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  1. ameen ilahay ha unaxariisto abee walal samir iyo imaan ilahay ha idinka siyo.
  2. "tasteless fetishes! uff! siren is a dirty person with a dirty mind." lool alie the siren is very disgusting indeed dont you know all these stuffs are haraam to write in a public forums. i know You think this is internet but my allah still wuu ku arkaa. Btw horta Why all your topics do included sexes and etc
  3. http://www.somalilyr -mursal/igada-rog-ro gashada/ http://www.somalilyr n-birimo/beled-xawo/
  4. Nagwa


    inalilah wa ina ilahi rajicuun may allah have a mercy on his soul. samir iyo imaan
  5. i have seen my self listen to somali music these days well i wasnt music fan anyhow this guy abdi najiib got some nice deep voice beautiful songs om/watch?v=K28931UrS zc om/watch?v=E-m1shQDJ IU&feature=related
  6. you know what im addict to the make up..
  7. Nagwa


    samir iyo imaan ilahay ha u naxariisto
  8. "Some say because burco is inhabited by mainly rival clans" inader i think you are confused dee besides riyaale wuxuu ku dhashay qolujeed xududka u dhaxeeya ethopia iyo awdal.
  9. i don't know what is your condition is but hey why dont u go to masjid they will find you a good brotha with diin that is if you are desperate if not yeah just wait till mr right knock your door he is on his way walalo just wait and ilahay dalo saaro.
  10. looooool ibti hello everyone
  11. lool ingriis xishod badan.
  12. lool sandheere kulaha war leave mr riyaale alone
  13. lool amxaaro baad ku fanaysaa why dont you just say istaqfurullah naw. By the way whats up with the qabiil thing can you read the rules b4 u enter dear. JB miyaanad arag dad who originally from there hadana ku leh somliland doesn’t excist.markaa i seen people who get tired of it esp ku wa jooka sl
  14. ibti alhamdullilah walaal loool sheh
  15. Morning hey ibti and fahiima how you doing girls