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  1. I feel bad this girl, if marrying into this living fossil of a family is not bad enough she will now find herself under a lot of unfair racial scrutiny or outright prejudice. Cadaan waa cadow, lalama xidido.
  2. ^ Those vintage photos of Xamar Cadey give me the feels So much lost potential. Madness took it all away.
  3. ^ Seriously, Abdi Warsame is General Duke, Aqiyaar ?
  4. Honest man. Mismanagement and corruption is a big problem. However the primary impediment to development is know how and I'm not talking about Phd's here, but ilbaxnimo, the way of life of the people; their houses, their attire, roads and traffic and so forth. Somalis start from a low technical base even by African standards. I'm not impressed by the built environment, by the chaos and mess I see in they cities I visit home.
  5. May be he is a crook, he just may be a more efficient crook. If he is smart and reforms his economy, his lavish spending will be a bucket in the ocean. Now when you have a 5000 plus princes and their relatives all mooching on the state then it turns into a major drain. No I know maryooley well, they have fantasies of anarchy and mayhem. They see collapse everywhere. I thought you were smarter than this, they had no choice in Yemen, the Iranians were closing in on them. What were they are they supposed to do? It is very unfair to lay blame at their feet for the Yemeni war. Remember the Houthis were on the cusp of taking over the whole of Yemen from the north to south with Iranian support, controlling the ports and all the vital infrastructure. For KSA, that is existential security threat. That threat has been rolled back somewhat, so the campaign is not as bad as some people are painting it. Still, no one can deny the tragedy that befell the civilians but the order of the blame is 1. Ali Saleh 2. Iran and 3. Saudi Arabia in distant third. Your not addressing the issue of the malevolence and hegemonic ambition of the Iranians. They should stop interfering in Arab states. Saudi Arabia and its allies are correct in bringing Qatar to heel, this impish irresponsible double dealing statelet had to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Their pro Iran antics, interference in other GCC countries' affairs through Al Jazeera was too much. Hariri is a fool, he is a giving Hezbollah dominated Lebanon the legitimacy it needs and he is not doing his community a service. Topple the Iranian regime ? Your'e not serious. The Israel bogey too. Nimankan duulanka ku ah dalkiisa iyo diintisaba maxaad ugu diidantahay inuu la dagaalamo. I would do the same as MBS and even be bolder in taking the fight to the devious hegemonic Persians. He is trying to reform his country and economy, that is commendable, I'm not Saudi but I would like for them to succeed. I'm not a hater. The collapse of Sunni power has to do with the disastrous Iraq war and the removal of the counter weight to Iranian ambitions in the region.
  6. ^ Your political prognostication is way of the mark. MBS is not a crook and Saudi Arabia is not collapsing any time soon. People have been talking of its doom for more than 30 years now. Your fantasies won't come true, I know maryooley love to see everyone collapse and self destruct like they did. But that won't happen. Go look for another anarchy.
  7. I actually agree with the Saudi policy of not handing out their passports will nilly like these clueless Western countries do. You will never see a terrorist carrying a Japanese passport. Citizenship entails blood ties to a country and deep rooted connection to a land not something to be bought and sold or attained easily by staying in a country for few years.
  8. Do those fufus really need a libido booster as libidinous as they are already, their middle aged men are the worst and will chase after every skirt in sight.
  9. I don't think so. I understand where your'e coming from.
  10. ^ But Bihi can meet Desalegn, am I right ?
  11. anoo kale


    His eyes betray him, they scream dhagar qabe!
  12. The blue pill has made odaynimo obsolete.
  13. The long saga of maryooley ignominy ( guninimo) continues. The periodic pilgrimage to Abyssinia and homage to its rulers continues, they are full satraps. May the this shitty race disappear from the face of the earth. Aamiin!
  14. May this unfortunate race of people finally get a homeland and a polity they call their own.
  15. ^ Yeah, Malia is gone to the evil side lol I wonder how Michelle Obama would react to both her daughters having white boyfriends. I suspect she is fuming right now. The Obamas have failed their biggest test as parents in my opinion. Did the author of Dreams from my father not sit down his daughters and educate them about their heritage and history. Sad.
  16. Wow, just speechless And people accuse me of being anti arab? Arabs are scum who have never evolved, they think Africans are property to be sold and abused. The black race keeps taking L's everywhere. sad
  17. Mahad sanid LST. edit: I can't find the book, it has other interesting stuff but not the actual book.
  18. I need this book asap. Can any nomad point me how to get hold of it ?
  19. Look at this fool. Gormuu beer jileecaan aad SL u haysid bilaabmay. Ma Gabadh duriyad lagugu daray sxb. Saan kugu ma ogeyne.
  20. Classic Somali alveolar prognathy right here Nice historical photo.
  21. More importantly can a marriage where one partner is sexually damaged/defanged really be called a marriage ? Can a marriage where one party is wholly dependent economically really be called a marriage, its more akin to prostitution. Can a marriage where a woman is forced to carry a pregnancy every year till her body breaks down be called a marriage? Food for thought!
  22. keep dreaming. Somalis are emotional and fickle bunch, you shouldn't take Facebook comments as sign of their warming up to clan secession cause. We all remember Farmaajo hullabaloo not too long ago, this tribal census too will pass and the reality will hit you in the face.