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  1. You one time accuse me of seeking your attention as if you're somebody to me .Another time you're accusing of spewing empty bravado which is exactly what you're portraying in this thread thus far . Somaliland is and will always remain a one clan entity driven by emotions, fake pride and extreme hate for their fellow Somalis.Digging up graves , spreading anti Daarood books and propaganda.Trying to divide and spread hate and disdain among the Somali brethren . My point is , Somaliland is a good example of horrible tribal entity and a disaster used and misused by foreign powers to undermine Somalia .That's the reality not empty bravado .Ironically yours is empty bravado.
  2. Oodwayne The only point you made so far is bragging on the strength and firepower of SNM militias in your clan frontiers.If you can crush northern Harti to submission .Then go for it . Ragu wuu kala adkaadaa . When you defeat them to submission ,teach them about deceased SNM rebels in your curriculum and also distort and demean the dervishes history .Recommend Guribarwaaqos dirty book in high schools . Haday iska kiin caabin waayaan gumeeyaa . Finally, don't talk ridiculous I beg not you attention .In fact ,you're a complete stranger to me .How on earth do I seek your attention ? Who the fu-ck is Oodwayne in the first place ?
  3. No clan is more religious than the other .That old myth of demonizing the Somalilanders is absurdly wrong . As for the history part , The Sayyid didn't reach the lofty status many ascribe unto him .He fought the Imperialists but he also decimated many Somali clans .Examples are the infamous Ilig Daldala,Goonda-Gooye and Xays balaayo If you keenly follow historical patterns of colonial era and beyond ,Somali tribes had similar traits of delusion and fake pride which constantly made the Horn a battlefield characterized by bloody wars full of miseries and mischiefs .When the adventures and explorers landed on Somali territories the comments and remarks of the natives were full of hate and negativity for the neighboring clans .That regressive culture prevail to this day .Maybe it has something to do with our DNA ! Finally, selective quotations of historical incidents won't help change the established historicity. Qamaan Bulxan wasn't a saint nor a ruler but he was another old timer best remembered for his poetic excellence . Barkhad Cas poem poem clearly narrated the sad reality of colonization in British Somaliland .What about the historical accounts on YouTube that shows how the natives of Saahil were made to carry officials on their shoulders from Berbera to Shiikh ? Awawgay ninkii adoonsaday ninkii aabahay indhaha tiray ninkii anigana i iibsaday hadaan arkayoonan ka aarsan karayn hadaanan Aadanow unuunka jarayn aan ooyee albaabka ii xidha. Isagoo Iglan joogabuu i diloo ushuu soo fidshaa i iimaysoo waataa aramidii i oofa tirtaye itaal dari aan la eedaadoo aan ooyee albaabka ii xidha. Bal oggow isticmaarku abidkii iriduu marinaayo awr raran irbadbuu ku dayaa ayaamaa horee Ragan aan arkayee u abasaxayow ninowna ha odhan soomaalaan ahee ordoo magacana ka iibsada. Libaaxa anayiyo Abaarso ka ciyay Abu Riin Lo’da joogtabaa urisoo ooday jebisaa intay u dhacdoo amsaxuu ka guraa idiilkeede waakaa isticmaarkii ii daayee Ragan aan arkayee u abasaxayow in shaahiyo keegu waa urugee iimawdee axankaaga weynee. Ugaadha ninkii gatee urursada ka soo arkabaa aduun ka baxshee ninkaa imanaaya awgii waa kaa isticmaarkii ii daayee Ragan aan arkayee u abasaxayow ordoo magacana ka iibsada
  4. First of all,I'm a new member to SOL forums and I don't see a good reason why you should get preoccupied with that .There's no need for you get personal .better for you to stick to the topic . Second of all , it makes no sense to correlate random people on forums simply because they have common stances on certain issues .That's not smart .wise up landers . Thirdly, writing a lot of gibberish won't help your case here .Somali is tribal society that is the reality on ground .Only a fool or a deluded soul will believe the opposite . Whatever else you wrote are meaningless though neatly constructed paragraphs to shroud the shallow and flawed believes and premises your clannish entity is founded upon.No one but Haabusho and Magaado tribesmen and their SNM militias acknowledge your tribal entity.But if you're saying Might is right and you're very confident to crush and tame the Northern Harti,then good luck .Time has a lot of mysteries to unravel . Why can't the Jeegaan militia go beyond Yube ?isn't because War Sengeli are united and they definitely said No to ii door invasion in Eastern Sanaag ? How have you succeeded in the case of Dhuloz ? Isn't certain sub clans of dhuloz are willing to work with SNM secessionist mafias ?
  5. There's territorial clan boundaries that existed before 1960s .Every clan is known for certain territories .Ever since the Kacan regime collapsed ,everyone retreated to his tribal backyard and the mutual suspicion and mistrust skyrocketed .That's a bit of summary of the reality on ground across Somalia . There's Hartiland SCC and Puntland .There's Ii door tribal lands W/Galbeed ,Togdheer and parts of Sol and Sanaag and there's basically a junk of territory owned by every other clan .These clans can only unite under the banner of Somalinimo .In fact ,only Somalinimo .Whichever clan that tries to dictate pretentiously on other clans acting like a legitimate government will miserably fail . Yes ,there's Har ti bond though not strong it does exist like Magaado and Haabusho kinship and ideological ties.That's natural and no one can change it . I repeat it for clarity ,I'm not in a mood to troll anyone here but indeed ,the case in this thread is 'the pot calling the kettle black " Keep trolling clannish folks from Northern Somalia .
  6. Waan dhawahay .Waa si fiican in magacayada reeraha aan la magac aabin blse waqti ayn u baahanahay si aan u barto naanaysa reeraha ee laga ogolyahay madashan sida HAG for H awiye Clan ,D block for Daarood etc . Also,let the rule apply to all .Galbeedi mentioned Sheekhaash as Ree Shiikh hhh maybe that's the accepted version in SOL .He did also wrote Lobogay .I'm not here to entertain whataboutism ,I just wanted to remind you in case you didn't take a notice on that .
  7. You are another deluded lander who's skillfully showcasing how the unruly Muqdishans should think and behave in accordance to your secessionist dreams .
  8. Who are these so called Gadhcas ? I didn't mention them even once. Maakhirs or Warsan geli clan don't want ii-door presence in their territories .That's why SNM militias could not go past Yube which is a tribal border zone between Eastern landers and the Maakhirs .You guys are only present in Dhulo territories because of their deep rooted clannish divisions . The trolls in this thread are non other than the OP and the illogical you .
  9. Yeah .Sadly that is the case . But take a look how neighboring kilils are not divided along tribal lines.Oromo and Amhara are doing everything to unite their folks but Somali are exactly doing the opposite . We need to end this senseless and never ending fight for dominance and fake pride.Though ,it is kinda hard and wanting ,it is time to defy the old barbaric ways of doing things .I know that some tribes wish incessant discord and mayhem among the Somali brethren for their own greedy sinister agendas but ethnic unity based on inclusive and progressive ideologies is the only way forward .
  10. Someone is counting Diredhaba as part of the Somali region. Another dude is wrongly labelling Ogaden territories as underpopulated desert . Another one ridiculously thinks OG should get almost everything .8 committees as he put it for OGs and a mere 2 or 3 for all the rest .For that reason ,he's unhappy with the interim vice president. Lastly, the most sensible one in this thread is quite unhappy with Shide for not dethroning the 'undeserving ' OGs from the power grip of the Somali region . They are all miserably wrong and delusional .And that is,certainly ,why Somalis can't get along with one another .In fact ,that is our weakness and undoubtedly the soft spot where our enemies will always strike first to exploit, divide and dominate the unsuspecting Geeljires who are good for nothing but their own infightings
  11. The sheekhaash community in the Somali region are mainly Aw qudub .Lobogay are southerners and identify themselves as Marti of HAGs(Martiile).
  12. Hi bro, First of all ,I'm not trolling and all that I mentioned are established facts . Someone here is promoting his tribal entity and he is showing aggression to other tribes .I came in with sensible reply that SNM tribesmen should remain in their territories or otherwise, they will be perceived as nothing but Barbarian warmongers who want invade another clan's territories. Who's trolling ? I or the OP ?
  13. It is general knowledge that Somali are clan based society in every aspect of their existence .Therefore ,any secessionist incursions on Eastern Sanaag will be seen as nothing but a certain clan's transgression on another clan's homeland Iidoors own fundamental policies and believes betrays their flimsy and feeble dreams of secession .Why is that so ? Well ,it simple to diagnose that ,they are driven by acute hate for Daarood .Muse Bixi openly yelled anti Daarood rhetorics during the campaign and their Feisal Dhurwa comic boy leaves no chance to bash anything Daarood .Simply, Somalilanders are clannish haters who dwell in the past barbaric tribal tag of war . In short ,Somaliland is an iconic entity of poor clannish state driven by hate for their fellow Somali brethren.I hope they fail and get destroyed sooner than later .