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  1. Well put, Som@li. People who commit crimes can't expect to have their names protected.
  2. Malika: what makes it so interesting is the concept of what happens when people are rescued from a lawless hellhole and given every opportunity and material comfort.
  3. Chimera: it's called Freedom of Speech.
  4. SEX TRAFFICKING!!?? Lad on TOP RIGHT plus ONE BELOW HIM are DEFINITELY VIRGINS. This has to be a mistake.
  5. Why is there a TAXICAB involved in so many of these stories? My Somali Brothers -- stay away from Taxis, for the love of God!
  6. Aye HIRSI! Keep that chin raised -- it's a small tin of FRITO'S BEAN DIP, dammit. Like TUCO on 'Breaking Bad' said, 'U've got balls, I'll give you that!' And to ABDI -- Sonny Boy? Your Mommy just called, your sippy cup of warm milk is ready!
  7. Yeah Jacpher, once a CRIME or an ARREST has taken place, privacy goes out the window.
  8. Jacpher: It's damned interesting. I think it speaks to something people say a lot, that you just can't help people.
  9. Ya, u can't imagine life in the 60s. The adults were all furious about the following: boys growing hair long, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, mini-skirts (girls were not allowed to wear slacks to school), and gum-chewing. There were three tv channels, plus one local 'uhf' channel that showed old movies. They don't believe me, but TV CUT OFF AROUND MIDNIGHT. NO ONE HAD ANYTHING. You had two or three school outfits. Two church outfits. Three pairs of shoes: Bass Weejuns loafers, Keds sneakers, and a church shoe. You didn't DARE ask ur parents for ANYTHING. Like on show 'Leave it to Beaver,' you lived in FEAR of them hearing u utter a bad word. Yes, a few things have changed.
  10. Where is the humor, that they don't appear to mean a word of it?