories in Jubaland from the enemy” al-Shabaab, he said in his acceptance speech.

    — With assistance by Hilton Shone

    (Updates with Jubaland’s relationship with central government starting in thrid paragraph.)

    Published on ‎August‎ ‎22‎, ‎2019‎ ‎4‎:‎28‎ ‎AM
    Updated on ‎August‎ ‎22‎, ‎2019‎ ‎7‎:‎17‎ ‎AM




  4. His Uncle Mr Bare try that back in 1986 by slaughtering innocent women and children, burning  OGs villages and Digging new wells for ilka yar reer miyi near afmadow. and 30 years later A looser from the states is trying to a accomplish what his uncle failed to do.

  5. The stooge who started this topic. That was the plan to held the election in buaale in first place,  and they are not one inch closer freeing buale yet. The vice president and the minister of security has full contoll of gedo, and there is darwsih army paid the salaries by madoobe that controls baladxawo, luuq and doolo. there are few failmajo suporters that exist in garbaharey and bardheere. madoobe has more and loyal army then failmajo. The real habitants of gedo with their Ugaas yariisow support Madoobe. The cowdaaq gangs are the only ones making the noise. bare Hiraale with support of HAG  Government and 250 army in kista had much more better chance then Xidig or seraar, we all know what happen to hiraale.

  6. 2 hours ago, galbeedi said:

    How many times I repeated that Madoobe and his group are a fifth column serving a foreign entity. They are traitors who are more deadlier than even the separatists at the moment.

    If this man comes back we must declare war to liberate the land and kick out the Kenyans.

    I will take that as (Laangaab Threat). Here you are acting a nationalist and meantime  supporting the fake president who handed over 1977 veteran to Ethiopia. how many times did I have to tell you, there ain't nothin yo can do to jubalalnd ee  worry about Borama. Somalinimo went out of the window long time.

  7.  "he who controls elections gets elected".on top of that. he is the front runner, he is the most qualified. he has the support, means and the power to stay the head of jubaland for decades. he had lost more 1000.00 to liberate kista.  he made kista most developed and peaceful city in south the last eight years. I know all that the does not matter to you cuz your hate towards madobe clan. but there is nothing that u can do about it.

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  8. Only if u have any clue, how the jubaland project get where it's now and all the obstacles it went thru when it was first proposed.  please educate your self before you bet anything.

    Classified By: Somalia Unit Counselor Bob Patterson for reasons 1.4(b,d

    1. (C) Summary: Darod/Ogaden clan heavyweight Ahmed Madobe,
    in coordination with TFG officials, appears to be stepping up
    efforts to take Kismayo and consolidate control of Lower
    Juba. (Note: Hassan al-Turki is the nominal head of the Ras
    Kamboni group, which has been working to overthrow the TFG.
    In recent months Turki's top commanders Ibrahim Shukri and
    Madobe have worked behind the scenes to marginalize al-Turki
    within his Ogaden/Mohamed Zubeyr subclan and move against
    al-Shabaab. End Note.) Our contacts tell us TFG
    Minister of Defense, the TFG Minister of Finance, and the
    Prime Minister are aware of and support Madobe's plans.
    Madobe has been appointed head of an evolving Lower Juba
    entity, which is locally administered and has links to the
    TFG. Shukri has been appointed head of internal affairs. The
    appointments of Madobe and Shukri grew out of recent
    meetings in Juba and Nairobi between their supporters and
    predominantly Darod/Kabalah clan leaders and MPs (reftel).
    Our contacts report that many Marehan figures in Gedo, to
    include long-time warlord Barre Hirale, appear uninterested
    in cooperating with Lower Juba to form a Jubaland entity
    unless they (Marehan) are in charge. End summary.

    Madobe Prepares for "War" with Al-Shabaab

    2. (C) A close ally of Ahmed Madobe on August 12 told us that
    he had just returned from meeting Madobe at the Kenyan
    border. Madobe held a meeting in Dhoble on August 13, during
    which he reportedly assured NGOs and humanitarian
    organizations that they could operate in areas under his
    control. After the meeting Madobe told our contact that he
    intended to return to Kismayo and was preparing for war with
    al-Shabaab. Madobe said he recently traveled to Mogadishu to
    encourage his allies to take part in a Kismayo offensive. An
    Ogaden business figure close to Madobe, Mohamed Sheikh, on
    August 12 told us that Madobe said the focus should be on
    Kismayo. After Kismayo was under his control, consideration
    would be given to Gedo Region. Mohamed Shiekh told us that
    Madobe does not intend to push beyond lower Juba. Sheikh
    had just been in Mogadishu, where he met with the TFG
    Ministers of Defense and Finance and the Prime Minister, who
    all supported Madobe's plans. Shukri told the Minister of
    Defense that Madobe's plan was the kind of initiative that
    "he would fund." In Mohamed Sheikh's view, Darod/Kabalah
    subclans were behind the evolving Lower Juba administration
    and would add currently inactive militia to the fight. (Note:
    Mohamed Sheikh is the chairman of Somalia's second largest
    telecom company. End note.)

    3. (C) Our contacts tell us that Madobe has been appointed
    head of an evolving Lower Juba entity, which is locally
    administered and has links to the TFG while Ibrahim Shukri
    has been appointed head of the entity's internal affairs.
    Madobe's role is essentially military and Shukri's is
    administrative. The appointments grew out of recent
    meetings in Juba and Nairobi between the supporters of Madobe
    and Shukri and predominantly-Darod/Kabalah clan leaders and
    MPs. In mid-July a 27-person Steering Committee was formed
    for Jubaland, but our contacts say that arguments continue
    over who will occupy key positions (reftel). (Note: Madobe
    appears to both head the Ras Kamboni organization and an
    emerging Jubaland administration. Al-Turki is described as
    aging, marginalized within his Ogaden/Mohamed Zubeyr subclan,
    and increasingly loyal to al-Shabaab. Other contacts
    involved in the mid-July meetings tell us there was support
    for Madobe among the Darod/Kabalah leaders. End note.)

    The Question of Gedo and the Marehan

    4. (C) Darod/Kabalah contacts on August 12 told us there is
    disagreement between the Darod/Marehan clan in Gedo region
    about joining Lower Juba representatives to form a Jubaland.
    The most influential Marehan leaders in Gedo, to include
    long-time warlord Barre Hirale, appear uninterested in
    cooperating with Lower Juba to form a Jubaland unless they
    are in charge. Other Juba contacts report some Marehan
    support the idea, but they are the less influential and not
    well-armed members of the subclan.

    NAIROBI 00001710 002.5 OF 002

    Many Darod leaders from Juba and Gedo reportedly agree
    on the general principle of a Jubaland state subordinate
    to the TFG, but remain divided over who will control
    Jubaland and the port of Kismayo. One option being
    considered is a Jubaland state with two regions, Middle Juba
    and Lower Juba. Middle Juba, in this scenario, would
    be predominantly Marehan and Lower Juba would be
    primarily Ogaden and Puntlandersteen. Our contacts, however,
    indicate the Ogaden and Puntlandersteen would insist on the
    presidency of a united Jubaland. Mohamed Sheikh said it is
    widely believed in Lower Juba that Ethiopia intends to
    support the Marehan's claims on Kismayo because Addis Ababa
    would be threatened by an Ogaden-led Lower Juba
    administration. (Note: The Ogaden is currently the most
    powerful subclan within the Darod/Kabalah in Lower Juba. The
    Darod/Kabalah also contains the Puntlandersteen subclan. The
    Darod/Marehan power base remains Gedo region, or "Middle
    Juba." End note.)

  9. the above haters, Please keep dreaming. the father of jubaland Amir Madoobe is here to stay, and it ain;t shit that yo all can do about it. if you can not stop jubaland when it was infant,  you can not and will not stop now. and the dude who started this none sense topic, please concentrate Borame where you ass is from. stay away jubaland affairs.

  10. 20 hours ago, guhad1223 said:

    The Jubbaland government with its various agencies should assist the owners to rebuild Medina hotel as soon as possible. Dhagaweyne, the main owner, left here in the States to help invest in his country. Despite being in a wheelchair, he worked so hard to renovate, rebuild, and modernize the hotel. It was one of the best hotels in Kismaayo for the last year or so. By not rebuilding the hotel, we are letting the killers win. In regards of beesha Maqaabul, no other clan supports Madoobe more than Maqaabul including his own MZ. Maqaabuls always see the bigger picture and are always the bond the connects Beesha. The only renegade to this unity is Xidig, who have been politically isolated  from the the Beesha  affairs for a long time. He is a useless individual with no convictions and principles. Remember that he was once in cohorts with Barre Bootin-Dheere.

    Guhad, this place is invested by nabar and naxdin paid stooges who celebrated this incident, so please do not bring some one's personal info to this public.

  11. On 7/12/2019 at 7:12 PM, galbeedi said:


    Somali people are dying left and right , yet no urgency from the leaders. I never understood the idea of recruiting armies for years. Conscription of soldiers usually takes 70 days around the world. Western style professional soldiers will take decades to build. You need tens of thousands of militia and flood the land with soldiers. 

    We do not need to pay members of parliament , ministers or the fat , do nothing bureaucrats of Mogadishu we are thousands (5200).The whole government must be mobilized for security and every penny should be spent to the soldiers.

    It seems the foreign elements of Al-shabaab is targeting the productive Somalis who are making the difference. If you check the names of those killed in these hotels for the last few years, they were all targeted for being great Somali nationalists.

    Ahmed Madoobe is busy with electioneering and dining in Nairobi hotels. There is probably no one to mind the shop in Kismaayo.If these things continue both in Kismaayo and MOgadishu,  it means Farmaajo and company had failed .If the insecurity of Mogadishu continue and security is only in the green zone, they have no reason to run for re-election.

    Galbeed, i am glad that you started asking questions that i have been asking my self long time. let's use our brains for a minute, why do we need more then 27 ministries with 54 ministers with $5000 - $10.000 salaries that 90% of them does not function at all. and more then 350 house and upper house representatives with $3000 dollars salary that does nothing. security comes first. every penny should be spend on security. armies should be paid at least $500.00 a month to insure their bills are paid and it becomes a profession that only those who qualified are hired. we need a leader whose first and second and third priorities are security. 

  12. 37 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

    Hodan was indeed killed. Alla ha unaxariisto!


    These sorts of things show the short sightedness of Somali leaders and Somalis in general There's more than enough man power to defeat Al-Shabaab but with no real leadership,nothing will happen.

    The massacre of 500 people in Xamar was an opportunity to rally people and defeat Al-Shabaab but Farmaajo squandered it.

    may be alshabaab is profitable business that no one wants to be defeated,  it gives a blank check to failmajo and crew to loot the country and amisom the legitimacy to stay.

  13. 9 hours ago, CangeeroBear said:

    They can keep sending warning letters all they want. 

    You do not bite the hand that feeds you.

    Suldaan, Failmajo days soon will be over and will be remembered the worst president and most Ethiopian ass kisser who spends millions of dollars of public money Traveling around the world like his fulfilling his fantasies while millions of Somalis are starving and civil servants and militaries are not paid for months.


  14. 12 hours ago, Apophis said:

    You have to remember most of the non OG somalis live in lands that are not habitable. They see OGs living in lush lands and they start thinking of squating in other people’s lands.

    While OGs were expanding and conquering the gala tribes, their ancestors were sitting under trees day dreaming. That is why OGs hold the most lands while the rest live in small enclaves.

    Galbedi thinks he will move to Jubbaland if he supports Failmajo.


    Even the ones from Garowe have the same daydreams. 

    Apophis, This dude has Langaab syndrome against OGs as general. the ones in Ethiopia, Kenya or jubaland. he sided with Oromo over none dir Somalis in Ethiopia saying that they are Dir Cousins. He refers ONLF as terrorist.

    Gableedi, you have to know your place in the world before yo open your none sense mouth. Failmajo represents only few kilmoters around Villa Somalia,  his own salary is paid by Qatar, in other hand, Kenya is one of the top countries in Africa economically and is a hub for all central Africa countries, is also a base for UN. do the math, which one matters to UN or any other country. in this world of age, interest matters,  so please tell me what a lawless, terrorist and drug invested country has to offer, in order to persuade any country to side with them. what makes you thing your support matters, If you want support any one, please help you helpless kin in Somaliland. Please do not let the beef between the OGs And MR Confuse you, by the end of the day Failmajo is my kin. and please go waste your time some where else, i can see you just graduated from ESL Class and your practicing your writing.



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  15. Galbeedi, either you are Ignorant how the world functions or you are one of the  low IQ kids who fall  victim to Failmajo unfunded lies. A letter send by you to UN, will not even be used as toilet paper. stop entertaining your self. There is no Somali against Kenya and it was never one. Failmajo  childish dream to hand his toll jubaland region is what igniting Kenya to give him the middle finger, he beg them and salute to their ass to have the control of kista but was told fuuck of, and then he want to Ethiopia and Eretria and did the same, with no result. this is simply a game between the OGs officials in Kenya and Failmajo Clan.

  16. 18 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

    We have been told that Somalia needs an army. with all these mechanized trucks in Jubbaland in these pivtures combined with  Galmudug and Puntalnd the federal army , you get enough.


    Miyaa ciidamadaan la qarameeyo inta mid kale la raadinayo.

    galbeedi, that could be done only, when you have viable, sincere leader. till to day, he has not spend one minute of his time to create a national army that represents all the regions of Somalia. he travelers at least five times a month, renting a private plane, staying lavish hotels with a crew of more then 20 people while the people he was suppose to represent are dying for hunger and curable diseases. he is simply excited transforming him self from working 9 to 5.00 with salary of $40.000 a year after tax. to having $20.000.000 dollars budget to spend as he wishes.

  17. madoobe has more then 10.000 well disciplined army and equipped far more then hatters like can imagine. jubaland army are in deef dhobley, hagar, afmadow, qooqaani, kulbiyow guda, barsugaani bula gaduud, not included jubaland army in gedo nearest alshabaab in kismaayo is Jamaame, wich is almost 80 miles away. they consistently  fight with alshabaab and recently captured hagar, which is half way to buale. with out amisom in villa somalia, yo uncle failmajo would have been beheaded by alshabaab. let's put kenyans  a side, tell me what power yo weak ass has that can even dream to take one inch of land from madoobe,  yo uncle failmajo has no army and can even secure hal wado im mugadisho, and alshabaab controls and takes tax from mugadisho resident.he has no support from mugadisho locals. I know what kinda of election yo imagining to happen in kismaayo, "the southwest style"  Again Jubaland is not southwest and jubaland is out of failmajo league.


    1546678800-116358325c307210dbc1b-Madoobe 14.jpg


  18. 5 hours ago, Dabrow said:

    You dont have to eliminate someone who is self destructing. The only thing that is needed is to grab popcorn and watch the show.  Madobe time is up and he has no say politically thus his desperate and pathetic behavior in Garowe meeting. 

    He can accept that his time is up  or cling to power as " Kismayo mayor" in the failed Kenyan backed Jubbaland project. 

    you can not simply wish some one out office, unless you have the means to do so. yo uncle failmajo can not even handle the green zone, and he has nothing to show for the years he was in office, except handing Somali national to Ethiopia. you do not see Jubaland army complaining their salaries not being paid or robbing and killing innocent bajaj drivers. he had full support of real jubalanders, not the Diinis from Cowdwaaq whom he eliminated from jubooyinka.yo uncle failmajo admited that there was stalemate for the some of the issues, and madoobe choose not  to sit around a meeting with no potential outcome and that is what a good leader would done who has better thing to do. jubaland is  not soutwest and hirshabeele. madoobe has the Resources, man power and alliance to defeat any threat.

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