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  1. @galbeedi said: As this case showed , first you have to diagnose the illness, then you can balance the modern medicine with the natural one. I also heard this week from some experts debating the importance of " Gut" in most health issues. Lady Blue mentioned this in her health thread few weeks ago. I did not put much weight until I heard from the experts. I am convinced that miss Blue knows more in health issues than she is mentioning. It also shows that there are many hidden experts in SOL. Obviously, this is common knowledge. The stomach, the liver, & the colon are at the root causes of all diseases. I would as I far as to say the Liver is much more important, for it is our chemical processing factory, all the toxins and chemicals that we breathe in or ingest, come in contact to will be stored in the liver if we do not detox it how are we going to be healthy? An unhealthy liver is at the root of all diseases, but the colon is more important because when the liver dumps, it dumps through the bile duct and out into the colon. If the colon (the drain pipe if you will) is plugged, the waste backs up into the blood stream and can make you feel extremely ill. This is the reason that the "Miracle Doctors" always start with the colon detox. It's the prerequisite for all the other cleanses in the body; and, of course, can also produce dramatic healings in its own right. The stomach is third when it comes to importance. It really doesn't take any experts to know but common knowledge unfortunately Somalis have really low-standards. Modern medicine is just drug dealing you cannot convince me otherwise. I will be busy this week because I am in process of starting my Naturopathic clinic in Xamar, Somalia, also am in the process of having my website & logo made, I will make history.
  2. I will give you my protocol for curing cancer. Firstly, I believe that vitamin B17 also called amygdalin or laetrile, both prevents & cures cancer. Another thing, patients with cancer have a compromised immune-system, the only way to get it back to functioning is using herbs & superfoods to improve he immune-system. My favorite though is mixing my own solution with camphor as the main immune-system tonic & others and injecting into the body's lymphatic system. This improves the body's immune system. Another thing, eating organic, natural & pure foods are key, especially Bee propolis & royal jelly, brazil nuts (highest source of selenium), apricot kernels (best source of vitamin b17), etc... Cancer is a curable disease contrary to popular belief. Chemotherapy is unnecessary & will kill you in the long run. If you want my cancer protocol please pm me and I will give you concise version of my protocol.
  3. Conventional medicine does not cure but it masks the symptoms. I believe in my opinion that it is holistic medicine which cures for it gets to the root cause of the disease something conventional fails to do. When will we say enough is enough, conventional doctors are peddlers of drugs and nothing more then drug dealers. If you call holistic medical practitioners 'witch doctors' conventional medical doctors are 'drug-dealers.'
  4. @Tallaabo said: @Coofle I go to Somaliland regularly and I was saddened to notice that in the absence of proper healthcare, the witch doctors have set up shops everywhere. What these immoral men do is not only a financial exploitation of the poor and ignorant, but also now becoming a public health hazard. People with all sorts of illnesses which can include contagious diseases queue for the services of these fraudsters and then go back to their homes and families with only a bag of worthless herbs and powders. The equally useless government in charge of the country does absolutely nothing to stop those dangerous witch doctors or educate the vulnerable public. You sir are dangerously stupid. Calling Naturopaths witch doctors is akin to abuse of a professional. You are the same idiot who has his worthless children vaccinated. You also believe fluoride is truly needed for healthy teeth & that chemotherapy actually cures cancer! lol.... You are uneducated.
  5. "You do realize ultrasound does not use radiation." LoL, it doesn't take alot for me to debunk you wiki-educated student. Ultrasound is not based on ionizing radiation, but sound waves, but when did I say Ultrasound uses radiation, that is very unprofessional of you to put words I did not allude to in my mouth.. I just used it as another example, disagree or agree. "All in all “nin yari intuu geed ka booduu talo ka boodaa” there is a lot for you to learn,even about naturopathy. Human health is broad complex and sensitive issue, you should weigh every advice you give and make sure you are supported by sound knoweledge and evidence not sheeko baralay." Says the man who knew about how histamine is produced in the body. I shouldn't be of surprise to me since you only took special education Chemistry. You insult my intelligence you simpleton. I agree though a true researcher will always be learning. Anyways you proven to me you are a fraud because you made yourself look like the fool you are concerning Histamine production in the body, kulha "histamine is like a neurotransmitter."
  6. "common sense dicatates that would create swathes and hordes of bold men, far more than you know..on the other hand I don’t recall any related physiology, importantly though,what is your scientific evidence?" Wtf?? Regular porn watching leads to far more frequent ejaculation. And ejaculation may depletes the body's zinc and other mineral levels. Everytime you ejaculate you lose SPERM. Sperm is full of minerals, vitamins and other healthy stuff from the body. But one of the most important ingredient is zinc. EDIT: You lose 0,3585 to 0,7055 mg zinc each load. It increases prolactin in the body thus increasing DHT and scalp inflammation. Biol Psychol. 2006 Mar;71(3):312-5. Epub 2005 Aug 10.Related Articles, Links The post-orgasmic prolactin increase following intercourse is greater than following masturbation and suggests greater satiety. Division of Psychology, School of Social Sciences, University of Paisley, Scotland, UK. Research indicates that prolactin increases following orgasm are involved in a feedback loop that serves to decrease arousal through inhibitory central dopaminergic and probably peripheral processes. The magnitude of post-orgasmic prolactin increase is thus a neurohormonal index of sexual satiety. Using data from three studies of men and women engaging in masturbation or penile-vaginal intercourse to orgasm in the laboratory, we report that for both sexes (adjusted for prolactin changes in a non-sexual control condition), the magnitude of prolactin increase following intercourse is 400% greater than that following masturbation. The results are interpreted as an indication of intercourse being more physiologically satisfying than masturbation, and discussed in light of prior research reporting greater physiological and psychological benefits associated with coitus than with any other sexual activities.
  7. @Coofle "The definition of Histamine is not a toxin and cell-destroyer!, its a neurotransmitter-like substance that is actually vital for human existence. let us not divulge to a parotid gland full of histamine thingy!" Histamine is and I quote: "Is a protein molecule with the chemical formula C5H9N3. It serves as an important part of our body's immune response. When we come into contact with an allergen, such as pollen or animal dander, histamine is released by the body to the site of contact. The intention of this response is to help the body deal with the irritation caused by the allergen. Strangely enough, the histamine released actually causes allergic symptoms. In addition, in cases of severe allergy, the release of histamine can be deadly." In other words it is a chemical released by a stressed out body, it should be comparable to the release of Lactic Acid released by the body when muscles are torn. Lactic Acid and Histamine are cell-destroyers and very taxing to the system. Who told you it is a neurotransmitter I think you were educated by wiki and misinterpreted things... Both are products of a stressed out system just like cancerous tumour. Don't make it seem normal. Biochemical bungaboos as histamine and lactic acid which causes cytocide is not normal, another thing lactic acid is found in pickles and spoiled milk, do your research I will not do it for you. I stand by my words, Histamine is a toxin! After yrs of research I've found out that what the west pushes as being normal is infact dangerous. Natural birth is superior to C-section or other forms of assisted delivery, but surely not to the extent of a 3 day old newborn having full control of neck movements, if that is what you mean by “raise himself up”. if so please provide your evidence for that I would be very interested to read it. Naturally born babies can see at birth, do not cry, and some smile a few hours afterwards which is astounding if you go by the western rendering of what is supposed to occur. This may be why the babies of the people of renowned birth in the ancient literatures are given mature attributes of speech, which is ridiculous, but compared to other babies there was no comparison as today between a hospital and natural birth. Read up on the acclaimed author Adelle Davis, it was she who found out that babies who were born naturally & whose mother's had sound nutrition during pregnancy were able to lift themselves up. This was the norm in ancient times not a rarity as is today. Consider this a wild animal baby is able lift himself up as soon as he is born not doing so means easy prey for predators. Babies naturally born can by the third day which takes at least three months for the average western baby today and others around the world on refined diets. I'll find the study one of these days, it has been a year since I read it. One of these days I will post it. "Refer them to a Gynecologist/obstetrician please, sub-fertility is a serious concern for many individuals and better be dealt with by qualified well-trained professionals." LOL! I referred them to my naturopathic mentor/doctor by the name of Dr. Lana Cantrell a famous author also, i was a student then. More gynecological problems have started on the examining table than anyone could believe from cancer to aborted fetuses and injury to the latter. Do you really think sticking where your hands don't belong will help women? Gynecologists start the problems. "I suppose what you meant is to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation. Have you ever tried calling radiology department asking to perform and X-ray for a patient…its one of the most annoying -to say the least- tasks in Medicine, its easier to get morphine prescription than to have X-ray done…..No one does CT-scans for fun,,," All radiation is unnecessary no matter the amount. I wish I had a dollar for everytime they shoot the ultrasound and the proud parents say, "Boy is he healthy, he jumped and bounced all around; gonna be a football player when he grows up!" Well, they are like the doctors who cannot seem to put two and two together for this is the stress response of the poor little fetus who does not like being zapped. Chicken embryos with ultrasound used had clumping of red blood cells which slowed down oxygen flow, here again logical if you will remember that ultrasound is an unstable element. Radiation causes defects.
  8. Gooni wa ruuntada horta ee cuqduuda no ma roono reer somaliland walalhena ayaa tihin kamana marno. Ajanabi yosu affairhena so galin ee cuqduudan fuduud yuso ka dhigin. It isn't of our best interest if we are separated for in separation we are weak. If we are united we shall become unconquerable. Koonfur iyo waqooyi wlhi kala ma marmo ee inaan gacmo qabsano wa macquul. Joogi wu isbadalay.
  9. I've finished my degree and have gotten my N.D titles, this was written by me a year ago, it is of my own writings and will appear on my new website, please if you want to copy it notify me and I will give you permission. I am still not finished and there are many other parts I want to upload but am waiting for your responses ladies if you are curious. My dream is to bring Holistic medicine into the somali community.
  10. Asc, my sisters I hope to be of help today and if I am not so be it. I am going to write to you about all things women, their health, the road to their happiness, what they should or shouldn't do. Let me introduce you to myself, I'm currently a medical student, I will be getting my degree soon instead of the M.D title I will be taking the N.D (Doctor of Naturopathy) title. I've always wanted to be a doctor but have found that conventional medicine doesn't cure the being but hides the symptoms simply it isn't an effective way of curing mankind, just a way to make the population sicker and more reliant on conventional pharmacopoeia and drugs. Firstly I will quote the prophet pbuh. According to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad: "There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its remedy." (Bukhari). Truer words has never been spoken, it is of my belief that there is nothing and I mean nothing that cannot be cured using natural & holistic methods. All these new modern-day diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc… is caused by our modern-day diets of junk foods, cancer-causing vegetable oils (Canola, Sunflower, & Rapeseed), processed meats, soy, refined white sugar & white flour, etc… this has caused us to lose vital vitamins & minerals from our body, evidence of this shows in the west, a continent of obese & super-skinny people, in my opinion being overweight or being underweight is just another sign of malnourishment, obese people suffer due to an underactive thyroid gland this can be cured by supplementing with the essential mineral Iodine. You must remember girls the thyroid gland is the chief organ of metabolism and its insufficiency will cause fluctuations of the weight. All diseases of the modern-age is caused by nutrient deficiency, Diabetes which is the biggest killer of Somalis is caused by a lack of Chromium & Vanadium, the latter being the chief reason that diabetics crave sugary foods especially chocolate. It is your body’s way of telling you that something is missing from your diet. It is funny because one of the highest sources of vanadium is chocolate, although in my opinion chocolate is in my list of forbidden foods because it contains pyruvic acid a known cell-destroyer, especially raw chocolate which contains the most of this toxic substance. It has been proven in scientific circles that wild animals will not consume the cacao beans (chocolate) in the wild in its raw state. Wild animals haven’t lost their instincts and are smarter than humans. Remember one thing though, Vanadium antagonizes chromium and may cause deficiencies of chromium, never supplement these two minerals together for they surely will cancel each other out. If you must take chromium with vanadium take it with iron for they will then work synergistically. We humans for a lack of better words have lost our instincts & intuition. This is infact the achilles’ tendon of any species. Let me get started, the female fetus is very different from a male-fetus for its requirements are not one in the same. Firstly, sperm has either Y chromosome or X chromosome, the Y being the male and the X being the female, when sperm and egg joins together an X chromosome will create an XX zygote which is a female one and a Y chromosome will create an XY zygote which will grow into a male fetus; from now on I will refer to X for female and Y for male. When man and woman get together it is of great importance that they have coitus as quietly as possible because if hard coitus is performed the female will be damaged beyond repair. Some of the negative effects are: 1) Germplasm (the genetic information or material (which will one day become the sperm & ovum respectively.) which is very fragile will be injured! 2) The nutrients meant to create a being will be wasted on all that hard work. 3) Getting women to climax is very damaging to women and will cause the fairer sex to age rapidly; as I alluded above this will also cause massive loss of nutrients meant for the life being created. 4) The ovum surely will also be damaged which will cause birth defects. etc...... 5) It does not help sperm to ascend. Firstly, the germplasm is very important because all genetic information is found in it, being the originator of sperm and eggs it is of the utmost importance that we do not injure it or harm it. This is why in my best opinion 'rough housing' in bed is to be avoided coitus/sex should be done as quietly as possibly without all the respiratory problems, sweat & tears, & orgasms. Also, avoid all radiation (such as electromagnetic radiation -Computer's, Wifi, Lamps, Light-bulbs, etc....- also UV radiation from the Sun, which eats up all the Vitamin A content in your eyes which your body stores up in order to prevent night & day blindness, this is why those who go outside on a bright shining day when they come into their home cannot see anything for a while because the sun will eat up vitamin A content in your eyes and low vitamin A content causes blindness. Also avoid radiation from X-rays, avoid it from CT-scanners, dental scans, etc... this will slowly fry you from the inside out.), One other point I stress most reverently is to avoid processed foods, especially white refined sugar & flour which will damage your genetic integrity. Try best to avoid modern chemicals, especially insecticides, pesticides, aerosol, perfumes & colognes which are very unnatural (try making your own perfumes with essential oils I promise it is easy & beneficial to your health. By protecting your germ-plasm which is very hard to do in this modern day of horrors but by doing so you’re are protecting the genetic integrity of your offspring & five generations later, but not doing so after five generations they might become sterile and there ends your line. One thing you must understand dear women is that male sperm’s viability is determined by the diet of the mother during pregnancy, so for mothers who smoke, do drugs, eat processed foods, and generally are careless you are doing such a disservice to your offspring and that will suffer from your actions. Your food choice & genetic integrity go hand in hand. In this day & age there is a coming global infertility the "genopocalypse," which of course means the "genetic apocalypse." No not in this generation, nor the next, but the ones after. It is so saddening to me I feel so powerless that I cannot do anything about this; the genetic integrity of the human-race is being destroyed, these DNA-altering toxins in our foods, medicines, household products and personal care products. Such a burden will spill out in generations to come when I believe human-beings shall be sterile. You must understand women you are born with all your eggs that you will ever have and the quality & health of those eggs will be pre-determined by the diet of your mothers. Sadly, you will not see an “Ethics of genetics” in college because they do not want you to learn this information. I believe life will infact be inherited by those who open their eyes & become self-learners who purse education for the betterment of their lives & humanity. Here is a quote by Mike Adams of Natural News: “Essentially, the future of human life on our planet is going to belong to people who avoid pharmaceuticals and medical imaging, who avoid toxic chemicals in foods and who follow a largely organic lifestyle.” The mindless masses of brain-dead consumers, who watch television 24/7, eat refined white-sugar like a madman, & are cowed by the yearly vaccine shots are not aware that there days are numbered. Here is a few things that promote infertility in human-beings: A) Fluoride in our drinking waters. B) Chlorination of our waters & swimming pools. C) Vaccinations. D) Using of synthetic chemicals/chemical food additives such as flavors, sugar-free alternatives such as aspartame, acesulfame, etc. (Causes multi-generational infertility.) E) GMO foods. F) Abortions. G) Chemtrails. H) Prescription medications & Chemotherapy (Damages DNA, promotes impotence in men & decreases both sperm & egg quality.0 I) MSG (A known neurotoxin which also affects the Endocrine system and causes hormonal imbalance.) It is funny how the rich elites avoid all poisons & only eat organic foods which they grow on their farms. They also get better nutrition then the common man. This is because they were taught the correct information and we are misinformed. Also let me talk to you about the ovum that oh so beautiful egg cell that comes out of the ovaries It is very I mean very delicate and susceptible to injury. It has traveled a long way and if conception does occur, the last thing it needs is to have a weakened uterine lining to cling to for nourishment which is easily torn during coitus and this is why all women should make intercourse as quiet as possible for the sake of your health & your future offspring's health. It does not help sperm to ascend, and healthy sperm (sperm is today very weak in most men and most is abnormally structured and die quickly) is perfectlyUsing capable of reaching the ovum without all that hard coitus. Most infertility problems are caused from it, a lack of the sperm ascending and joining up with ovum. With the loss of bodily fluids when it comes to women is a very serious problem for just like men when climaxing they lose bodily fluids that are basically the essence of her. It is full of all nutrients known to mankind and by losing it is like losing a part of you, energy that is vital to you and your zygote (which will later become a full fledge fetus). Read this: Dr Wilson "The nutritional quality of sexual fluid, both male and female, cannot be underestimated or ignored. Please do not think of it as just a fun substance to play with, for example. It is a sacred fluid and much more important for your health to retain than you may think." This is very true for men who will lose it through that sinful & wasteful activity called masturbation, for some of you Xalimos you have boys and it is of your utmost duty to talk to your sons about how dangerous it is, if they cannot stop it you need to get them married off better to release into a vessel that will spawn you offspring instead of the hand. Also, frequent masturbation will cause alopecia (receding hair-line aka bidaar). Anyways, getting back to what I was talking about, women who orgasm age faster than their counterparts who do not, for the loss of nutrients & cellular damage & stress will cause this, it is known throughout the Asian world that the way to eternal beauty and youthfulness is through strict observance of dietary laws & celibacy, which in my yrs of research has proven to be right. Moving on, there are many hormones in women, Estrogen & Progesterone “Pregnancy hormone” are the most important, there is also Prolactin “Mothering hormone”, without Prolactin your birth-pains would be impossibly painful and you wouldn’t have those mothering instincts that is required of you. There is also Testosterone in women, but it is in tiny amounts & is a relic of our past during our devolution. Anways, back to the subject, Estrogen & Progesterone are the two most important hormones in a woman’s body, too little of Estrogen causes infertility and an excess of it or too much of it will also cause infertility. Homeostasis or balance is one of the greatest keys to any living creature without it we wouldn’t be alive. Hormonal imbalances are the number one causes of infertility. When women come to me asking about why they are suffering from infertility, I think of a few things, firstly, the man’s sperm is abnormal or cannot reach its destination, secondly, hormonal imbalances which is the most likely causes and the one suffered by most women, thirdly, I always suspect nutritional deficiencies because infertility is your body’s way of telling you that it is not ready to get pregnant and cannot handle such a task as conception, and lastly because of stress, people take stress lightly, we as a people have forgotten that stress is a hormone called Cortisol which puts such a great strain on the body that it causes it to go haywire. We as men must not stress our wives out when they are pregnant because Cortisol will flood the body and flood the fetus and it will cause birth-defects, but also something very interesting; babies naturally born can by the third day raise himself up which takes at least three months for the average western baby today and others around the world on refined diets & whose mothers were stressed out during their pregnancy. It is said that babies who are flooded with Cortisol as a fetus will develop the stereotypical “fat cheeks.” This is not good because it is an inflamed parotid gland full of histamine a known toxin & cell-destroyer, this is caused by Cortisol the stress hormone, which can be combated by Melatonin the “Sleep/Relaxing Hormone” it is also the Night Hormone just as Cortisol is the Day Hormone. By either supplementing Melatonin or getting enough sleep during the day and the night you can minimize cortisol flooding in your body. Natural phytoestrogens (plant-estrogens) are found in plants like licorice, red clover, etc… these can be used to cure infertility when it is due to low estrogen in the body for they will raise the estrogen in women. The cure for infertility when it is due to too much estrogen is Progesterone, by supplementing herbs rich in progesterone you will be able to balance your hormonal levels and get pregnant. Natural progesterone creams are readily available although expensive is worth it. Estrogen is produced in three main places in a woman’s body: A) The ovaries B) The adrenal glands C) The fat cells (Men who have very soft muscles and are soft all over are very high in estrogen and must lower it to conquer such a problem. This is why fat men are very womanly it is because of the high estrogen content; they suffer from impotence because of it.) “An egg is presented once a month from the ovaries, wrapped in an envelope called a follicle. After the follicle lets go of the egg, the egg journeys down the Fallopian tubes on its way to the uterus, where it awaits possible fertilization. The burst follicle still has an important job to do: it begins to produce progesterone, for the next two weeks. Progesterone’s job is to maintain the uterine lining until one of two things happens”: – pregnancy – no pregnancy. “If pregnancy occurs, progesterone production is taken over by the developing lining itself – the placenta. The burst follicle simply can’t make enough progesterone for the demand, since the uterus will expand from the size of a lemon to the size of a basketball during the next nine months. If no pregnancy occurs, the follicle stops producing progesterone, which triggers the collapse of the blood-rich lining, which is then expelled as the woman’s monthly flow.” It seems by these quotes from a famous medical doctor that these two hormones estrogen and progesterone work hand in hand to keep the reproductive system going. LPD (Luteal Phase Defect) another reason for infertility is basically occurs when the luteal phase is shorter than normal, this can be simply fixed with Progesterone supplementation.
  11. @Tallaabo said: It takes more than one person to sin in the act adultery and it is not just the woman whose morals get eroded. Men who engage in illigal sexual intercourse are just as immoral and guilty as the women whose bodies they enjoy. From this comment of yours it looks like you have an uneasy relationship with sex and with the female sex. There is nothing wrong with engaging in a good sex within the set limits of the Devine law and in my opinion kissing and oral sex are part of the joys of sex. If you haven't tried them do it asap. Men & women are not the same biologically, you must of course understand this. Even our religion verifies this and I agree with it %100. Men rely on instinct and as instinctual beings if they are exposed to an open vagina they will act on it. The utmost importance is in the woman's morals to keep it hidden from strange men's eyes for exposing it will cause alot of trouble. I told you I'm an avid researcher of Holstic medicine & health, this is why I have formed my opinion about sex. Firstly it is in my opinion that coitus is indeed a very nutrient wasting task and is taxing to the whole body's system. If you are having sex to have fun instead of to procreate you are doing alot of damage to yourself. Oral coitus is not normal if that were so animals who are smarter then us would be doing it. Many books of the ancient times have said that in the end-times people will result to Oral coitus, Anal coitus, and homo-sexuality. How saddening. You are so silly bro.
  12. I thiYou You cannot be a dictator because it takes someone special to be a dictator, someone free of grudges and who isn't led easily. A dictator is a conspiracy theorist by heart & is also very weary of foreigners. He is also an example to the people and a beacon of good; he leads through example. He is steadfast & unrelenting to the cause of his country. He must be a little crazy and paranoid for without it you will be assassinated.
  13. @Tallaabo said: Mr MM seems to be a devoted follower of the shameless conspiracy theorist- Mr Daahir Culusow. It is that snake who spread the baseless rumours that Somaliland and Ethiopia are behind Alshabaab. For their own sake southerners must stop the lame excuses and take a tough stance against the ragtag terrorist militia plighting their society. The people of Somaliland gain nothing from supporting instability in Somalia and indeed have a vested interest in a terror and chaos-free south. By the way, can you tell us what sort of help did the "false state" request from Somalia? Before I end this comment I should mention that I am a good candidate for the position of a "benevolent dictator". Firstly you insult me by calling me a follower of Culusow, I follow no one but lead. I read my source from here and as someone living in Somalia I have first hand experience of everything. Something to think about: 1) Why does Alshabab avoid attacking the Ethiopians while it attacks all the other countries in the region? 2) Why does this militant group avoid attacking Somaliland and has attacked both Somalia & Puntland. "The Ethiopians remained unscathed, however, while Alshabab’s suicide bombers have struck as far as Kampala. Not only that, Alshabab has almost never attacked Ethiopian AMISOM forces in Somalia while it conducts nearly daily attacks against other AMISOM troops. Alshabab forces always conducted a smooth withdrawal whenever the Ethiopian forces arrived in an area." On several occasions in the last few months, Ethiopian government officials have tried to come up with some reasons after many people in Kenya (including the wealthy businessman Jacob Juma who twitted “..Ethiopia is a suspect”) accused Ethiopia of secretly supporting Alshabab. Some Ethiopian officials tried to explain the matter by simply saying that the Ethiopian forces are too brave for Alshabab. That’s hardly convincing because no one, no matter how brave they are, can scare away a suicide bomber. In my opinion the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) organization back in 2006 was one of the best & most nationalistic group in that whole country; the county was rebuilding, peace was abound, the morals of the people were top-notch, etc... then came the Ethiopian invasion it was but a covert plant to take over Al-Shabaab the military muscle of ICU, which was so popular with all the most brave & nationalistic youths. "The Ethiopian intelligence worked hard to not only decimate the original Alshabab leadership, but also to infiltrate the group and control it." The Ethiopians are the masters of the Somalilander's this should be obvious for nothing can be done without their approval. "A mysterious man by the name “Sheikh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr” was now elected as the Amir of Alshabab. His real name turned out to be Ahmed Abdi Godane. He was one of about a dozen young men (the Hargeisa network, as I call them, because their network was organized in Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland region) who came from the northern Somaliland region at the time of the ICU revolution in southern Somalia." It should be obvious to you the top leaders & elites of Somaliland work for Ethiopian Intelligence. By shouldn't this be believable for money is the great changer of all. "Apparently, the Ethiopian intelligence, which had and still has an unchecked influence over the Somaliland leadership." "After consolidating their hold on power, the new Alshabab leaders worked hard to do what their handlers wanted: manipulate the ignorant, zealous, young men in Alshabab to do Ethiopian intelligence’s dirty work." "Ethiopia’s enemies in Somalia were to be eliminated by the “mujahidin” of Alshabab. The new Alshabab’s first task was to attack and punish the two most anti-Ethiopian clans who were at the forefront of the resistance war against the Ethiopian occupation: the Ayr clan (Habar-Gidir) and the Ogaden clan." "Ethiopia also used Alshabab to eliminate those within the federal government whom it saw as a threat: Islamists. Alshabab conducted a systematic campaign to rid the federal government of Islamists. It’s a known fact that when Sharif Sheikh Ahmed became the president of the federal government back in 2009, he gave almost half of the ministerial posts and more than half of the top security posts to the Islamists. Today, there is barely any visible position held by the Islamists within the government, thanks to Alshabab’s relentless assassination and bombing campaigns to exterminate the Islamists within the government. On the other hand, Alshabab never targeted any of the former warlords and other pro-Ethiopian officials within the federal government." There is just too much information so that Somaliland's elite are in cahoots with the Ethiopian elite, the Jews (who've always been friendly with you considering they took Israel by force, just like Somaliland has broken away that rogue state), & Al-Shabaab. Here is my evidence stop arguing with emotions argue with logic, even though I am a proud Southern Somali I tell it like it is even critiquing my own fellow southern somalis. Evidence #1: Text of the letter sent by fax to former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by President of the Republic of Somaliland Mohamed Ibrahim Egal. "Your Excellency"- Lol, who made a Prime Minister a king?? Ass kissing at its finest. "In my capacity as the President of the Republic of Somaliland, an admirer of the state of Israel and the courage of its people, please accept my compliments and my people’s profound felicitations to you, your Government, President and the people of Israel for their tenacity, strength and resourcefulness."- Lol! This leader of yours is a funny man; why is he groveling beneath Jews who are the world's criminals. "Is the influence of the Hebrew culture in Somaliland and how Jewish legends and their mystical powers are widely acknowledged and homage paid to them." Do you guys worship Jews as this guy is alluding to? "It was under the union with Somalia that Somaliland found itself a pathetic captive within a ruthless, destructive and hostile state." Just like a bitch whose husband has beat her and goes crying to the shoulder of another man telling him everything her husband has doe to her all in the hopes of getting revenge. "It would be true to say that the State of Israel and its people are, perhaps, more aware and alert of such threats than most other countries, and know how perilous and pestilential the spread of Islamic influence would mean for the entire region." This man is one pathetic uncle tom who has forsaken his religion & culture. Since when is Islamic influence bad? Shalom, I have the honour to remain, Your Obedient Servant "Mohamed Ibrahim Egal President Republic of Somaliland" This is the dhaqan of all Somalilanders' in my opinion, this man should be executed by the nationalists & loyalists, if by any-chance we are to be successful as a people me mustn't let ourselves be turned into puppets.
  14. I've been saying this for years, that Ancient Somalia's history is as old as time itself. You must remember biblical & koranic events have truth to it as does mythologies from the world over. An example is the story of Kham (Ham) the son of Noah/Nuh, said to be his youngest. It is this man who founded a great empire he named Kham (Kmt), of course it being his eponymous, it being the Ancient Egyptian name for "Red Land", which if you look at Somalia fits very well. His sons were four in number, Kush (Western Somalia, all of Southern Somalia including the East & Central parts of Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, & Ethiopia), Phut "The Land of Punt" (All of Northern Somalia, Djibouti, & Eritrea), Mizraim (Mizr), & Canaan. These sons were born and bred in the land of "Kham" their father's empire, Kush ruled over the "The Land of Kush", Phut ruled the "Land of Punt" his descendants were the Berbers/Libyans (originally from Somalia). Mizraim ruled in "The Land of Mizr" and Canaan was the father of the Canaanites. You must understand why the Somalis and Yemenis are so alike, because a part of King Kush's peoples & descendants left the Somali Coast to go to Yemen, and thus they are Kushites who were then conquered by Shem's descendants. The other half left in the other direction West while the Kushites who went East founded Yemen's first ancient spice kingdoms the other half who left for the West settled in what is now Sudan, they called it after their founder the "Kigdom of Kush". If you need more info just ask..
  15. Simpletons! What will diaspora building hotels do for us?! It erodes the morals of the women and gives them a safe please to have sex-out of marriage. Why is it that these dhaqan-celis fools have come into Somalia and ruined the morality of Somalia. It was back in the day when women thought kissing was disgusting and against the religion, with their husbands missionary was the only position they did and kissing was frown up in the heat of the moment, now these same women are okay with blowjobs, standing while fucking, and other despicable acts.