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  1. I want to see his kids, nieces and nephews to be enrolled in the military first. Perhaps then I shall consider.
  2. In my opinion, he should leave this ideology of him ruling all Somali people behind and should be appointed to be the official Mayor of Kismaayo. It's under his leadership the town has flourished in terms of safety.
  3. Dear God, most of us have an aim of praying 5 times a day, perfecting our salah, pay zakat, fast during ramadan, go to Hajj, perform good deeds and attain Paradise. The only aim this creature has however is to be logged on 14 hours a day and compare his miserable life with that of the people of Somaliland. If there's an image on Google of a random bird in Somaliland dropping doo doo he will look for another image of random birds in Puntland dropping more doo doo.
  4. I wouldn't go in there if you'd pay me. The movie 'Phone Booth' comes to mind.
  5. If Puntland indeed did pay Somaliland to capture a town and sell it to them, why not buy Las canood and every other tuulo in Sool as well? One Village down, 1000 more to go.
  6. Last picture made me laugh, i'm assuming they're checking in the book when Muuse Bixii took his medications last. Great conference.
  7. Somalia, sure.....he's the sole reason why Somaliland isn't recognised. Poor soul lived in exile, returned in a box with a second hand liver that didn't do him any good and Somaliland is still on your mind.
  8. Whatever people think of him, the majority don't hold him in the highest regard.
  9. Greater than the US military, perhaps. Or could it be the quraanjo didn't know what they were doing? Innocent civilians or not, it was mentioned that some could potentially be 'innocent', however...most people caught have been confiscated of their weapons, 6 of their injured taken to Burco Hospital and vehicles captured along with a commander.
  10. What's so hard to believe about that? Puntlands faro-taag elections is no different than 'hagbad' in which a lot of mothers participate in. One lady took a payment last month, one this month and one next month. I don't think any more important pirate sub clans are left to take the seat so why not give the hagbad to the maakhirite?
  11. For a 'surprise' attack that was recieved from many fronts, one must wonder what went wrong when the quraanjo were on the offense. I'm embarrassed on behalf of Khaatumo.
  12. ^Lol. xiimaaya, sure Riyaale was ahead.
  13. The al shabaab circus is almost as entertaining as that of the TFG.