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  1. We are getting credible eye witness sources saying AU forces and their Somalian forces have fled their bases around Marka town. Alshabab have raised their flag over the central police station and eye witnesses are reporting that alshabab is leading Friday prayers across the city. In other news Kenyan forces have vacated all bases west of kismayo and are now inside kismayo city while another contingent of Kenyan Forces have vacated their bases along the Somalia Kenya border heading back to Kenya. These are major developments.
  2. Maybe you should stop worshiping waaq you polytheist and embrace Islam. That's the answer to your depression.
  3. Here is the latest one: No boli qaran or isbaro for us. Just hard work halal money.
  5. Somaliland has thr best Somali fighting force in the horn of Africa. It army sits from its far eastern border to its far western border. It is free from Ugandans and Burundian. It has a loyal national permanent population that is young and willing to fight if required in the hundreds of thousands. It has the weaponry. It has the ammunition. It has the trade links to order supplies. It has the airports and ports to bring them into the country. It has the support of Ethiopia in case of any war. Who has gurenteed that in any war between Somaliland and Somalia Ethiopia will always take the side of Somaliland. No hope in hell of Somaliland joining Somalia in peacefully or by force.
  6. After all the fake documents and fake allegations. This gaffow guy was so humiliated that he said all airlines between Somaliland and Somalia were suspended. Today this so called minister said that was not the case.... What the $hdt is happening in occupied mugdisho?? Seriously what a joke.
  7. Vote BERNIE SANDERS retarded Americans. The only people on earth stupid enough to reject free health care and social services paid for by the collective contribution of its citizens in taxes i.e. socialism. Trump wasn't going to win Iowa but he is not out he will be the Republican candidate for the election. If Americans republicans can vote for bush twice I'm sure trump will win the Republican nomination.
  8. Cali guray is a no body. He doesn't represent anyone he doesn't hold office. I like how these people cling on to any string of hope. Hassan sheik is the same religion as the rest of Somalians it's called munafaqnimo. With bari practising a combo of munafaqnimo and jahilnimo what other reason is there for 20 odd years of chaos. And criminality. Mooge bowing to dead Kenyans is what your kinsmen do in kismayo. What your fish eating for Father's did for the Italians and British and what they did by planting Ethiopian flags in Somalia from day dot to today. Stop acting like you have any honour. Your people don't.
  9. Bossaso is a dusty little tuloo. Little kids with uniforms and a few donated boats. I don't see anything significant here. Piracy is still an issue in bari what's the point of talking nonsense if you can't deliver. The same so called army that gets chased out of every little village Somaliland army comes to. As for a unified Somalia army. Good luck with that. In order to esbalish a unified army you need to first be sincere about the shared objective. Somalia in Somalia have no shared objective. Secondly trust for the authority that the army is going to go to. Again no one trusts the government. Thirdly you need a process of paying, supplying and maintaining the army. Somalia so called cabinet has not been paid in 7 months what makes you think they can pay an army??? Stuff and nonsense for 23 years and still nonsense
  10. This time the miniapolis former boli qaran pensioners are opposed to tribalism because they want to institutional what afweyne barre gave them...xaram.
  11. Another f@%ash has been hunted down and more cases are pending...
  12. Nobody wants to unite with Somalia especially Somaliland. I would rather be an unrecognised country free from these phycopaths. The future talks with Somalia will be about how to split the shared debts, future relations, extradition agreements etc. Every time they hear Somaliland say we will talk once you get your act together they actually think it's about union. SOMALILAND WILL NEVER UNITE WITH SOMALIA.thats a fact.
  13. Che Mr Somalian anomaly it's called quatation. For me Somalia is dead but the foreign minister of Somaliland being a diplomat said the above quotation living in Boston I would assume you knew what a quote is. As for Somaliland being isolated that's clearly and obviously not the case. Somaliland signs international agreements with foreign governments it's passport is used in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya along with most of Africa. It has major oil contracts. Major infrastructure contracts i.e. the water with the European union Electricity arrangements with Ethiopia. Ports with Dubai. Oil deals with turkey. Even military training and international postal services via Ethiopia. Yet these naysayers think Somaliland is isolated. Somaliland is not isolated. It has no debt. Uses its money and continuously increases it's budget yearly.
  14. My God....this is what it has come down to. This is the fruits of being jahils who have no concept of justice or honor has reduced you to. Bowing to dead Kenyans who are on your territory under the pretext of fighting alshabab while they kill your people rape your women and steal your resources. Acudubilah. Sad indeed. And you still think Somalia actually exists. My God.
  15. "Jubaland" doesn't even control the territory outside kismayo...even kismayo is held by Kenyan occupation forces. "South west state" doesn't even control territory outside baydabo and even that is held for them by Ethiopian occupation forces. Mugdusho admin doesn't even control Mugdusho it's held for them by Ugandan occupational forces. The president gets escorted to the toilet by AU forces. Ministers haven't been paid in 7 months. The parliament is a welfare office waiting for a cheque from EU. The port and airport is held by Turkey. The pirates a.k.a punt land. They control 2.5 regions barely qualifying in reality. They have one sub tribe in 18 years they have never divided their two tullos along degaan representation but along tribal lines and today they want all of Somalia to be divided along degaans. Lol......acudbilah such opportunists. Afweyne barre created a lot of districts from empty 2 man quarties for his starving people. Today they think they change that to power. The entire population of bari is like the size of one naibourhood in Mugdusho. Saxib kala kacaa their is no such thing as Somalia anymore. You are all lying to yourselves. You couldn't make this up. Walahi it's soooooo funny. Like watching mental patients beat each other up.
  16. The pirate who cheer leads Ethiopia's invasion into Somalia and the self hating HY whose fear of HJ has made him hate his own country are giving advice to a people who are politically mature and invented the very concept of somalinimo. Mooge when your king's gave his daughter amina to the British officer who wrote pornographic novels of her cup size and what she said to him in the moonlight the very people who created this notion of somalinimo were preparing for the future. In Somaliland everyone is entitled to whatever they want. The reality is from Las canod to loa ado is all Somaliland and the majority of the people who won statehood while you were renting out your daughters daughters to every foreigner be it Ethiopian, Italian or British and still do to this day. Just yesterday you welcomed thousands of Ethiopians with their flag to kismayo yet you call yourself a somali. Old habits die hard. Never took an inch of land from no one. So weak you had to settle in the most inhospitable location. So poor you welcomed and hid behind every foreigner. So foolish that even with Africa's largest army you couldn't defeat a rebel force. Yet today you stand their arguing we won't get recognition...haha haha. .. We have taken your shoes, your shirt and your trousers and yet your screaming how we won't take off your undies... Haha haha. ... I'll let hag finish you off.
  18. Drugs and prostitution in the ali and imam worshiping state....'> Ironically the most holy Shia city called QOM is the seat of the busiest filth in the world drugs and mutwah
  19. Under the orders of Saudi Arabias new King Saudi Arabia has cut all ties with the Shia state. A state that claims to be Islamic yet allows men to receive gender reassignment surgery. A people and nation listed as one of the highest in the world for the number of drug addicts and prostitutes per capita. This state that hangs thousands of sunnies every year for wanting to practise their monotheistic religion is today crying over the execution of the man who publicly call for insurrection in Saudi Arabia. Ibn Taymiaah wasn't lieing. This lot hate Islam more then the Christens and Jews.