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  1. I welcome the new Central State being founded in Dhusomareeb. South Mudug, Galgadud and Hiraan.
  2. Allore was a joke of wasir. Amniga got ten times worse under his watch. He could talk tough but could not deliver.
  3. Che,that is absolutly true. There is really no police in Puntland outside the major cities. The only reason why our regions are peacefull is because of our strong cultural identity. Ofcourse this cannot last long because we are facing non-traditional security challenges like Alshabab who cannot be dealt with through a shir of odoyaasha beelaha. We need a real police force that patrols even the miyi.
  4. <cite> @malistar2012 said:</cite> Hassan Shiekh Will bail out Puntland - Jubba admin- South west state , very funny thing to say. Hassan Sheikh has been holding away IC aid from these regions, for example: Puntland last year recived 4 out of 250 scholarships. Hassan Sheik's only power is control of the international community aid.
  5. Large scale crop farming such as wheat, sisin and maize is taking place in Mudug. Great Efforts!
  6. <cite> @Saalax said:</cite> Constitution minister goes to former ambassador to Malaysia he is from West Burco. Constitution minister is important, but Arimaha Gudaha iyo Federalka is where the real fun starts. It is the most powerful position on the cabinet after the PM. This is the position Farax Sakiin had before Cabdiweli Sheikh reshuffled the cabinet.
  7. Mooge, beesha got some good seats such as Waxbarashada and Gashaandhiga but they made sure we did not get Dasturka and Arimaha Guduha iyo Federalka. I would give up both of these positions for just Arimaha Guduha and Federalka, which unfortunatly has been given to beesha Cadado. They will now make sure to push forward the interests of the new Central State. The old cabinet was better because we had Wasirka Dasturka (Mudane Gaabane).
  8. Cumar Buur has outsmarted the corrupt Dam Jadid and brought in a responsible cabinet full of Ph.Ds. This is the type of government Somalia deserves, not some geeljires who are dhabodhilifs for Amxaar. I just hope he gave wasarada Arimaha Gudaha iyo Federalka and wasarada Dasturka to Puntland/Jubaland. These two posts are crucial for the future. Ra’iisul Wasaaraha oo ku dhawaaqay Xukuumad ka kooban 20-Wasiiro (Akhriso magacyada) Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Soomaaliya Cumar C/rashiid Cali Sharma’arke ayaa goor dhow magacaabay Xubnaha Golaha Wasiirada cusub, kuwaasoo ah dhamaan wajiyo cusub, iyadoo aanay ku jirin Wasiiradii lagu muransanaa iyo Xildhibaano ka tirsan Baarlamaanka. Golaha wasiiradan oo ka kooban 20-Wasiir ayaa ah kuwo ku cusub saaxada siyaasada, halka qaarkood horay xilal u soo qabteen, waxaana magacaabistooda oo aheyd mid lama filaan ah. Ra’iisul wasaaraha ayaa magacaabay 20-wasiir kaliya, iyadoo uu dib uga soo magacaabi doono Wasiir kuxigeenada iyo Wasiiro dowlayaasha. Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Soomaaliya mudane Cumar Cabidrashid Cali Sharmarke ayaa caawa ku dhawaaqay Golaha Wasiirada, kadib wadatashi uu la yeeshay madaxweynaha, gudoonka baarlamaanka, xildhiibanada iyo bulshada qaybaheeda kala duwan, Golahaan Wasiirada ayaa waxay ka kooban yihiin 20 wasiir, iyadoo si dib laga soo magacaabayo Wasiiro Ku-xigeenada iyo Wasiiro Dowlayaasha. 1- Maxamed Cumar Carte (Qaalib) Ra’iisul Wasaare kuxigeenka ahna Wasiirka Shaqada, Dhalinyarada iyo isboortiga 2- Axmed Xasan Gaboobe (Ugaas Bile) Wasiirka Cadaalada iyo Arrimaha Diinta 3- C/raxmaan Maxamed Xuseen (Odawaa) Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha iyo Federaalka 4- Maxamed Aadan Ibraahim (Fargeeti) Wasiirka Maaliyada 5- C/qaadir Sheekh Cali Diini Wasiirka Gaashaandhiga 6- C/salaan Hadliye Cumar Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibada 7- Khadra Bashiir Cali Wasiirka Wasiirka Waxbarashada 8- Fahad Yaasin Xaaji Dahir Wasiirka Dekedaha iyo Gaadiidka Badda 9- C/raxmaan Yuusuf Cali Ceynte Wasiirka Qorsheynta iyo iskaashiga Caalamiga 10- Nuur Faarax Xirsi Wasiirka Dastuurka 11- Guuleed Xuseen Qaasim Wasiirka Warfaafinta iyo Isgaarsiinta 12- Cali Axmed Jaamac Jangeli Wasiirka Gaadiidka iyo Duulista Hawada 13- Saciid Xuseen Ciid Wasiirka Xanaanada Xoolaha Dhirta iyo Daaqa 14- Cali Xasan Cusmaan Wasiirka Beeraha 15- Xasan Axmed Muudeey Wasiirka Ganacsiga iyo Warshadaha 16- Saalax Sheekh Cusmaan Muuse Wasiirka Howlaha Guud iyo dib u dhiska 17- Sahra Maxamed Cali Samatar Wasiirada Haweenka iyo Horumarinta Xuquuqda Aadanaha 18- Maxamed Mukhtaar Ibraahim Wasiirka Kaluumeysiga iyo Kheyraadka Badda 19- C/risaaq Cumar maxamed Wasiirka Batroolka, Biyaha iyo Kheyraadka Dabiiciga 20- Xaawo Xasan Maxamed Wasiirka Caafimaadka
  9. What the Awdalites must do is force the SNM to commit a heinous atrocity. The people of Awdal will not be sufficiently motivated untill they see what the SNM has in store for them. That is when this will become a true uprising.
  10. I support the founding of Awdal Federal state. Awdal has no need for an adminstration like Somaliland, they have all that they need. Farmland, a future port at Zeila, a large urban center (Borama), highly educated population. Awdal actually is a self-sufficent state. They ar3 welcome at the table of Somali politics, like Puntland, Central State, Southwest and Jubaland. Why should a clan, like that in Awdal subordinate itself to another clan, namely that in Hargeisa??
  11. I support the founding of Awdal Federal state. Awdal has no need for an adminstration like
  12. <cite> @Holac said:</cite> He is overconfident the SFG will win this case and that is quite worrying. These men need to prepare for the worst and put forward a good argument. His speech overall was very good and he seems to be a competent and professional lawyer. He is way too over confident though. We are talking about Kenya here, one of the largest economies in Africa and a regional leader. They have credibility and we don't. Walahi I sometimes think we have been cursed. We are neighbors with two of the most important and well regarded states in Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya.
  13. The entire philosophy behind Puntland is shameless tribalism as enshrined in its own constitution It has no defined borders Puntland's broders are from Balanbale to Ras Caseyr South to north. And from Buhoodle to Garacad west to east. Dhulkas waa Puntland, and inshallah the adminstartion will continue to grow stronger in all the regions.
  14. Redpanther, are you the same guy from Somalinet? did you boycott too?? <cite> @RedPANTHER said:</cite> I see. But would Puntland annexing all that territories be tolerated? And are the people of Cabudwaq wanting to join Puntland? The people in Cabudwaaq would rather join a civilized adminstration instead of one lead by a bloodthirsty warlord i.e Qebydiid. Do you know that he announced his candidacy for president of "Central State" today??
  15. The Puntland plan is to start with Saaxo, and then Cabudwaaq and after that Balanbale. Basically take the borders of Puntland right next to Hiiraan. Anything that stands in the way of this must be opposed. This attack has permanently damaged the legitmacy of the so called "central state", and it means that it has lost any support it had among the people of west Mudug and west Galgadud.