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  1. I did find them!!!! by the help of a sweet person from Somaliaonline They are all fine and doing great!
  2. Safferz;990381 wrote: Respectfully disagree with you on this, guleed... the internet is a wonderful way of reconnecting with people, and you never know who may be here reading or posting on SOL and may have a lead. Good luck Safani! Thanks wallal, that was what I was thinking....
  3. guleed_ali;990380 wrote: Did you try Facebook a lot of neighbourhoods in Xamar have their own pages. A friend of mine is headed to Xamar next month to reconnect with his friends he found through Facebook. Maybe one person will lead you to another. In shaa Allah you will find them!! No I did not I will do that now Brother ......
  4. guleed_ali;990376 wrote: Safani with all do respect I don't think it's a good idea to look for them through the net. I am personally not comfortable telling you the whereabouts of people without knowing you personally. I would suggest you find a lass canod native in whatever community you reside and ask them to "work" the phones and help locate them. I remember a sister who's husband went "AWOL" went to an elder to see if he can do anything. She told him his particulars and the elder located him with one phone call. SOL is a last ditch effort I hope you find them but this site may not be the most efficient way of going about it. Thanks for the advice Brother.... I have tried many thinks to find them before SOL .....
  5. Maqane;990368 wrote: Welcome on board Safani. Thanks wallal
  6. 4 houses away from Casa Popolare school ......
  7. Reer Lasanod of Somaliaonline maybe you could help me getting in contact with my beloved old neighbors in Mogadishu. Family Ahmed Ali who owned the Tanak furniture company in Medina? The family was living in a white house in Casa Popolare, they had 3 boys and 2 girls, the boys were called Mohamed and Faisal, Mohamed used to study in the American school of Mogadishu while the rest used to be in Benadir secondary school. The mother of the family was Khadra Warsame such a sweet lady just like the rest of the Family. Mohamed is in this 1986 picture the boy with the white shirt on